How To Tell If Your Guppy Is Pregnant

Hey guys ma fish guy here doing a quick video I’ve gotten this question quite a few times is how do you tell if your female guppy is pregnant once she’s about to pop and whatnot if you look closely at this female right here those little black dots are actually the fish and the eyeballs of the fish so as.

They move closer towards the anal vent basically means the closer and closer to pregnancy they are or to birth.

They are so I mean if you see a large gravid spots totally a little bit longer than you think for them if you can start seeing little eyeballs then.

It’s most likely probably within a week or two of them actually getting ready to give birth but like I said you can usually see little eyeballs so.

I had to turn the light on so you can actually see yeah little black area there’s actually a bunch of little eyeballs in there you can see um she is probably at least probably another three to.

Four days out and then she should be giving birth hopefully to about 30 or 40 of these guys but um we’ll definitely see so twenty to thirty two days gestation period for these guys anywheres from twenty to fifty to sixty babies sometimes more sometimes less all depends on the size your female but since this is a show guppy female as you can see by the large size of her hopefully they’ll be more and more slang get some nice quality out of.

Her so hope that answers some of your questions just look for the eyeballs but some of the.

Darker colored guys are not as see-through guys it’s a little bit.

Harder but you could pretty much tell about how big they are like I said if you look at this girl right here huge lah that’s her belly cuz she loves to eat but I’m trying to get some detailed shots for you I hope that helps you with determining if your female is close to giving birth or she’s pregnant or whatnot so thanks for watching watch the rest of my videos subscribe to the channel thank you.