Cereal Vs Oatmeal: Who Wins?

Hey it’s Tyler from active eating today it’s a big match with oatmeal versus cereal who’s going to be the breakfast champion well we’ll be comparing nutritional value variety and convenience for rounds one two and three so add your votes in the comments and let’s see who comes out on top round one nutritional value so here’s the thing you’ve.

Got oatmeal and then you’ve got thousands of different kinds of cereals.

Maybe not thousands but there are a lot.

With their own nutritional value right away let’s cut the ones that are often marketed that kids or pay there’s.

An inner kid in all of us you know those cereals that are full of sugar chocolate marshmallows I don’t know sour keys whatever that stuff loses hands down when it comes to say cereals that are brand based you’re going to get a lot of vitamins and minerals vitamin A iron fiber the vitamin B family and.

More usually now plain oatmeal on the other hand it’s well pretty.

Plain and tends to offer less vitamin A iron and.

Vitamin B however there’s also less cholesterol fat and refined sugar in most cases in fact most people find that oats tend to fill you up more and for longer and there’s definitely something to be said for that hard to say for now so let’s call round one a tie.

Okay so we talked nutrition now let’s talk variety this round is a little more subjective so I definitely want to hear your opinion in the comments anyway maybe.

You’re someone who can eat the same thing every day in which case oats pretty much is going to win hands down now I thought.

I was one of those people and that lasted for about four months not bad I’d say but most.

People want a little more variety in their lives so who wins in this one cereal or oatmeal well like I said there are hundreds of different kinds of cereals so you can usually try something new or something you haven’t had for a while but that means you need to be at the store making a decision for how you’ll be feeling in the future right of course if that’s one.

Of your biggest problems I’d say your life is pretty good but anyway most people can’t come home with 18 different boxes of cereal and if you can yeah now oatmeal on the other hand it’s pretty good.

For variety and the only catch really being that you need to like oats in the first place but if you’re good on that level then you’re set you just need to have a pantry stocked with a variety of toppings like nuts seeds honey and then you’ll be making custom breakfasts to taste every.

Morning and then on top of that you can do fresh fruit milk yogurt as long as you have that stuff on hand it’s all the better I’m gonna say oatmeal wins on this one round three let’s talk convenience there’s a good chance.

Most of you might just jump in and say cereal wins for convenience hands down and unlikely to agree with you to a.

Point maybe you sleep in maybe you don’t have time to make a full.

Fledge breakfast so when it comes down to it cereal and milk is quick and provides enough to start your day I’ll definitely give cereal bad so let’s say cereal is more convenient but I think it’s fair.

To say that oatmeal did pretty well in rounds one and two so we should at least try and see if it can be made conveniently or not with oatmeal it can really be as simple as having your toppings easily at hand on the counter and some jars and your pantry whatever so spicing up your oatmeal is as simple as reaching into a jar of chia seeds almond slivers walnuts whatever you can even.

Soak your oatmeal overnight with everything in it and then you can make it nice and quick in.

The morning so oatmeal or cereal who wins what do you prefer I’m going to have to say when I feel lazy and yes it happens I am human I go for cereal the rest of the time oatmeal is great for filling me up is nutritious and it tastes great add your thoughts and.

Let us know who wins thanks for watching we’ll see you next time.