Destiny 2 | New Weapon Mods & Whisper's Return! New Weekly Reset, Dlc Stream, New Grimoire & Quests

What’s up guys Hannah SH here and today we have yet more destiny to news Bungie we go an absolutely crazy man just thrown it at us but in this video today we have details about the next extreme reveal for the DLC when it’s gonna be happening what we’re likely to see they talk about the whisper exotic mission they.

Give us clarification that this will be available every week and some stuff about the heroic version and.

I’ll talk about that in just a moment we’re going to speak about.

Forsaken new weapon mods that we’re gonna see in the DLC you have a breakdown of what some of them are going to do we’ve got a road map for August and a bunch of other stuff to round up guys so plenty of stuff to talk about as always if you do enjoy the video a rating below is very much appreciated but for now let’s jump.

Confirmed there will be another reveal stream for the Forsaken expansion this is going to happen on Tuesday August the 7th so there’s gonna be in a couple of weeks time at 10:00 a.

PDT the stream is gonna be about combat so it’s the year to combat reveal stream they say.

They’re gonna talk about weapons equipping gear customizing.

Gear even stuff to do with time to kill in the crucible demonstration of perks mods load.

Outs and a whole bunch of other stuff so it’s gonna be a very interesting one once again Tuesday August 7th at 10 a. PDT and I’ll keep you guys posted with all of the news right here next up they talk about the whisper exotic mission.

Of course the one that appeared on IO they say some of you encountered a long streak of cabal drills far too many cabal drills we did some investigating to see if this was a bug it turns out there is no bug but the random generator doesn’t do a good job of preventing streaks of either event we’re investigating ways to prevent these bad luck runs in the future we did some simulations to see if there might be any more long streets.

Of one activity event in the forecast we expect a few more.

Outliers but balanced with long streaks of only taken blight events importantly though they say this activity will be available every week.

And once you unlock the heroic version it will stay unlocked that’s definitely very good to know if you’ve got the heroic version already it will basically remain available when the mission is actually up it will be available every single week so that looks.

Like we’re definitely gonna get it back tomorrow and the reset time so that’ll be pretty cool I’ll keep.

You guys posted about that so.

We get news about forsaken sand they talk about the director bungee say there will be three ways to acquire powerful engrams and forsaken a whole new challenge system that will replace the way you’ve been tracking milestones I’m going to talk about that more in just a moment there will be specific quests and bounties that will provide better gear indicated by their summaries and new mysteries and rarer sources but if.

We told you about them they wouldn’t be mysterious once these changes are deployed into the wild the milestones blade will call attention to these activities so critical required missions such as the main campaign or new subclass path pursuits next steps for quests or other aspects of progression for your characters legacy milestones from destiny to campaigns that.

Aren’t becoming challenges or quests the layout of the director will be updated to accommodate two new destinations tangle jaw and dreaming city so that’s some.

Cool stuff to point out I do have more details on the new milestone system weapon mods that we’re going to talk about in just a moment but briefly Bungie do give us a calendar for August so of course we have solstice of Heroes beginning July 31st also crucible supremacy we come back reveal.

Stream that of course is on the 7th of August and on August 14th we’re going to have the iron banner Bungie will be at Gamescom from the 21st to the 25th of August solstice of Heroes is going to end on 27th of August we’ll get the pre dlc update on the 28th I did break down all the details about that just yesterday and then it’ll also be present at PAX West there’s.

Gonna be even more news even more hype for the upcoming DLC they do confirm that there will be a hotfix coming on July 31st alongside solstice of Heroes so a 9 a. PDT the hotfix will become available to all players at 10. PDT players who have not yet accepted the hub fix will be removed from activities.

They say before attempting to complete a triumph players must make sure they’ve acquired it from the Statue of Heroes some triumphs may need to be completed again if the triumph is not in the players inventory at the time of completion.

For moments of triumph adventures and region chests are tracked by the.

Character that is completed the most of them and they are not tracked account-wide progression towards triumphs and event rewards may be lost if players delete characters on their account for the best experience is recommended the players do not delete any characters until all desired rewards have.

Been redeemed and the event concludes.

On August 28th so an absolute bunch of.

About right there guys but now let’s talk about mods further upgrades to milestones.

And the new challenge system that’s coming into the game today game informer continued their coverage of the forsaken expansion by talking about weapon mods and armor mods that we’re gonna see in forsaken some changes to the mod system in general and we get a breakdown.

Of some new mods that we’re gonna find which is definitely really interested stuff on top of this they also talk about the reworked milestone system milestones.

