Best Face Swap Vines Compilation | Top Snapchat Faceswap Vines March 2016

Wait with the advancements in technology one can do great things oh no not what if the finger say to the thumb I’m in glove with you oh no way Ben my dog man he doesn’t bite is you gonna bite me huh dog definitely go bite you bad Eli Eli I go back yo it up for you in my.

Blood so I could definitely feel some sort of magic between us.

Also I talk to snakes yet it he’s like can I get a glass of warm milk some oatmeal and a new diaper please Voldemort oh my god ow oh that’s so scared you have 15 minutes on the iPad tonight I set the timer do not turn it off miss universe that’s Colombia.

It’s not ours lines ah sorry oh yeah.

I can’t believe it it’s working oh I’ve never shaped my head before what’s going on guys and.

Doing a following shut up Baltimore idiot back off Harry following spreading Christmas hello big them away downtown walking fast faces pass da-da-da-da-da-da-da ah who you ain’t got my number says our man not a big deal man it’s not.

A big deal it’s Jerry it’s what my Donald Trump you know Don Trump looks like Hillary you don’t get the youth vote go don’t worry I got.

This come on voters let’s get in formation I’m never drinking again who ordered the shot whoever ordered the shots you’re not my friend anymore oh I got a poop yeah you want to swap faces let’s do it like having like Tom Cruise’s ugly.

Brother LeBron James LeBron James LeBron James LeBron James LeBron John..