Beauty Tips And Questions On Skin Health, Skincare And Aging With Dr. Trevor Cates

Trevor Kate’s welcome to the spot after podcast today I’m doing something a little different I’ve received so many questions about skin health skin care aging & beauty tips so I decided to designate an entire podcast today answering your questions I will get through as many as I can today and answer more and upcoming.

Podcasts at the end of the podcast if you haven’t had your questions answered I’ll explain how you can get additional questions answered so let’s go ahead and get.

Started first question is from sue dr.

Cates my question for you I’m almost 60 years old I have very visible and clogged pores especially in the t-zone area in the last couple years these areas have started peeling and flaking I’ve purchased a Clarisonic a facial steamer and was getting regular facial peels I’ve had expensive skin care products in the past and sell us alike lotion occasionally my skin drives me crazy how can you help me so I.

Know there are so many different options out there and it can be.

Overwhelming confusing and you may have tried a lot of different things to help improve the quality of your skin I hope you have clear skin to clear up acne and help then.

With those this pore size and those visible changes in your skin and really with with my approach to skin care it’s really an internal and an external approach so it’s important to look at what you’re eating as.

Well as what you’re putting on your skin so that’s a lot about what I’m talking about today and that’s the same here so in tell you make changes certain changes with your diet that.

You’re probably going to still have trouble with your skin but there certainly is a lot you can do topically on your skin too one of the misconceptions about acne or pore enlarged pore size or oily skin is that we have to do things is misconception we have to do things to strip the skin and so a lot of people will use these these products and procedures that that dry out the skin and I think that’s probably one of the reasons why you’ve.

Had peeling and flaking and you haven’t gotten the results that you need so it’s about creating balance and the skin balance of the.

Oils aren’t bad they’re actually good we need the right balance of oils it’s the problem is when we get the combination of that sebum production and the oxidize oils and and we get blocks in the in those and those pores that cause breakouts so what we want to do is keep the skin clean without harsh chemicals drying it out abrasive treatments so instead think about how you can adjust the pH of your skin improve the pH of your skin balance the.

Oils in your skin and enhance the skin microbiome on your.

Step to doing that is to use.

Products that have a mildly acidic about pH balance so that means products that have a pH about.

4 to 4 point 5 and that range is going to help the skin pH it’s going to help your skin microbiome which are the microorganisms that.

Live on your skin and protect your skin keep it from breaking out and also it can help it just keep your skin clear keep it aging gracefully too if.

That’s that’s a goal that you have and and so also there.

Are certain things antioxidants that can be very helpful at reducing any kind of oxidation that’s occurring in your pores and causing them to that to be visible and clogged so those are some things to think about pH balance of your skin making sure you’re not stripping your skin and I’m ok with skin brushes like Clarisonic as long as you’re using good products with them and you’re not doing.

Him too frequently but be careful with anything that’s abrasive on the skin because it.

Can really strip your skin I’m ok with Scylla silica acid a small percentage and at times but you’re you know you also want to address what’s going on and the underlying causes of that so why are you having.

These clogged pores or there’s something that you’re eating your diet or you’re getting too much sugar.

Or are you getting too much dairy products or other inflammatory foods that.

Triggers so we’ll talk more about these in some of the upcoming questions but I want to go move along to the next question hi dr.

You’re taking questions my dermatologist won’t even consider any natural options so it’s nice to have a place to ask these questions oh you’re so welcome and this is from Avila is.

Who this question is from I would like to know how to.

Get get rid of keratosis pilaris I have reduced the the bumpiness on my arms but the redness is really bad I think it was reduced by taking vitamin A I would also like to know if there any non chemical non laser way to reverse or reduce sun damage skin on my chest.

A lot of redness and discoloration and one more how can I improve the appearance of my neck I’m 45 and going through perimenopause right now okay all right so our sorry her first name is brandy so brandy so cute ketosis keratosis pilaris is a common harmless skin condition it causes these dry rough patches and tiny little bumps usually on the the upper arms thighs cheeks or buttocks and so a lot of people.

