Top 5 Best Makeup Removers (oil-free, Oil-based, Wipes, Organic)

Hey everyone it’s your girl Mary and I’m back on the video I’m so excited today I’m gonna be some makeup removers now if you’re looking for something that is completely oil-free I strongly recommend the Loreal clean 100% oil-free eye makeup remover the reason why I love this product guys is because I find a lot of oil-free makeup removers.

They tend to be very drying on the skin or have a strong alcohol smell which I can’t stand so I definitely feel like this is a very gentle option if you have sensitive skin like me this is definitely a great alternative for you if you do not want oil to.

Touch your face okay guys and it’s super affordable cuz a drugstore brand so you want a bang for your buck this is it Jarius feel and you have dry skin I recommend the land called dual action.

I makeup remover and looks like this as you can tell there’s a separation guys between the water and the oil that’s how you know if it is oil-based you can see the separation between the two this is a pricier product.

I’m not going to lie it’s about I think thirty dollars you can find it at any major department store that sells Lancome.

I feel like it’s super effective I put it on my eyes especially with my little cotton swab and every moves the makeup like that.

Guys like so quick and that I appreciate especially in the summertime or in the spring time my allergies are bad I’ve been rubbing my eyes a lot so if you’re like me I feel that.

It is worth it is worth the money another oil-based product that I actually love and I love the benefits of it and it’s.

Called the butt botanics soothing eye makeup remover all right this product promises to brighten and wipe away impurities without irritating eye area and.

Will also condition the lashes so what you do as you can.

Separation here that’s how you know it’s an oil base you just go ahead.

And shake it up it looks kind of foamy like this you put it on your cotton swab and you put it all over I not only use this on my eyes I actually use this all over my face guy value.

One cotton pad for my eyes and I’ll do another one for the rest of my skin I so cool with dark circles under my eyes as well as bags and I definitely feel this has helped with the dark circles and a bit of my acne scars cause if you’re a busy person.

And you’re just like look I need to get this stuff off my face and you know I need something to move quickly this product I recommend the new Neutrogena and naturals brush cleansing and makeup remover base Walker’s were.

Effective and super gentle it’s one a few products that I feel like my.

Face doesn’t feel super dry once I’m done washing it how do I use so many makeup removing wipes and I’ve always come back to the same brand and it’s simple I love this brand guys I really do I really really really love their cleansing wipes um this one is exfoliating do not get thick slowly anyone I got.

And you can get it if you’re.

Looking to exfoliate but if you’re looking to remove makeup you want to get the cleansing one that says makeup remover as well I just want to show you the branding on this and I love the wipes so much that.