Rainbow Rice Krispies Treats

Today welcome to Todd’s kitchen this is a fantastic recipe that’s simple colorful and delicious and it’s a fantastic one to get the kids involved with as well so join me today as make my version of rainbow rice krispie treats now of course how many layers you make really depends on the amount of colors that you wish to use.

But the amounts for each colors remain the same so for our first color layer into a microwave-safe bowl I’m going to place in one cup of marshmallows.

Followed by one tablespoon of butter and we’re going to put this in the microwave for one minute give it a good stir and just put it in for say 15 seconds at a time until it’s completely melted okay so as you can see our first layer is now completely melted so today I’m going to add in our food coloring.

One I’m going to add some red and simply give it a good mix until it’s well combined next I’m using our final ingredient Australia the called rice bubbles basically just puffy pieces of rice that you can find in this cereal section so they’ll be called different things different countries and leave a comment down below on what the court in yours so just simply add it in to.

Our mix and give it a good mix stir until it’s all combined okay next I’m going to use a trainer this is just a loaf pan and I’ve just lined it with non-stick baking paper so just simply place our first layer right in and if I wear quickly because it does start to harden up very fast as it cools down so just even it out until it covers the whole base.

Okay so once your first layer is done we’re going to place this into the fridge and get started.

On the next and just like our last say we’re going to add our marshmallows our butter and we want to microwave until melted then add our next color mix until combined then add our rice bubbles and mix through and simply add our next.

Layer on top of our last and flatten out now just place this back in the fridge while we continue on with as many.

Colors as you wish to make now just taking it out of the fridge and I’ve used a serrated knife to cut it up because that works best and there we have it our delicious rainbow rice krispies treats and they’re incredibly simple to make the key is to get.

Into the groove so basically when you get into the groove of that doing the marshmallows melting adding the color then putting a layer on top that took me about 15 minutes and tie to make it so it’s not an incredibly simple to make it’s also pretty quick to make as well and I left it in the fridge for half an hour to set and would you look at that color combination so of.

Course you can choose any color that you want but no matter what colors you.

Choose when you mix marshmallows with rice bubbles there is no doubt in my mind.

That your finger tastes simply delicious half marshmallows it’s still nice and crunchy so thank you for watching this episode of Todd’s kitchen as always a little list of ingredients down below as well as links to my Facebook Twitter Instagram and home handy hints channel and please do me a massive favour by giving this video a thumbs up leave a comment and subscribe and I’ll see.

You next up another delicious recipe I’ll be back.