Have them on the backs of their upper arms these little bumps so they’re very common they’re not harmful but they are annoying so and and it actually can be a sign of something that’s wrong a lot of times it’s a sign of essential fatty acid deficiency or a need for extra vitamin A or even the mineral zinc.

So think about those three things how can you get more essential fatty acids in your diet good fats vitamin.

A as well as zinc one one good source of vitamin A for example is cod liver oil maybe not your favorite but there.

Are other you know a lot of oily foods like avocados or other foods like that can be high in vitamin Ashley contain vitamin A so that can be helpful as well as possibly looking at taking a supplement even.

A multivitamin supplement can have some vitamin A and zinc in it I’ve really looked for a really high quality one and so you want to get a mixed kind similar what you’d find in nature as far as vitamin goes and and and for example in my supplement my skin hair and nails supplement and spa doctor skin here nails up ones I have these.

A lot of these the zinc and the vitamin a lot of nutrients are important for our skin and that.

Can help with skin conditions like this and then also an omega-3 supplement or a GLA supplement.

Can be can be helpful as far as the sun damage goes it’s a great question so one of the things that can really help is the topical use of antioxidant products the things that creams and serums and things that have antioxidants in them for example green tea black tea white tea also resveratrol is a.

Potent antioxidant tumeric chlorella which has it’s a green algae you may have heard of and also certain oils that are very rich in antioxidant my favorites are cranberry seed oil and raspberry seed oil so those have lots of antioxidants and what that does is that helps reverse oxidative damage or protect the skin from oxidative damage that’s happening on the skin and it can and these these these ingredients can also in your skincare products can also help reduce redness protect from the that.

Sun damage changes that can occur so and I do want to mention that it’s good to have your dermatologist look at these areas if you’ve got Sun damaged area skin it’s a good idea to have your dermatologist take a look.

Make sure that there is nothing to be concerned about so that’s another another tip on that and certainly also taking antioxidants internally can help protect your skin from the inside out and one of my favorites for that is astaxanthin it’s asta X a and thi n I think that’s how you spell it right so and then your last question brandy was about there um what can we do about the neck area so I know I have a lot of people ask me about.

That because there’s a lot of.

Focus on the face but we also want you know our necks to look good too and so there are lots of lots of things that can help nourish the skin on the.

Neck some of those oils that I mentioned can be great on the neck also those antioxidant-rich ingredients.

Can can also help protect the skin from damage from changes and and then using a really good sunblock on your on your face as well as your neck can help protect.

Against sun damage and also the changes in your skin and a lot of people forget the neck area but one ingredient I want to mention that can be really great for the skin it for the neck area really for the face too but it is hyaluronic acid and this is a national ingredient that is a hydrating agent and space filler it’s so it.

Supports collagen and elastin by keeping your skin nourished and moisés the the.

Signs of fine lines and wrinkles as eight signs of aging it helps keep our skin soft smooth supple just want to make sure it comes from a really clean source so that’s that’s another another tip on that okay so moving on to the next question.

This is from Kathy she says great podcast and information.

Thank you I I got something in my email called Botox in a bottle it looks great for bags under the eyes what are.

Your thoughts on this kind of product thanks alright so Kathy Botox is a neurotoxin that what how it works is when it’s used in treatment so Botox treatments is in injected into different areas that causes the muscles.

To freeze when it’s injected so it’s a neurotoxin actually is very toxic but the idea is that.

It’s just injected locally so it’s not Korea supposed to create become a neurotoxin for us but it does have that freezing effect of the muscles so that’s how it works and really there is no cream that does exactly that there’s no cream that you can put on your face and nothing topical that’s.

Going to freeze your muscles and and there’s there’s good and maybe not so I mean you know I know how people want that kind of effect without having to have the procedure but it is.

You know it’s kind of an unhealthy substance it’s.

Actually very unhealthy substance so I’m not convinced it’s it’s the safest thing long-term although the studies that we have right now show.

