Vitamin C: Which Brands? How Much? How Often?

Hey guys skinny pigs won so today here we’re going to talk quickly about vitamin C this guy right here so you can get vitamin C in many different forms you could purchase it from sure web pet health online and grab their tablets I use the Jameson chewable tablets here you can use child-life Brand liquid vitamin C but don’t.

Ever bother using the stuff you put in there water vitamin C just grades from light and air and in the water so.

That is why the vitamin C is in this dark light protective packaging so when you put any liquid into their water it’s just useless and changes the flavor in their.

Water just not a good idea so I personally use these because I find it is the easiest to break apart and for money-wise I did have a little package of the Sherwood one which I really enjoyed but here in Canada it’s $24 plus tax plus shipping to get some so it’s just way too much for me so these are 500 milligrams for each guinea pig a day you don’t need any more than 50 milligrams that would be your.

Maximum I give them pellets and vegetables that have vitamin C so I’m going to break this up in half this is a pill.

Cutter that you can get pretty much anywhere and then I’m breaking it half and a half and then one of these quarters are going in half as well so you end up with a piece about that big which is more than enough so then we’ll just pass them around to the piggies once I get enough vitamin C is absolutely essential to be.

In a guinea pigs diet just like humans they can’t manufacture it themselves so they need it through their diet if a guinea pig doesn’t have enough vitamin C they’re going to have things like scurvy which is a very painful disease they’re gonna have teeth that are easily broken poor coats or bone deformities.

Vitamin C is so essential for so many things so you could do a quick research about what scurvy is it’s a very preventable thing that no pigs should have to go.

Through so we’ve got our pieces now let’s give them to the page for your guinea pigs vitamin.

C is a great thing to introduce to them obviously for health reasons but it’s a great little hand feeding.

Tool all pigs love vitamin C you might take them a bit to get used to because it’s a little bit tart there’s one for Angus so something you could do to get them.

Into water and syringe it right away to them or you could break it up over their pellets one foot bullseye there’s for example mr. Huck good boy okay who wants vitamin C you see a little mouth from little foot up here okay can’t.

Reach your little Reese yeah okay littles great good girl zombie breathe good girl there we have it everybody get some vitamin C.