Lafe's Natural And Organic Baby Insect Repellent Review…cruelty Free

Hello everybody out here on YouTube minis I hear root beautiful Beauty gonna be talking about bugs we’re gonna be talking about bug spray we’re gonna be talking about all that good stuff so gonna be doing a product review for you beauties here now if you guys are familiar with my channel or if you’re new either way I love.

And I have been totally obsessed with more natural more organically derived bug straight bug sprays okay now.

My entire life you guys ever since I can remember oh my goodness three or four years old ever since I can remember is far back I have been a bug magnet now there are some some of us that we just draw in the bugs we draw.

In the mosquitoes we draw in the tickers the bugs the whatever we are a bug magnet now so I’ve always been.

Very dependent on bug sprays probably my entire life the last several.

Years I’ve really been getting into probably about the last seven years I’ve been really getting into natural bug sprays I really don’t like all the chemicals and the dangerous cartridge entrance and the.

Dangerous things that are on the ingredient list in traditional bug sprays that you buy off the shelf grocery stores or Walmart or Target or wherever so I miss seeking out natural brands over the last many years like I said at least seven years feels like forever seems like forever so I come across this brand I really thought it sounded great I.

Thought it sounded good it looked good the ingredient list sound effect had fantabulous you know what I mean and I bought this from Vitacost com wanted to go ahead and check it out I’ve tried this brand before this is the brand Leif’s brand and I’ve tried Leif’s deodorant before and a few other products by lathe or I believe you I don’t know if you say it late Leif’s or lifes leaves I guess it’s Leif’s.

Life’s I think there would be an eye in there somewhere anyhow believe you say it laughs but I thought this sound like a good product it’s really been very disappointing quite honestly if you can see I’ve used half the bottle or right to here more than half the bottle now sure if you guys can see this it sounded great it just simply did not work it says it’s for kids too they says it’s for babies kids adults whatever this is the.

Leif’s baby insect repellent USDA Organic that sounded great there’s the active ingredients second house geranium oil water essential oils cedar wood eucalyptus citrus lemon looks like a lavender oil lavender oil sweet almond oil okay and it says it is 100% certified organic this is deep free and chemical free USD organic I actually already said that see see if you can read a little bit about it says this baby save.

Children’s safe you know no harsh chemicals shake well before applying okay you guys and I will tell you this so far this summer it has been a crazy bad summer so far for bugs I don’t know what the issue is.

But I know last year in the year before of the bugs were by far not as bad ok now I’ve been buying natural bug sprays and repellents for ever and some weren’t great some don’t.

Work at all and honestly I would say this is one that did not work at all I when I first started using it several weeks ago I started applying it every 30 minutes it failed.