That there are no long-term downside to it we do know that sometimes with Botox that it’s really based.

Upon the practitioner as far as how good it is some people end up with crooked smiles or faces after having it done it does take some time for it to kick in and to even out so in the meantime you could be using a lot.

Of natural ingredients that can actually nourish your skin and have some great protective benefits without being the concern and the cost of this kind of procedure so so there are things that can really help tighten your skin and help plump up the skin and and so you can use it there’s one ingredient that we use in and my skincare one of my skincare.

Products it’s called pullulan pul Lu LAN and what it does is it’s a natural ingredient that has an it’s an immediate skin tightening effect and it so it tightens and lifts and lifts immediately now a lot of the natural ingredients out there they’re not going to have or.

Even synthetic ingredients don’t necessarily have that kind of instant effect like that but this is one of those ingredients that does.

Have that instant effect I would consider looking.

At a lot of the other ingredients to have these long-term benefits some of the oils that I mentioned like the cranberry seed extract and the the raspberry seed extract as well as resveratrol and some of the teas these have a very nourishing and protecting effect so over time this is how you’re going to.

See results even as little as a month.

People do see benefits on using some of these products with ingredients like this also I want to mention in your question you you mentioned that you were talking about bags under your eyes and actually Botox won’t help with that so it doesn’t Botox doesn’t get even of Botox in a bottle I can’t imagine how it would get.

Rid of that puffiness what I would look at is why do you have that puffiness I want to find out as a nature Pathak physician that’s something I’m always asking what is the root cause what is the underlying cause let’s address that are you dehydrate are you getting enough water you’re getting enough electrolytes are you to hydrating.

Yourself are you getting enough sleep you’re getting adequate sleep how are you sleeping you’re sleeping.

On your face because that can also puffiness do you have allergies and those could be allergies could be environmental or they could be food-related especially if you go.

To bed and you don’t have that puffiness and you wake.

Up with that puffiness I’m thinking it’s probably either sleep or something in your bedroom that you’re reacting to that’s causing allergies maybe it’s your pet maybe it’s dust or mold or something along those lines so that’s what I.

Would look into it could also be a food that you’ve been eating that causes this if you’ve eaten really salty foods the night before and it dehydrates you or you’re eating a food that you’re allergic or sensitive to it can cause that puffiness under the eyes so I.

Would look to those things instead to instead of a Botox in the bottle.

That cuz that kind of makes me a little bit nervous and it’s a little bit of false advertising because there’s really nothing that’s gonna be in a bottle that works the same and that’s that’s kind of a good thing too so also I do want to mention that my step to product this the antioxidant serum we’re realizing it’s fantastic for that puffiness under the eyes it helping reduce that so just another little tip on that that can be great to.

Use in that in the eye area people ask me all the time what dr. Kate’s why don’t you have an eye serum and we actually don’t need an eye serum because our step to antioxidant serum.

Works beautifully in the eye area as well as step for our Globus the oil.

Blend can also be usefully all the products can be used at the eye area but those are our you know really good ones for that eye area also if you have that puffiness another quick little tip is take a green tea or black tea bag steep up just lightly enough to start releasing.

Benefits from those those tea leaves put it in your refrigerator took take you to choose two bags put them in your fridge rater let them cool and then take those out while they’re still damp and put them on your.

Closed eyelids it helps tighten up that area and get rid of the puffiness so hopefully that helps alright moving on to question from Erica hello I am a dermatologist a matter pathologist and I am impressed with your knowledge positive attitude and entrepreneurship thank you very.

Much Erica I’m interested in purchasing your new book when it’s available okay well you gotta wait until 2017 but it is coming in the meantime I would like to know your thoughts on the effects of SPF in skin products other than what it’s supposed other than what it’s supposed to do and so I’m asking because I really want to use SPF products but I noticed.

That some companies stop manufacturing SPF products for many years and then started selling them again I think maybe they were losing money so I’m looking forward to your response and so I want to go through some.

Of the ingredients and the SPF products because I do talk about the importance of protecting your skin and we want to protect our skin from sun damage because of the.

