Teenage Prostitutes Working Indy Truck Stops

Kevin thank you new at 5:30 truck drivers and neighbors are complaining about young prostitutes working a group of truck stops on the south side of Indianapolis and now police are taking action but even after police moved in our call sex investigators found truckers still complaining about the constant sales calls at all hours all six investigator steven dean has.

The story you’ll see only on RTV six truckers.

And nightly thing teenagers going door to door knocking on.

The doors selling themselves truck to truck police spent.

The weekend trying to break it up and truckers saying this law officers can just take their pick nothing surprises me anymore I’ve seen everything but Bigfoot of the truck stop you know Indianapolis trucker David Harrington visits this truck stop every day along South Harding at 465 and he says the prostitutes were getting bolder by the day I can do this for you.

Do that for you oh sure don’t you want me you know you got to have some I know you’re.

Handling yeah and she’s telling me a price upset I don’t want none I want to haul my truck other truckers told police a 14 year old girl has been.

Among those working this truck stop so officers tracked her down over the weekend they say she denied being a part of it but her 19 year old sister Jodi Kinslow went to jail she’s charged with trespassing and police say she’s been arrested for prostitution in the past even while our cameras were out here we saw women that truckers identify as regular prostitutes going door to door but the truckers we spoke with are hoping this weekend’s police attention will scale it back you won’t know until a.

Few weeks goes by that 19 year old with the prostitution background.

Who was arrested out here she’s going to court in two days to face the new trespassing charge and her prior arrests for prostitution and police have called in CPS to investigate their family in hopes of keeping her 14 year-old younger sister from following in the older sister’s footsteps in this illegal trade out here.

At the truck stops reporting from the Southside Stephen Dean rtv6.