Semolina Carrot Fennel – Baby Food Recipe +6m

Hi welcome to wanna pop again today we’re going to prepare a recipe that it’s perfect for babies and sick family members today’s recipe is called semolina baby soup for the cold so it’s flu season fortunately flu didn’t touch my family yet but both my two boys my husband a little Luka they have a very bad cold so tonight.

I’m going to cook for them a very comforting very easy and light soup using semolina semolina is a durum wheat flour durum wheat is the main ingredients for pasta so the hard pasta that we.

For couscous so it’s a cereal it’s very healthy and can be given to babies starting from 7 months so it’s one of the main ingredients of Italian baby puree for babies today we are going to prepare a baby version soup and for mommy and daddy we’re going to add few ingredients in order to give some more flavor and prepare a meal for the whole family that has the cold what we need for today’s recipe first of all we need some water it’s a soup we need 4 cups.

Of water of course some semolina flour as.

You can see half a cup 2 carrots normal size we need some fennel seeds that I put in this nice cotton guards second because I want the flavor of the fennel seeds to be released in our broth but I don’t want the seeds to stay in the broad once it’s.

Ready why fennel seed fennel itself it’s very good to help digestion and fennel seeds not Holly they.

Are very good and they help the digestive system but they also help in case of nausea vomit and tummy ache so it’s good for tonight additional ingredients some good Parmesan cheese some extra-virgin olive oil and for mommy and daddy or for all their kids.

We’re going to use some eggs first of all we are going just to.

Create our broth so I have a nice pan as you can see in front of me I turn on the heat and I just put the water four cups our fennel seeds with our carrots I peel the carrot and I chop them in kind of you know small medium pieces now is medium-high heat as soon as the water will start bubbling I’m going.

To reduce the heat at low heat and I will let it cook for 20 minutes up until the carrots will be tender and.

Soft then we are going to stick together what will happen see you later bye so our carrots they are ready they are tender and it’s perfect we are going to remove our fennel seeds and then we are a few options we our broth we can either remove the carrots too so we’ll have a nice orange carrot and fennel broth or we can something that we are going.

To do we can puree our carrots so that will have a kind of mix of broad and carrots or we can leave them in big chunks it’s utterly up to you and have to.

Be age of your babies you know for very very very young babies six seven.

Months I would remove everything from nine months to one year I will do the play and one year up I will leave you know the small pieces of carrots maybe we can mash them with a fork so let’s pray everything done perfect so next step to.

Do let’s add our semolina let’s mix for one or two minutes one the semolina to be transformed in a.

Kind of nice spray and this time is always totally up to you you can have a nice cream or if you want it more liquid you can just add some.

More hot water in order to have the consistency that you desire see that’s the kind of consistency that I want to obtain now final touch we are going to add our parmesan G Parmesan cheese nice and creamy as you can imagine the Parmesan cheese is the only form of salt that we.

Are going to add to this soup because it’s a baby soup if you’re going to have this soup just for other kids or just for mommy and daddy you can add some salt at this point or even.

At the beginning when we added the carrots to the water it’s time to remove a portion of our soup for our little ones from seven to twelve months so we’re going just take few tablespoons of our nice soup last touch.

We’re going to put just a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil on top because it’s good fat for our babies for our little ones and.

We are keep going for mommy and daddy pow we’re going to turn on the heat again and we’re going to break in our soup 2x and we’re just going to steer occasionally so that the egg will cook and.

We’ll just form a kind of X strips.

Like in the Asian soups and there will be an extra energy for our sake family members this is a very creamy and healthy recipe that I used to cook when somebody has a cold and you know they don’t want a lot of ones.

We have something light but at the same time something yummy that’s the recipe to try today’s recipe was semolina and carrots baby soup we are going to see each other.

Next week with another recipe from oana popa and let’s hope that everybody will be healthy and happy and as always buon appetito.