How To-make Your Own Yogurt Melts.

Hi guys this is Monique from bellissimo Netcom and today I’m going to show all of you moms out there how you can make your own your toddler their own yogurt melts I used to always buy these at the store and they’re like I don’t know like three or four dollars for a little package and I realized you can.

Make them yourself and my son loves them and I love them and even my husband loves them and it’s so much cheaper to make it on your own all.

You need for this is a cookie sheet a freezer yogurt a little plastic.

Bag and wax paper and that’s all you’ll need to make this and it’s really easy and simple and you save a lot of money and it’s a great snack for toddlers so I thought I would share this with you guys and by the way if you’re looking at my background where I’m at I am now in Alaska because my husband just recently got back from a deployment so my son and I moved.

Where we were with our family while my husband was in Afghanistan and so we’re in.

A new house and I haven’t really decorated and as you can see the counters are from like 1972 so we will be covering those.

And painting the cabinets and all that kind of fun stuff so if you guys would like to see how I’m going to transform this ugly house and just something kind of cute and pretty comment below this isn’t my channel start really about decorating but I’m plan to like totally redo this entire place all the floors and all that kind of stuff and we don’t.

Own this house this is a house on base but if you guys would like to see how maybe you’re in a red house or maybe you’re in a house on base there.

Are things that you can do to kind of make it a little bit more fancy and pretty and homey without actually ruining any of the stuff that’s on the counter or on the floors and stuff so if you guys want to see something like that like how I’m gonna transform this house just comment below and I.

Might do some little videos on how I’m gonna redecorate and all that kind of stuff but that has nothing to do with this video so um yeah if you guys want to see that just comment below and I’ll do that but now I’m going to show you guys how you can make your own yogurt melts for your toddler so let’s see I’m going to be using Chobani Greek yogurt since this has fruit bits in it I’m gonna.

Put it in the blender with some water so that they’re easier to make just place it in your blender add a splash of water and mix it up next put your yogurt in a ziplock baggie seal the.

Bag tight and cut a small piece off the corner next place wax paper on a cookie sheet and start making your yogurt belt swirls place them in your freezer for about 30 minutes until they’re completely frozen when they’re done take them out I’ll now easily hop off and there’s your yogurt.