Tongue Exercise For Speech And Swallowing Abilities

Hi my name is teri Tarnoff Schneider and I’m a speech-language pathologist and today I would like to invite you or your family member to participate in sort of an oral aerobics class so it’s an opportunity to strengthen the mouth the tongue the lips the jaw the teeth and also the throat muscles for swallowing so let’s begin with the.

First one let’s have you stick out your tongue out and in and do that five times great the second.

Exercise I’d like you to do is tongue side to.

Good the third exercise I’d like you to put your tongue up towards your nose and down towards your chin ready and try to stretch it all the way up and then all the way down again beautiful okay now the next one I’d like you to.

Try to find a surface that you can push against it could be your chair it could be a wall or a desk or a table but just make sure that it is not unsteady ready we’re going to say the vowel sounds with a K then transfer to.

A G and then to an H so let’s for let’s try the first round ready k ki chi co-coo great hey he hi ho hoo and then finally gay g guy go GU and this actually helps you with the throat muscles.

Responsible for swallowing the next group is I want you to growl like a bear the more ferocious the better ready all right it’s very fun to to growl every once in a while now the next one is to say agar it almost sounds like a caveman or a cave woman ready uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh uh-uh excellence and then another.

Exercise that works on the rise and fall of the larynx is a high pitch II Oh because if you.

Watch when a person swallows their larynx goes up and then down again.

So that simulates that particular posture are you ready Oh sounds like a donkey again II Oh Oh so just have fun with these exercises I hope.

They serve you well have a wonderful day and if you need to reach me is tea Schneider at breakthrough – in the Northern California area thank you for listening and have a..