Aging effects and the concerns about skin cancer from sun exposure of course some sun exposure is great for us it gives us helps our vitamin D levels and and makes us feel good when we get outside and get in the Sun but we you know we want to be careful about those damaging effects I think it’s great to wear a hat be careful about going out in the middle of the day during the peak hours.

And if you can’t avoid those times that’s probably best but if you’re out in the Sun still use a sunblock so.

First one talk about the chemical sunscreens and I want to go through the most common ones that.

You’ll see on your label so when you see those you know which ones are bad.

Which ones are okay and which ones might be a.

Better alternative okay so the first one that when I could talk.

About is oxybenzone this is the one I want you to avoid at all cost this is the one that the biggest concern of the chemical sunscreens as far as the research that I’ve done oxybenzone is a hormone disrupting chemical and it also absorbs very easily in fact.

97% of Americans tested had this in their bodies according to research by the CDC so this is this is definitely one to avoid hormone disrupting effects other it is hormone disrupting chemicals can lead to a number of problems and the body and think about all the different ways that our hormones impact our health it’s not.

Just our sex hormones we’re talking Authority enol also can affect our neuro chemistry our brain function so there are a lot of reasons why we want to avoid hormone respecting chemicals in addition their concerns with certain types of cancers so okay now I’m gonna move.

On to the next ingredient another one people ask about a lot is AVO Ben’s own AVO Ben’s own okay this one is actually a bit safer and you’ll see this in some of the more natural sunscreens this one is a.

Safer option the problem is it doesn’t have doesn’t tend to last as long so you need to keep applying this the next one is octi Sal 8 and you have to forgive me if I’m saying these wrong I the pronunciation I’m doing my best here octi Sal 8 and so this one is generally pretty good it’s not you know it’s not terrible it’s.

Not as it’s not as bad as oxybenzone for sure and then it’s oftentimes added to sunscreens to help the AVO bend zone last longer so you’ll often times see the octi satellite in combination with the.

AVA Ben zone together so that’s actually.

Not such a bad combination if you’re going with a chemical scan sunscreen route alright the next one is octi Kylene and this one seems to be okay as well not as harmful but some people do react to it so if you’re one of those people has really sensitive skin.

This is one you might want to be careful with you could do a little patch test I often recommend this with skincare products do.

A little patch just on the inside of your wrist just put.

A little product there let it sit for 24 hours you can cover it with a band-aid and then watch to see if you have any redness itching reaction to it that’s something to watch out for there’s also homo sali which we know is the research shows that it is a weak Homer and disrupting chemical it’s not as potent as some of those oxy bins and other hormone disrupting chemicals but there are some concerns about.

That one the next one is octane NOx 8 octi no knocks eight octinoxate I think.

That’s how you say I’m just gonna go with that so this one does also have hormone mimicking effects that it on on laboratory animals not in human studies that hasn’t been tested as much but I know why are we.

Putting a sunscreen that this.

Hasn’t been tested thoroughly that’s my concern but that we do know the chemical is found.

In humans including mothers milk samples not one of my favorites a little bit of a concern for me so I’m gonna tell you my favorite as far as an alternative to chemical.

Sunscreens and that’s zinc oxide zinc.

Oxide is a mineral based sun block and so that’s what i perfer people to use in their sun blocks to protect it works more as a barrier rather than a chemical reaction in our skin so it has that kind of protective area and it just seems to it works really well and it we don’t have as the concerns about the hormone disrupting effects like we do with some of the.

Others so I hope that helps and I’m gonna go ahead and move on to the next question all right this one is from Marnie dr. K’s I have a particular concern with skin tags seborrheic keratosis and flat warts what causes these to come and is there any nutritional in your topical things that I can do to help with them thanks for always being so informative and positive I’ve always loved your blog and podcasts well thanks Barney I appreciate that skin.

Tags so it was interesting about skin tags is sometimes so these are the little pieces of scan that pop up and they stick out and they look like little tags and that’s that’s why they’re called skin tags so these.

