Imagine All In Two Cloth Diaper | Imagine Ai2 Cover Review And Comparison

Hi I’m faith and today I want to compare in review the older imagine all on two versus being newer imagine all into both of these covers will fit approximately 8 to 35 pounds the covers come in either hook and loop closure or snap closure today I’ll be using the snap closure covers for this video both covers have two.

Snaps on the wing one to adjust the waist and want to adjust the size the weaves are the same.

In width and length both have 10 snaps.

On top row and 8 on the bottom row the newer style.

Is a little bit wider here as you can see both covers have a three by three step drive both covers are water-resistant here’s how the own two covers look inside the elastic on the newer style feeds a little more stretch here but I haven’t used to cover as long as.

Version both diapers have a double gussets and have a thin amount of stretchiness the biggest difference between the diapers is an insight slaps and snaps the older style and has a flap on the back wheel diaper and on the front right behind the flap is where the hidden snap is located for the all into stalkers but you don’t have to only snap the all into microfiber so Chris you can always use a best.

Ball soakers with this called paper as well I think I love about the best bond soakers is that there are trimmer in the middle versus the all of two soakers the newer style onto doesn’t have any flaps on the back or the front so then you have a snap to snap in the soaker as well you can always use slats or pre folds.

Inside the covers as well it depends on your preference on what you like for the absorbency the older style cover has a visible arrived snaps shown here while a newer style has the right snaps hidden underneath.

The water resistant cover both.

Covers come in multiple layers of polyester fabric here’s how the baggage look on the smallest side here’s how the light gaps look here’s how the waist looks here’s how the beggars look on the largest size and they do get pretty big here’s how the light gets look here’s how the waste looks that was my review for the imagine all inter covers make sure to LIKE this video and subscribe to see more cloth diaper related videos thank you so much for watching.