Loc Maintenance | 10 Tips For Shiny Locs & Natural Hair!!! | Jasmine Rose

Hey everyone this is Jessie J here and I am back with a much requested video now I get a lot of questions on how I get my locs to be so shiny and so I’m just gonna be going through a couple of things that I do and even give you some further suggestions of what I’ve been researching elsewhere.

So if you want to know what I do to get my life shiny then stay tuned so clarifying is very very important when trying to achieve shiny locs clarifying.

All of the dirt and debris from your locs and so I usually do an apple cider vinegar rinse.

And I actually even do it sometimes with baking soda I know bronze goddess zero one and Cheska locs did something similar to that and so I do that as well it gets really deep down into the locks and helps to remove the dirt and debris.

That might be stuck in there so that’s what I do apple cider vinegar rinses now after clarifying you need to follow up with a conditioner I.

Either do a deep conditioning treatment or a hot oil treatment I actually have to DIY videos on.

Both hot oil treatments and deep conditioning treatments I will post them right here as well as leave them in the bottom bar below for those of you who are watching on your phones so hot oil treatments are amazing they help to restore the moisture back into your locs as.

Well as deep conditioner now the deep conditioner I use is with aloe vera aloe vera is a main thing when it comes to shine and removing frizz aloe vera is really great for controlling the frizz thus making.

The locks look smooth and it’s shiny and so that’s what I do as well olive oil and honey mixtures have been known to add shine to hair I haven’t tried it yet but one of these days possibly in the summer time I will try it and olive oil.

Of course who doesn’t know about olive oil olive oil is great for of course putting the moisture back into your locks go like this after deep conditioning and rinsing out all of the hot oil.

Treatment or deep conditioning treatment from your hair it’s always best to rinse with cold or cool water now I don’t rinse with cold water because ain’t nobody got time for that it’s just really unbearable for me but I do rinse with cool water.

As cold as I can bear it and it helps to seal in the cuticles.

And it helps to prevent frizz and once the frizz is prevented it helps to smooth out the lock.

Smooth and look shiny so I do that I usually follow up with a cold rinse after the.

Hot oil treatment with a deep conditioning treatment you should follow up with a leave-in.

Conditioner I usually follow up with coconut oil so after I rinsed out all the product from my.

Hair I applied and I use it sort of like a leave-in conditioner and that really is great for ceiling in the moisture and it’s very lightweight so it doesn’t cause any buildup in my locs personally just the.

Regular coconut oil this is Trader Joe’s organic virgin coconut oil and I use this to cook I use this to moisturize my hair after you clarified shampoo deep conditioned or use a hot oil treatment.

Rinsing off with cold water next.

Is drying usually always always always use an old t-shirt now I have my old t-shirt here which is my old volleyball shirt and I just you know I turn it inside out I turn it.

Inside out and I just put it on my locs to dry it helps to prevent frizz helps to keep the cuticles smooth and whatnot thus helping to promote shiny hair and that’s what I do I never use a towel however if my t-shirt.

Happens to be really really wet on.

My hair I put a towel over to absorb some of.

The moisture in the t-shirt but I never directly apply the towel to my hair as far as drying my hair I.

Really like to Eric dry but in New York it’s really hard because it’s cold and it takes a longer time to dry so I I um I go under the dryer for maybe 30 minutes on a low setting and afterwards I just leave it on a cool setting for 30 extra minutes because I don’t really like to use a lot of heat in my hair it’s just it’s just uncomfortable for me and you.

Know too much heat is no good for her anyway so I try to you know minimize heat as much as possible okay so.

After after I’m done drying and it’s later on in the evening I probably want to hit to bed it’s always best to sleep with something coming your head a protective scarf or something of that nature I always use something to.

Sleep in when I am well I always cover my hair when I’m sleeping because I.

Have cotton sheets and usually cotton absorbs all the oil and the moisture from your hair and so I use something to cover my hair at night I’ve been using my dreads auxins since I bought it really this stays on all day it’s really long so it conforms to my hair it allows it to move freely and whatnot this is.

Just really great and doesn’t move around when I’m sleeping and usually when I when I used to use scars and stuff they would always be off of my head when I woke up just like oh so annoying you know I mean but loving this dress sock uh for those of.

You who are interested I will leave a link in the bottom or below for those of you who are.

Interested and yeah so definitely use something to cover your hair at night whether it be satin.

Silk or add red socks something because.

It helps to keep the moisture and the oil and thus the shine in your locs I also.

Wanted to mention a rinse that I actually read up on on Urban Bush babes calm they actually have a youtube channel here I will link it in the bottom.

Bar below they talked about black tea rinses the black tea rinses are really good for adding shine and promoting.

Softness in your hair now I haven’t tried it yet but I’m actually going to be trying it when I wash my hair I’m washing my hair tomorrow so I am going to join the black tea rinse and I will probably post a.

Photo over before and after on my blog or my Instagram so be sure to check those out if you want to see before and after sort of thing with that and the last tip or bit of advice that I have for you guys is just as important as everything else it’s diet and exercise.

Now diet and exercise is really important as far as diet I try to eat well because I’m on the Paleo diet I eat whole foods anyway but it’s really.

Important for you guys to eat whole foods fruits vegetables proteins you help strengthen the hair follicles and things of that nature also exercising staying healthy it helps to keep the blood circulating all over your body it helps to promote strong healthy hair growth and that’s really great for aiding and shine and things of that.

Nature so that’s it I really hope you found this video informative for those of.

You who have extra tips and suggestions please leave them in the comment section below for everyone else to read I would really.

Appreciate your feedback as well because I would like to know other things that aid in shine and things of that nature and I want.

To thank you all so much for watching and supporting and subscribing and I.

Hope to see you all in the next video until next time peace you.