10 Unusual Women's Beauty Standards In Brazil

Brazil has been at the forefront of beauty for a while they’ve introduced butt lifts blowouts and the totally bare down their bikini wax if you ever find yourself in Brazil be prepared to see thong sporting babes with perfect skin and tone buns don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up because today we’re discussing 10 unusual beauty.

Standards in Brazil body type with models like Gisele Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio all hailing from Brazil it’s like models are bred here these ladies have set the tone for.

What is beautiful in their home country long toned bodies with smaller breasts and larger backsides are considered the most desirable shape in Brazil this is known as the guitar body shape and achieving in Brazil can give you a mega following online the most popular people to follow on social media are Brazilian fitness coaches and models who share their secrets to obtaining the perfect body messy nails getting a manicure in Brazil can be a messy situation niel technicians actually coat.

The fingernail and the surrounding skin with nail varnish they then use nail polish remover to remove the varnish from the painted skin this technique is used because Brazilians like to make sure all parts of the nail.

Are covered and this helps the nail appear larger and make the manicure last longer o naturelle since it can get very hot in Brazil the women there.

Have less is more mentality when it comes to makeup in fact having beautiful skin is more important than trying to cover up blemishes.

With makeup Brazilian women are known to go to dermatologists once a month keep their skin glowing and healthy they also use an arsenal of tricks to maintain their smooth skin.

From eating antioxidant-rich acai berries to scrubbing their bodies with sand.

From their local beaches these women prove you don’t have to be rich to have great skin long hair don’t care ever heard of a Brazilian blowouts it’s not hard to guess where or.

Why it gained popularity long hair in Brazil is the epitome of femininity and many go to great lengths to achieve it Brazilian women get hair extensions and even make homemade avocado.

Masks to keep their hair sleek and shiny straight hair is found to be the most desirable and getting a Brazilian blow-dry or using.

A flatiron are the easiest ways to achieve this look baby got back it’s very popular for women to wear thongs to Brazilian beaches in fact you will.

Probably be made fun of if you don’t Brazilians are very proud of their buns and will do anything to achieve them they use creams to tighten the skin on their bums and thighs and to help improve water retention and blood circulation if the creams.

Don’t work they hit the gym and focus on glute.

Exercises that won’t affect the size of their thighs if all else.

Fails they have the good old resilient butt lift which is a surgical procedure to help women acquire the sought-after guitar body shape Brazilian bikini wax.

Because Brazilian women wear barely-there bikinis they need a way to make sure they look nice and trimmed down there this is where the Brazilian bikini wax was invented this waxing process removes all the hair downstairs and the Brazilians have.