Baby Alive Drives Car! Emma Tha Crazy Driver

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so don’t mind this noise I have this heater on because it’s really cold down here so just don’t mind that as a that like humming noises but I’m here with the baby lives and um so today I have another surprise for you guys are you excited where’d I go she’ll be donating.

Mom no it’s not another kitty is it a dog because that’ll be really cool mom if you got us a dog no it’s not a dog it’s something that I think you guys will really like and something you.

Can all enjoy just like fluffy tell it’s a pet it’s not a pet ready here it is oh it’s a car yeah I thought you guys would enjoy this toy cars on a real car it’s a toy car you know cuz you guys are too young to drive a real car but you can put two people in the front maybe like two people on the back okay that looks so fun I know.

Right it’s a surviving v you can.

Ride it you just have to grab your chair.

Okay you could ride it don’t worry everyone can write it yay yeah that’s right can I Drive it mom want to drive it yeah please please let me drive it I’ll.

Be the driver alright fine yay I get to get the car and it’s jazzy car I get the jacket I get the jug I get to drive the car look at that I know got a steering wheel here four months in my car okay I’m gonna get.

In of course I’m gonna get into my car I got raw meat you know it’s hard to help ya all right guys Emma’s in who wants.

Around first how about you take Delilah okay.

So I’ll i doing right Adama yes to my foot I should drive because you know I’m older and everything it’s Emma I know it is here Emma.

Can you I’ll just pull it for a second play up trust.

Me let’s just let the Lila get in okay safely okay all right look at them there and out your doors happen alright there we go who else wants to ride with you guys am I gonna have your hands down you gotta have.

The hand on the wheel I know alright who else wants to ride do you want to see if we can put Parker and Kaylee on the background also fit we can try here come on Kaylee let’s see if you’ll fit on the back I don’t wanna fall yeah you know it’s really not the best I didn’t write on the back and ended back gonna try summer okay if you want to be a daredevil and.

Write on the back with crazy Emma crazy am i drivin well you could sit for words that works you know but I think it’s safer if you.

Just wait because Emma’s kind of a crazy driver look probably Hey I mean I’m just saying what I think cuz they sound past experience that on the trellis is gonna go are you ready yeah fine moms are you ready uh I’m scared but I’m ready alright.

Let’s go whoo whoa careful I don’t die I’m just being like a Miss trend drive the first time to use them only for you Jim bear huh Thanks Oh crashing around the car that’s okay and I turn Emma you’re gonna get us hurt okay back it up beat beat hmm this is crazy let’s do a three-point turn hey I’m pretty good yeah that’s pretty good two-point turn.

Okay ready oh come on terrible still crashing uh flaw he will found the closed one that I would never have my precious cat yeah I think I’m done here someone else never turn all right Parker here we go I’m a.

Hand on the wheel please remember both hands okay okay I’m quite scared because considering what just happened with Delilah I know how this is gonna go I’d.

Rather be driving rather than the passenger everyone get to drive it eventually no mom is my car.

They can’t drive it Emma I got this car for everyone not just for you well it’s mine you didn’t said so no I did not I said you could drive it yeah I mean my car no it’s not my god you want to be your car and have this you want this to be.

Your Christmas present you’re this car yeah then I can take that fluffy and.

Take this back and you can have it.

Oh well at least have to take back this while he was a family present if you want that to be yours I have to take away your baby the baby and mother you have to share ahead you can drive yeah I’ll be off to a great start whoa.

How am I gonna get outta here Oh careful Emma please get clear up half baby gonna throw coming through hmm boo-boo perfect I made a clearing a little tight but I got it what Emma there’s a giant spider yeah Namie favor come on this way can you run it over no.

I’m not gonna run it over oh I’ll trap it I’m looking yeah let’s go right now there’s a giant spider and so scared getting out and I.

Just please don’t take me to the spider but I’ll ride with you okay whoo don’t be crazy hmm room not going down that path Oh No whoa whoopsie EP mmm but Peter whoa really how.

About our donut mmm I’m done I can’t ride this anymore whatever get it they’re all a bunch of babies yeah I don’t really one get hurt anyone else dare to ride with me yeah yeah I don’t want to get hurt yummy evil I.

Don’t wanna get hurt a guy can use my legs and not skew to it gorgeous pile and I don’t want these three going with you Emma sorry I’ll do it I love him yes I’m going to be a picker and why with Emma doesn’t scare me okay be safe I real motor over um excuse me I’m driving huh okay here we go are you ready opal mm-hmm you see my wife.

Thank you thank you so much little sister I can repay you it’s fine this is what you just do you’re right that is.

What sisters do now let’s live you were.

Gonna go back in the car with me yeah that was so much fun I took again and again and didn’t again and again okay let’s go and.

I’ll try and drive a little more safe go I like the way it alright everyone well thanks for watching please click like and subscribe and in the comments let us know if you were dare right with me guys later bye.