How To Remove Skin Tags Naturally

Hi this is Travis of modern homemakers I’m here with my son Gideon good morning I want to talk to you today about how to remove a skin tag if you’ve never had a skin tag before it’s kind of like a like a piece of skin that just like juts out it just kind of hangs there and I had.

A skin tag and a horrible place it was right on my head and as you can see.

I don’t have this glorious head of hair like my son does to cover that up so it was just it was just sticking out all the time and you know I shaved my head every day and how it’s constantly hitting it with the razor nicking it and it would bleed and it was gross so you know we considered what to do about this do we get surgery I didn’t.

Really want to pay the money for surgery it’s kind of expensive you know.

Who’s going to take a while to save up for that I didn’t know how that was going to leave a nasty scar on my head these were all things that we were considering and finally we we came upon this remedy that that we decided to try and basically all you.

Of tea tree oil and a q-tip and every day we would apply a little bit of tea tree oil.

To the skin tag and over time it would gradually shrink and.

Then finally it was gone so we’re going to show you videos of how.

We did this and when we did this so you can see for yourself I know product weight to where it was okay it’s right here yeah there’s nothing there there’s nothing there now sunshine either but yeah there’s nothing there okay this is my husband Travis and he shaved.

His head he hasn’t done that yet today and he had this skin tag I’ll zoom in here and it was like twice this size and we’re like talking surgery and stuff and it’s at least.

A hundred dollars and we decided to put t3 on there so we’re gonna document as.

That gets small okay I would actually show how we put the tea tree oil on now you want to be really careful with tea tree oil it can actually burn or even scar the skin so we’ve got a q-tip here and we put it just on there and we are only we’re not going to touch any surrounding skin we’re just going to put it on the skin tag because once again it could scar.

Or burn or you know at least aggravate that area.

So we’ll just see if that works.