The Best Organic Fertilizer: Part 2- Comparing Natural Fertilizers

Hey and welcome to the balcony Jeremiah Johnson 8 today’s video we’re looking at part 2 less fertilizers and compost for your gardens and if you haven’t yet seen part 1 click the above link to be instantly connected to the video now part 1 we discussed the three letters n P and K which commonly represent the three elements including.

Nitrogen phosphorus and potassium finally three numbers.

Are then used to represent these elements so let’s start off with manure all around manure is a great choice there’s many different kinds and depending on which is easily.

Accessible to you it’s fairly cheap and quite abundant now if fresh can easily burn your engine isn’t a high concentration of hydrogen however if it’s applied dry great slow release fertilizer that absorbs moisture and helps release nutrients now we’ll start off looking at some specific when doors first off chicken manure.

Applied dry it’s got a nitrogen level of point 12 for phosphorus 12.

5 and potassium point 5 21 because of the potential high levels of nitrogen in chicken manure you do have to be specifically careful when working with your roots because they can easily burn but with that said nitrogen is a great additive for your vegetables so it.

Might be a great choice when working with a.

Vegetable garden and then there’s cattle manure cattle manure is a great source especially if you live on.

A farm the only thing you have to watch for is it may contain weed seeds or grass.

Seeds as a well-rounded fertilizer with nitrogen at point 6 22 phosphorus at point 2 2.5 and potassium at point five to two it’s not only a.

Well-rounded fertilizer but very cheap and a great additive to any of your gardens especially your compost then there’s horse manure at point seven to 1.5 nitrogen point three two one phosphorus and point 621 potassium because of the smell I’d prefer to use it in my compost and letting it mix in with some really high organic soil for about six weeks until it’s really dried out then you can use it for other types of gardens.

And other places on your yard the last of the manure is sheepmen owner with point seven to two nitrogen point three two one phosphorus and point nine to 2.5 potassium this is a gray organic fertilizer not only is.

It low in order but it’s lower nitrogen and it’s great in garden beds now for.

Bone meal holy phosphorus with nitrogen levels at point seven two four and potassium at zero the phosphorus levels are outstanding and with a hundred percent organic this is a great alternative to a.

Fertilizer not only is it high in phosphorus but it lasts four to five years when it’s applied it’s going to help stimulate root.

Growth not only that but help your flowers blossom and.

Multiply it’s also best for permanent gardens and planting shrubs because you don’t have to reefer ttle eyes or top dress as much next up rock phosphate with nitrogen at zero and potassium at zero the phosphorus is really high as well at 20 to 30 like bone meal it’s going to help stimulate root growth and try to multiply out those flowers and also help blooming take.

Place and you can also apply it at one cup / 10 square feet so it’s pretty abundant and very efficient it’s natural rock.

That’s mind in phosphorous which deposits so what you’re getting is a hundred.

Percent organic trace minerals lastly wood ashes nitrogen at zero phosphorus at 122 and potassium at 328 it’s a.

Great alternative to fertilizers because it’s cheap and can be highly abundant depending on your property if you can burn it in.

Pots and collect it and keep it dry it can be used for routing vegetables such as carrots parsnips beans and peas and it also deters slugs and snails so.

I like to apply it and spring and autumn we have to remember a little bit goes a long way well this completes part two of the best organic fertilizers for your garden hope you enjoyed today’s episode and if you found it helpful please rate comment and subscribe and if you haven’t done so please check out my other video for part one as well as my facebook page thanks again see you next time.