Get Rid Of Acne – Paula Begoun Tells You How

Research is abundantly clear that the two ingredients that work the best for acne are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid now benzoyl peroxide you get from your dermatologist it’s prescription only but over the counter a product that contains salicylic acid can be brilliant for skin salicylic acid is exfoliant helps get dead skin cells off can exfoliate inside the pore.

To help improve the shape of the pore so the oil can get out and not get clogged and it also is a little bit of antibacterial agent to help kill the bacteria.

In the pore that’s causing the blemish my product line has a salicylic acid option but so does Clearasil what you want to make sure is when you use any skin care product for acne it contains no irritants no alcohol no peppermint no menthol research has.

Shown that when you irritate skin which is what those ingredients do you actually stimulate oil directly in the oil gland so you produce more oil you don’t reduce it so what makes these two products special is they contain no irritants.

Now you still need sunscreen so you’re using a benzoyl peroxide product you’ve got from the dermatologist you’re using either this Clearasil product or the product from my product line fullest choice and you still need sunscreen but you don’t want to put lotions and creams.

On because they make the skin feel heavy and ingredients that make lotions and creams into a lotion and cream can clog pores you can use foundation with sunscreen this one from Revlon their color state is brilliant SPF 15 or greater.

Also look for a pressed powder with sunscreen because then as the day goes by you’re adding sunscreen protecting skin from the Sun allows it to heal.

Better now that is good clear news..