How To Smoke Pork Spare Ribs Low And Slow Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Hey everybody today I’m going to show you how to smoke some pork spareribs oh yeah baby we see I got one of those big old wood smokers but you know what it is way too much work for me this time of year so I rarely use it so what I do use is my electric smoker hey well there’s.

Some spareribs okay these are cheaper than the baby backs and they’re your are all in their stuff they normally butcher out.

And stuff I don’t know how to do all that so I just cook it all as one big old huge piece of meat I get a big ol chunk of fat that’s hanging on there like that I’d get rid of it and really all I do if I’m not using.

Your rib I just put salt pepper garlic powder and cayenne that’s really all you need to make some outstanding ribs oh yeah baby anyway once you get them done do the other side exactly the same way padlock to Pat the stuff into very good and then set my smoker on 225 degrees.

For five hours with Applewood all right now here we are going out to the smoker to get them oh yeah as you can see they’re beautiful and tender but what you have to do at this point is yet bringing babies in the house okay we.

Have it right and just like a big piece of meat if you were doing a brisket or a pork butt or something I take them off the smoker racks put them directly onto some heavy-duty aluminum foil and wrap them real tightly okay and that way they can sit and rest and I use a little mist about an hour.

And a half two hours that seems to be perfect time for to do that there we go got them rested and here we are about two hours later as you can see they’re.

Still smoking in there we have been back I like a lot of pepper.

To I don’t know if you’d notice that’s why I said you know you got to kind of do it to your taste I’m saying so here we are now I’m gonna cut me off one of these ribs here I.

Thought I’d just show you the ribs rather than you know trying to make a pretty plate for you cuz I’m terrible doing that you know I’m saying there are y’all delectable I guess that’s a word delicious and very tender and juicy y’all it’s the middle of July I will heck its back here.

Through the end of July got a little bit more outside cooking weather I hope.

You guys give this thing a try I truly do and also hope you go out there and have your magnificent day bye.