Will now be called challenges they talk about bounties powerful gear and a bunch of other stuff so let’s break it down.

First up to talk about mods they say with forsaken mods will hopefully be useful enough that you’ll want to equip them and not.

Have to for one mods will no longer offer a power boost which means that you won’t have a pressing need to equip a mod just to slightly increase your.

Power this means a couple of things first and four seconds launched only legendary mods will be available so no more combining rare mods and secondly it means a bit of housecleaning with the current mods becoming obsolete you’ll have to make a quick run to the gunsmith he’ll.

Take your old mods trade them in for components.

To make new ones this does come with a slight downside because all mods are now designed to be more expressive.

Energy and heavy weapon mods no longer act.

As a way to change the element of a given weapon so that’s pretty interesting as well elements won’t.

Be tied to mods we don’t get clarification.

Of whether you’ll be able to change the element in some other way or whether they will now be fixed on each weapon we know that it will not be part of the mod system itself we get some insights about a few mods that will actually see though so Steve cotton.

Revealed there is the Icarus grip mod which improves your weapons accuracy while airborne of course we have the Icarus perk in destiny 1 which did essentially the same thing we have radar.

Tuner which decreases the time it takes for your radar to.

Return after you’re done aiming your weapon so that’s really interesting this but a lot of conversation about that radar in destiny 2 and how long it actually takes to.

Kind of fade in and out when you’re addressing will actually be able to improve that via a weapon mod then there is targeting adjuster which grants your weapon better.

Target acquisitions was kind of like hidden hand they essentially do the exact same thing we don’t know whether targeting adjuster will be a less powerful version of the perk or what exactly this stats will do but it’s definitely pretty.

Interesting I think some of those mods are sounding very promising game informer do also say these changes also to raid weapons which will use the same mod system but also have access to unique raid mods and while the raid mods for the new raid that will follow forsaken is launched will be tailored to that specific raid Steve harden did say there is nothing stopping us from sneaking.

In some more Universal raid mods in the future so I think that sounded pretty good as far as the weapons.

Go guys of course hopefully there will be a ton of other mods that we can get as well the weapon mods are definitely essentially kind of plug-in perks that you can add to weapons I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that system whatsoever I think it sounds pretty good then we just need to have enough variety there and enough reasons to go after these mods makes.

A talk about milestones they say instead of checking a tab to see your task list you’ll now find the director lighting up and pointing you to individual locations and activity destinations like the vanguard of.

The crucible screens they say second some terminology is changing so milestones are now challenges and what destiny currently calls challenges objectives that offer tokens for their completion they’re going to be absorbed into the new bounty system so the kind of in-game challenges you get when you bring up the ghost are actually going away and they’re basically being replaced by bounties they say as well as the normal challenges or masters that we currently have there will be.

New ones for bounties gambit heroic story missions and the new dreaming city public events they say on top of this new daily challenges will offer more ways for players to get an earn powerful loot every day these challenges.

Will rotate among various activities like strikes knife Falls gambit heroic adventures.

And crucible they’re really kind of mixing it up making it a little bit less predictable and obviously they’re kind of a laddering that progress as well we won’t be.

Kind of power leveling up like we did pre-war mind because obviously that wouldn’t work with this kind of a system it looks like the more days.

In the week that you can actually jump in and invest into the game the more progression you’re gonna go they do add that there will be some bounties which actually offer powerful loot in the game some of them are gonna have small quests for players are varying power levels to accomplish they also say there will be several hidden challenges to look for ones which aren’t highlighted on the director and which observe and players will have to find themselves and.

These are challenges which will be scattered across different activities so some.

There into the kind of progression systems the weekly rituals that we’ll.

Find inside of the game we will be seeing the four-day week we set as well so it looks like we’ll essentially have Tuesday through to Friday and then Friday through to Tuesday but let me know your thoughts on any of this stuff down below guys I think the new mods are sounding really good for the weapons hopefully.

We’ll learn more about armor mods soon as well but something else to mention in this video Bungie have just revealed a new grammar anthology for destiny that they’re going.

Selling on the Bungie store so we have anthology volume one this is called Dark Mirror and there are physical books are there actually $24.99 there’s $24 the first one of course looks like it’s gonna be about the.

Hive we can see a worm guard right there and what appears to be Oryx there as well so it’s gonna be some pretty juicy stuff especially if you’re very much into the story in the grimoire for the game it looks like this is going to be up to date and some of it is kind.

Of previously unreleased tool off the game as well so we’ll link that down below I’ll also link Game Informer’s coverage below as well but if you guys have enjoyed the video a like is very much.

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