Diy Giant Black Bath Bomb! How To Make The Worlds Biggest Black Bath Bomb

Three two one what is up sketch quad it is the ghost guys and welcome back to my channel if you are brand new be sure at that subscribe button down below and become a member of this sky squad if you are already subscribed these should turn on those notifications by clicking listed by keeping listed like key things like.

Key things like key things by clicking that little bell right next to the subscribe button looks something like this after you are done turning on notifications calming done down below and I will try to light or reply to your comment so today we are going to be making something giant.

We’re gonna be making something huge we’re making a giant black back bomb so to make a giant bath bomb you are going to need 3.

Cups of baking soda baking soda I got baking soda all right one cup down two down and three now you’re going to need one and a half cups of citric acid I got the citric acid from Amazon.

Let me tell you this was hard to find in real life I had to order it and it was made me really mad Walmart said they had it but.

They lied beep oh my god should I do.

It now ok give this video a big thumbs up I’m doing this ok ready my whole tongue Franklin agrees – 3 2 1 oh no my stomach hurts now you’re going to want to mix all of your dry ingredients together now we’re going to be making our wet ingredients and I’ll explain later why we’re doing it separately whoa that was crazy we’re going to need a 3t s piece of water 6 tablespoons of essential oil this is rose oil it.

Smells so good it’s like a fragrance basically it’s a fragrance it smells like roses nine teaspoons of olive oils one two three four all right a nine seems like a lot I’m following a recipe right now and I’m not sure I’m not sure how to follow directions now we’re going to add our food coloring and I have to Burke okay excuse me I have a black food coloring and I guess this stuff’s really potent so I’m excited for it make it black all right let’s go use a lot whoa it looks.

Like black ink all right stir it all together and now we’re.

Slowly add it to our dry mixture it’s important that you do it.

Slowly because a food as water or any type of liquid hits this stuff it’s going to start to react you don’t want it to all react at the same time which is why we add it slowly and.

We mix it quickly all right now that we have the consistency kind of like kinetic sand and just to let you guys know.

Use all of this liquid you just kind of have to eyeball it it’s like slime I have this Styrofoam sphere that I will be filling up with gonna make sure you pack it.

In there really good so as you can see I didn’t.

Quite fill it up all the way and I also have this I’ve got stuff my I I also have this whole thing I need to fill up as well I’m gonna skip that part and just show you guys what to do next so this bad bump grows a little.

Bit because I packed it in a little too tight and.

To leave a little bit extra space for this one I’m just going to try and put this on top of that now we’re going to seal the sides with some tape so I’m just going to put this along as well as keep it like this alright now we just have to wait about 24 hours and hopefully it’ll be done also our severely stained my hands and I already washed my hands three.

Times it’s not coming off alright guys something bad is happening um look it’s like the ball is super warped out I need to cut.

It and take some out I think I overfilled it so if you see this.

Do make this whoa oh my god it’s.

Like set me free alright I need to take them out and retake this oh shoot it’s cracking it just cracked my.

While I spend a nice and black though Oh God takes them out reach a pit and then the topis doesn’t happen again so it’s been 24 hours somehow I managed to squish it back together from last night’s overflowing at the stoat I also had a bunch.

Of extra so I made separate little bath bombs okay so I can’t open it I feel like without ripping it in half so I’m just gonna take this knife and I’m going to cut it oh oh my god and it’s super hard okay I was worried that it was in GG heart well.

It’s not perfectly round I’m seeing that now alright hey that’s fine I mean I don’t understand I either overfill it or I don’t fill it up enough cuz it’s all hollow up here that’s rude bath bomb make up your mind alright well could be worse oh yeah this sides gonna be nice and round oh yeah this this sides the side baby oh alright guys so my hair is up and I’m about.

My clothes on feels feels very wrong oh my god I’m wearing shorts in the bathtub okay.

Here is my giant black bath bomb you ready let’s see what happened three two one look at that it looks like lava that.

Is so cool oh my gosh it feels ice-cold okay put it back in the water bruh that’s super cool oh my God look at all the bubbles that’s like that’s like super sane it’s going crazy these going crazy dude this is fricking cool this is pretty cool and look at the water black the recipe I used calls for oil in it and like you can see the oil next time I probably would use a little bit less oil I mean it still looks pretty cool though it.

Looks like a freaking galaxy in my bathtub look at that that looks so awesome oh my god you look at all the dust like I don’t know what that is look at see that it looks like fog dude I think this bath bombs on it do you see that Vince it’s fog it’s a fog machine it’s making it kind of hard to breathe that I knows I have enough time breeze you know oh I’m gonna die no someone comment down below and let me know why there’s fog from the depths of the.

Bathtub the black graveyard bathtub look at Halloween bath bomb sexually this feels pretty cool and I feel like II got the Christian to love this bath oh no it’s dying my.

Hand dude I was like I belong in this bathtub I.

Look like a zombie that was just called the grudge bone kin to the grudge big crunch yeah when it turn into the grudge hopefully the grunge does he come out of this battle guys.

Give this video a like to make the grunge go away oh my god I know you didn’t just give it a like thanks you didn’t save my life so you guys I have an external mic and something happened to my mic where it didn’t.

Audio past the last clip so here I am narrating it might be a little weird but that’s okay today’s shoutouts go to Sarah on Instagram and Laci on Twitter if you want a shout.

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So I am going to put my DIY backbone versus my lush bath bomb to the.

Test let’s see which one works better oh oh my god oh oh I think I think it’s my black one I don’t know it’s a.

Hard one guys I want you guys to let me know in the comments down below which bath bomb won the baby bought bath bomb from lush or my DIY black bot bear bath bomb so here I’m demonstrating that my skin is resistant to water because of the oil in the bath bomb time for the cinematics alright guys so I hope you enjoyed this video if you want another bath bomb video in the future be sure to give this video a.

Big thumbs up I love you guys so much I’ll see you guys in my next video alright now I’m gonna go swim bye.