Kangen Water Has Been The Best Thing For My New Born Baby!

Three hi my name is Robert Lucic and this is my daughter Isabella Luczak she was born November 10th 2010 from the first date would they have brought her home from the hospital she’s been drinking nothing but coggan water I’ve used cotton water in her formulas and her foods and how I cook and I prepare her foods and I.

Can attribute her health and how she is today from cognitive water she has not been sick she.

Has not got a cold she has not gotten sniffles.

Not her doctor has asked me why she has not gotten sick and I’ve told her coggan water alkalized water and he even put it in her chart that that’s what that’s what she’s been drinking alkaline water from coggan and I will continue.

Using water because I see the benefits of the water what it does for her health I’ll continue using it every day all the time for everything I use it’s the best water for life and it’s been a great change in my family and I will continue using it for a very very.