We Shorts – Summer Oreo

I had man tyne going on here today take a look at summer oreos so it says five summer designs same great taste but it is slightly different we’ve got like a blue cream is what it looks like these are not even a limited edition I didn’t move while they’re putting like new or anything like that maybe it’s not.

A new flavor I’ve never seen this before I got.

Yeah it is it does look slightly different than your regular oreo the inside is just blew filling.

Which is kind of cool and all of the tops they have five different images on there we got a palm tree and says happy summer so let’s go ahead let’s do it i’m going to open this one up to try it like this first so there you go there’s definitely a hard yeah it does not taste like it’s not flavored you can give you like a raspberry flavor something not flavored at all it literally is just an Oreo its kind of begs the question what is the point.

Of this product like you think if they’re gonna put like summer Oreos what guy goes to the store other than me because I review things.

Guys like regular oreos I really want radio or is right summer Oreos same taste I’m going with the summer once gotta have pumps on my cookies this one has.

Been umbrella and a little kind of thing so when I by.

Normal I normal Orioles got a 5 out of 5 for me I’m a little picky on this one it tastes amazing but for our scale is not always based often just taste alone it’s also based off whether i would buy the product again I’m get these I couldn’t get regular.

Oreos because I think kind of stupid and useless and I’m like compare prices I have a feeling that this might cost slightly more than the regular ones maybe not I would just buy the regular ones so.

I just want a 4 out of 5 it’s really good really delicious but I just think it’s kind of pointless it’s kind of pointless just like this review became kind of points because it’s just not very interesting like are they going to come out with winter ones and try to make a weird gimmick off of that but it just tastes the same I think it’s just kind of stupid I like the Oreo expands out into all these weird different.

Flavors and stuff but if you’re going to do an offshoot weird new thing make.

It different don’t just change a color and have the same they’re so kind of boring kind of dull compared to all the other ones we’ve done here on the show before what is your favorite Oreo.

Very curious to see what you like the most from Oreo leaving the comments down below and has always.