Sometimes these kind of just randomly show up and you know I know that what seems to be a link here sometimes is having to do with your blood sugar issues we know that people with blood sugar issues such as people with diabetes tend to have more skin tags also sometimes women during pregnancy when they have to shift issues.

With their blood sugar tend to have more of these skin tags pop up so if you’re just have.

A few here and there maybe it’s not that big of a deal but if.

You have a lot of skin tag and they keep popping up you might want to have.

Your blood sugar tested and even if your blood sugar is considered in the normal range I like to look for when you have your fasting blood glucose tested look for a number in the 80-85 range that’s more optimal where you want to be although the normal range is below a hundred I prefer people to be eighty eighty five somewhere in there as the upper end so it’s definitely something to think about it maybe talk to your healthcare.

You can have your blood work tested and just make sure that it’s in that optimal range and and also be careful about eating excessive amounts of sugar and eating balanced meals those kinds of.

Things alright moving on to seborrheic keratosis this is a type of skin growth it’s benign it often looks kind.

Of scary though because on house it looks like melanoma which is a very serious type of skin cancer but it is benign it’s not cast cancerous it is good to have a dermatologist take a look to differentiate if you have these kinds of skin lesions and it kind of.

Looks like a it can look like a flat mole but it suddenly appears it’s not something you’ve had for a long time.

But I all suddenly up here or it’s it gradually grows and these are things we tend to see as we get.

Older and they don’t they’re not.

As common in young people but have your dermatologist take a look at it make sure it’s not skin cancer because there is a there is obviously different treatment for this if it’s cancer versus every eight keratosis they can be removed your dermatologist can remove this for you but the problem is well some people have a lot of these and and they keep popping up and so if that’s the case you want to be proactive some sun exposure.

Seems to be a trigger for that aging is.

Can be a contributing factor to.

But we can’t stop the clock but we can’t protect our skin so something to be aware of you can protect your skin with a good sunblock like we talked about and also topical antioxidants as well as internal antioxidants can be really helpful there might be some concerns the oxide damage going on so antioxidants can’t seem to be helped protective against that so some of the things same things that I mentioned before like some of the teas green tea black tea white tea resveratrol some of those wonderful oils they.

Can help protect the skin from some of those damages also when I.

People are in a really optimal state of health they tend to have less of these they let pop up last.

So look at other things that you can do with your lifestyle.

With your diet having a more balanced diet and things that might might help as well as far as flat warts go there are a lot of different types of warts and there are some.

Little tricks that I can tell you about really um.

Words are can be part of in part due to the immune system and how your immune system is.

A lot of warts and they keep popping up keep reoccurring maybe you’re having him frozen off but they keep showing back up you might want to take a look at what’s going on with your immune system see if you need some support there and and make sure that you’re doing things to help you can also do some little things like applying tea tree oil directly to worse what you.

One of the few times that I say to apply essential oils directly to the skin you can actually do this with warts if you’re concerned about it or if it’s you’re working with a kid or.

Somebody young you might want to dilute the tea.

Tree oil but tea tree oil is really great directly you could just put it a little on a q-tip you don’t need a lot of it a lot of it a little bit goes a long way you can dilute it in something like almond oil avocado oil really olive oil any of those kinds of things but you can just use.

It directly and just apply it directly to the work cover it with a band-aid and give it some time so you can.

That before you go to bed at night and do it over.

It can take a couple days a few days to start noticing a difference you should start noticing a difference in it also there’s certain enzymes that can help kind of break down and and and wear away at warts like pineapple.

And papaya enzymes so those can be helpful when apply topically to the wart I’ve also seen people put tape over the a wart especially planner wards this is one I’m a little put like duct tape over it and leave it overnight and that can heart start.

Stop start wearing down the wort as well so hopefully that gives you some tips on these these common skin conditions that I see quite often so that’s all the time I have for ever answering questions today if you have questions that I did not answer or you want clarification.

On anything that I talked about today please post.

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