Welcome Finley Jay!

You there’s your baby with a nice strong heartbeat we’re gonna have a baby we’re gonna be so if they’ll get in there babe and literally I was going to pass out from the pain just really turned off the water oh these contractions have it definitely picked up you guys you can see this on our chart right now see.

All those little Peaks they’re so.

Close together – we’re getting closer you’re doing it baby we’re gonna meet him today this is his birthday 10:24 therapy so.

Tired you know almost done baby almost done Missy gets a present we’ve had one Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup left and we told her when you get to a five you can have it and we just checked her and what was she she was sick she was at six things are progressing nicely enjoy your reward you.

Are owning this baby they broke my bag of water a little bit more cuz then I cut a basically a cream-filled bite had a lot of fluid came like a walk it was like a fountain of fluid it was crazy cool to.

See and then I got really really intense so I’m getting my epidural yes I managed my sex just like you did it so good baby.

You have another an active boy in here is the servant I repeated present contractions which is meaning that he is not stressed by this at home which is awesome he’s like pushing all the water I can hear him and then it’s heart rate goes up which is.

Really great and the epidural is in now you feel a baby he felt good in the words of my dad like a human being like a human being I.

You did really good babe that was really impressive I’m really proud of you good morning guys we got some sleep contractions to sort of space out a little and sort of stalled my cervical change she had no cervical change though and like I think it was like I’ve been four hours so unfortunately because I’ve been ruptured prune it at that point it was like thirty hours we did have to go ahead and start a really really low dose of pitocin and that since.

Have picked up my contractions and they did try to turn his head.

A little to his head uh sort of in a weird position he’s in position but yeah so he’s had done everything normally babies tuck their chin when they are coming out he’s kind of like this he’s like kind of charged coming out proud he’s like so I just like this part of his head is kind of trying to touch my.

Cervix yeah oh who’s that my baby hey buddy morning you would auntie how did you see oh I love you too but don’t cut good okay okay we waited about four hours to see if I had at least stopped sort of change when they checked me there was no change.

At all and it’s really basically because of his position he’s just not in the right position to help my cervix because again it’s been so long since my my water broke on 7403 four hours it’s probably time to start doing a c-section which isn’t the worst thing of the world it’s just disappointing and I I’ve worked really hard.

And I really envisioned I’m sorry what I thought was gonna happen and.

Didn’t think this was gonna happen.

But it’s okay like I’m really excited to meet him and I just want to see them just kind of prepare my mind and body for a c-section because I’m ready to meet him so if it happens like them okay you did it for 34 hours baby.

That’s pretty incredible 34 hours yeah yeah that’s what we call it a baby’s gonna in a weird position I gotta push it down this way so as the cervix when you have contractions into the cervix pushes against your baby’s head crystal and I are getting ready caller oh I love your collar don’t we.

Look good guys I look like a giant marshmallow this is crazy I got your hand it’s okay it’s okay okay you’re okay baby oh my gosh there’s head you’re gonna be a big brother Olly Oh always literally gonna have a best friend lots of us couple hours home he might read a few clamps you have to kind of saw what okay.

It’s just a little smooth he’s okay you guys been through well couple of hours he’s but need breathing finding screaming bloody murder that’s.

All good all he’s gonna snuggle you a lot buddy yes he is pounds that is a big baby oh my goodness you’re a big guy big strong guy huh home buddy finally get to put them for the first time you know it’s okay deafness here we’re in the NICU right now just because he’s his head was a little misshapen because of his placement.

On the pelvic bone leading to.

An electric sound on his head make sure everything’s good and then maybe we can go see mom okay yeah he’s so cute I mean he’s looking at me now hi mutter.

Hey big guy Mama’s here look at that baby oh my gosh I’m sorry you had to wait so long baby he’s hungry he’s a big guy babe we had a 9-pound baby can you believe that Missy says he looks a.

Lot like her baby baby photos almost kind of weird-looking and I – I had that little piggy nose that yes it’s so cute.

Note that by golly yeah he does huh I know I know I know so we just got the results back on.

The ultrasound okay everything is good he’s just a little beat up but no like bleeding right like that so it’s out of stairs baby and papa good to meet you finally I was a mess.

Because I just wanted a friend yeah and I got to see all the it just like made me so happy oh yeah everything came.

I good he’s just a little beaten up and he they said he’s gonna look like a completely different baby by tomorrow because the swelling’s gonna go down baby’s head’s are amazing and they just like put themselves back together so it’s crazy yeah happy so relieved that we do.

Not have to have a baby in the NICU tonight oh gosh I would have been too doubt either slept here.

Yeah look who’s here Holly almost come in she’s right there who’s that that’s a baby yeah oh these little.

Hairs they don’t know and these little eyes they see the world in different colors and all I can think about is how I can live with them you time is but alone in this hospital room where I see.

You for the very first time and if you ever see me go I hope you’ll always know you mind yeah these little lives.

Then uncle has become an uncle again twice the uncle now you got to share your uncle – okay okay your coolest sharing family members how I can’t live with the you.

Time is but a loom in this nursery room can you point a baby brother there him thinking again if you think it looks do you use your little brother yeah you guys are going to play two guys they don’t know her and these the.

Lies they see the world in different colors and all I can think about is how I can’t live without you time is but alone in this hospital room where I see you for.

The very first time though you’ll never see me girl I hope you’ll always know you oh look at this.

Cutie patootie you guys can you believe these here today was crazy you guys but honestly I’m so happy he’s finally here as he does have a kind of tough of recovery for the next few days.

We’re going to be here it’ll be nice to go home in a couple days but they actually have a couple of tests they have.

To run on Finley too while we’re here big boy that he’s the same height as ollie oh yeah yeah small thank you hey buddy I know right he’s so amazing I love you buddy well.

And Ollie to play but anyway that’s all for today’s vlog I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did click the thumbs up button if you guys haven’t seen all these birth vlog I’ll actually link that down below that was a very crazy day as well I don’t know why you can just go as planned I think it makes you stronger in.

The end and we got the same outcome that we wanted so we’re very happy oh if you guys didn’t know I actually wrote a little lullaby for Finley you.

Probably heard it in this blog you can go check that out on iTunes down below in the description I sing it to him today to when we were in the NICU and he loved it he got.

So calm and warm and it was just oh so great we love you buddy we’re so happy you’re here can you say thumbs up alright thanks for watching guys we’ll see ya in Jana with you time is but loom in this hospital.

Room where I see you for the very first time and if.

You ever see me go I hope you’ll always know your mind yeah these little lives they don’t know how heartbreaking.