Homemade Waterproof Sunscreen | Diy | Connie Wang

Hey everybody its Connie and welcome back to veggie Connie so school’s out it’s summertime the sun is shining we’re always outside and I think it’s really important to put on sunscreen yes yes so here I made a homemade waterproof sunscreen I do suggest that even though it’s waterproof you just keep reapplying I feel like my sunscreen is about.

An SPF 30 it’s homemade and it’s awesome right now but before we get started make sure you subscribe this channel and you can follow me on instagram at veggie connie underscore so you keep up with my everyday silly late let’s make sunscreen okay so here i’m gonna create.

A double boiler so water kind of kind of hot and we’re gonna put in two tablespoons of shea butter this is super good for your skin has its own SPF as well so.

Two tablespoons of coconut oil nourish my skin and now i’m gonna grate up some beeswax we’re gonna add half a tablespoon of these wax everything’s gonna be very oily already it’s pretty much all melted or turn off the boiler we’re gonna let it cool down so here’s a little jar that imma.

Put my sunscreen in and now the beeswax is cooled down i’m gonna pour it in okay as you can tell the jar is not full that is okay when there’s less of something you just add more cocoa we’re all good here and what’s also great about.

Me is because I’m Chinese I got chopsticks so we can basically stir oh yeah there’s thick oxide.

So I do suggest that you don’t breathe it in don’t eat it it’s meant for your skin now for the amount of oil we have you want to put in about two tablespoons of zinc oxide also we’re go off like you’re performing surgery just gonna mix it up.

And yeah okay so these are the essential oils that I couldn’t find anywhere in Toronto I had to go online which.

Is totally cool red raspberry seed oil totally recommend from best natures shipping was so quick came with the zinc oxide it’s Canadian company let’s support and we’re under 12 drops of red raspberry seed oil this guy is from lemon organic and it.

Feels really good on my face and my skin has not burned so 12 drops carrot seed oil and we’re just gonna stir tah-dah our sunscreen and then just put a little bit so I’m Channelle let it sit cool down and solidify and then we got a sunscreen for the thumb I’ve always questioned sunscreen you know I’ve always read the ingredients I don’t know what any of it is so it just feels really good to have made my.

Own out of all these oils make sure you reapply all the time I’m trying it out in my life and hopefully it inspires you to try to yours thank you so much for watching if you like what you see subscribe to me to keep up with.

My channel I try to mix up every week but sometimes every other week I was really happy about this I feel really accomplished about this so please try it out let me know what you think in the.

Comments below so thanks again for watching subscribe below and I’ll see you next week.