Top 5 Best Baking Mats

Hi and welcome to culinary Couture in this video I’m going to show you an amazing product that will change the way you do your baking these are our silicone baking Nets silicone baking mats come in a variety of packages including a 2-pack a 3-pack with toaster oven small size and a 4-pack with a cut corners design silicone baking.

Mats offer many advantages they are FDA approved food safe and bpa-free they are heat safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit no cooking oils are needed as the mats are nonstick saving you those extra calories from oils.

And fats you will save time money and calories with these reusable mats no more parchment paper oils and.

Fats they can also be used to roll or knead dough baked tenders pastries and more look how easy these cookies come right off the mat when you’re done simply wash with warm soapy water and then roll them up to store away for the next time this has been culinary couture thanks for watching.

You hi my name is Christine and I’d like to introduce you to the best kitchen tool you’ll ever have.

This is a silicone baking mat professional chefs have been using them for years and once you try them you’ll never be without one again silicone baking mats are entirely nonstick their heat.

Proof they don’t absorb smells you can freeze things on them and it makes cleanup a breeze chocolate-covered strawberries really important presentation right regular pan you’re gonna.

Crack the chocolate there’s gonna be pieces stuck to your pan silicone they pop right up no stick no mess Parmesan cheese horrible horrible things stuck on a pan right trying to clean these it’s a disaster silicone baking mat peels right up in one piece any kind of candy making chocolate covered pretzels the same thing perfect every time cookies even peel right off the pan perfect these come in three different sizes four quarter sized sheets half sized sheets and 2/3 size.

Sheet pans these replace all of the cookie oils you currently use to spray on a pan to make them nonstick so you save calories and you save the money because you.

Only have to buy these ones I do love saving time in the kitchen and so does my friend Thomas one of our Martha Stewart Living chefs Thomas and I have decided to have a friendly little competition we’re going to see who can make chocolate chip.

Cookies faster I get to use my favorite time-saving kitchen tools from the Martha Stewart collection and Thomas you.

Do not I I’m using my beautiful food grade silicone.

Mats they are reusable thousands of times and I’m also going to use my cookie scoop this is a one ounce cookie scoop and I also get to.

Use my rubber spatula and you have to use two spoons the way I used to do it I used to do it all the time like that yes the food an old-fashioned method yeah yeah so so you’re lining your pan with parchment and what I think.

Most people find with parchment it comes on the roll and what it does is it rolls up on you.

During baking and also when you’re and goes around if you have a conviction of it I’m going to start all right my mother already my mat is down my cookies are being formed oh I love this one ounce scoop it’s really so great for when you’re making cupcakes cookies anything.

Where you want you to form a chi just scoop them out and how are you doing how many cookies have you formed three more okay so I have my 12 done and mine are ready to go on the oven I need another cookie sheet in another mat and I’m not even halfway done okay and my rubber scraper just makes sure that.

I don’t waste one speck of this delicious brown sugar chocolate chip cookie dough oh come.

On we can do better than I think I’m trying to make them a.

To make them even though and you are doing a very very poor job and this slides around and gets in the way these will bake evenly they will look just perfect just like those stacks of cookies in there which I made yeah now how do they taste mmm really good get the right tools and see how much time you can save your love making your cookies using these great Martha Stewart collection tools only at Macy’s for more details click the link in the description thanks for watching the video please.

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