Bjs And Costco Haul I July 2016 I $450 Spent

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today I have a huge huge haul for you guys we went to BJ’s and Costco and got a ton of stuff ton of stuff we have not been food shopping in three weeks I went in food shop for two weeks and then that third week I basically just went through my freezer.

Fridge and I just made meals according to what we had and I just kind of planned off you know basically what we had and I also went to like we have local farms and people who grow vegetables and fruit and things like that so they sell their stuff on the side of.

The road so I just picked up a watermelon to last me.

That third week and then tomatoes cucumbers and zucchini all to last me through that third week but.

Other than that I did not food chop at all now the other day I did go to Target and I did pick up a couple.

Things there but not too many food items just a couple things and I just like.

To do that the third week kind of go through my freezer just because.

I feel like some of this stuff like I just buy and buy and buy and then I feel like some of this stuff just.

I forget about that I have it and it doesn’t get eaten or used or you know I just forgot I have it so.

Um yeah I just like to do that the third week and it seen it has been working well I’ve done it like the last three times I went through chopping so all of these groceries should last.

Me three weeks and with the exception of maybe you know I might.

Have to get a couple produce but everything else should be good but this is a huge haul.

I got a ton at BJ’s and then I got a couple things at Costco because I realized that some of the stuff at BJ’s is a little more expensive and then vice versa some of the stuff at Costco is a.

Little more expensive than BJ’s so okay enough talking okay let me go ahead and show you guys what I got so first I just got some organic romaine hearts lettuce I got some celery organic corn some strawberries or gay grapes I got some or lemons because I liked it clean with them I got some organic broccoli florets oh I don’t know if I told you guys so this is.

All BJ’s so far this part is all but feeding then I got these frozen Greek yogurt I think these ones are yeah chocolate.

Chip cookie dough these were on sale like they have a coupon for that right now and then I got bananas organic bananas some Tomatoes some of this chicken breast.

It’s grilled chicken breast strips that I figured I can use to make a quick meal or also to throw in a salad I got some shrimp I got some of this organic spinach and cheddar tortellini I also got these yo kids squeezers that I always buy the kids I got this all-natural.

Seat potato fries I got this garlic hummus right here I just.

Love the garlic hummus some more Applegate Naturals and care turkey bacon I got some.

Hundred calorie packs I like to pack these you know if we go out for lunch or something like if we go to the.

Park or we go to swimming I like to pack those yeah and brandy was yep and brandy was my good helper helping me bring everything inside right really yeah.

Okay so then we got this seeds of change quinoa brown rice with garlic these are like single packets think there’s let’s see I don’t know how many’s in there about six pouches so there’s six pouches in here these are amazing I make these with like tons of dishes like peppers with chicken and.

Just make this and add it to it or if you make quesadillas and you just add a little bit of this on the side it’s totally fine by itself where it’s good in a dish it’s just really quick and really easy just heat up in the microwave like I think ninety seconds so guys definitely worth getting or trying if you haven’t already and then also I just got this crave.

Jerky variety pack there’s a bunch of different flavors oh these are all-natural and gluten free and all there’s eight bags in here and I like to pack these for Kyle bunches.

Then I just got some of this natural uncured beef and pork hot dogs so then I just got some lunch meat I just got the Applegate roasted turkey all this lunch meat is the.

Natural one so there’s no nature ate so anything.

That got in there so this is the Applegate roasted turkey and then I got the dnw I don’t know what that is is that the Wesley I’m not sure what the brand of this one was but again it’s the smoked ham all-natural ham and then I just got some Lacey Swift and some American cheese and then I.

Got this force in whoreson like a garlic and fine herb and Chelle it jelly and chive cheese’s at the boys love I also picked up this French style bread it’s just the baguettes I like to freeze these and whenever we have like some kind of Italian dish or something I can just pull it up and pop it.

In the oven so chef that then also picked up some of these Oya and raspberry flavor dark chocolates we all love those I also got these wraps they are jalapeno and cheddar and I thought they would be really good then I just got some bread it’s just the honey wheat bread that we like from BJ’s and then.

I just got the Chobani flip yogurts we eat these all the.

Time and love them then I picked up some kind bars I picked up this one which has the dark chocolate cinnamon pecan and maple glazed piquant and sea salt and then this one has dark chocolate cashew cherry or.

Dark chocolate cherry cashew and peanut butter dark chocolate so those ones.

And then just a thing of the Pirate’s Booty and they’re like the individual packets then I just got these yolk it’s pieces are just a yogurt in a squeezy pouch basically and I had.

To keep on for these so I just picked this up also I got these pops so then sorry guys I thought that that was from few.

Days but it’s actually not from Tosca but anyway so I picked up these a nice bytes variety packages like little cookies oatmeal chocolate chip and Lemon Drop and that is everything from BJ’s I also picked up these juices they are the honest kids juices and DJs they have like.

The pouch ones and then it cost me they have the box debacle I like God’s Apple you like that one yeah it’s good and then I also got this it’s just like.

A banana hanger and I got that because I’ve been my bananas go bad so fast and I heard that you’re actually supposed to keep them separate from yeah you’re supposed to keep them separate from your other fruit which I had like a fruit basket and I would just put all my fruit in there.

But I’m gonna separate the bananas now what happened to all our lighters but I can’t find any of them so I needed those also picked up this.

Shampoo and conditioner it’s really awesome conditioner and shampoo if you haven’t tried it I highly suggest it it’s $9.99 for each of them so I think it came to like 20 bucks and I think I’m pretty sure it’s i9n free to him lastly from BJ’s I just picked up these cups I wish I was a.

Four pack and out of three pack but it’s a three pack and I picked this up because these are one of our new favorite like cups for at home for the boys I love them they’re the miracle 360 cups and they work awesome and we.

Love them now I’m going to show you guys Costco this isn’t everything I have more than this first just got.

Some organic applesauce this is just the Kirkland brand I also picked up these dark chocolate chunk chewy with a crunch bars they’re the kind bars little they’re like the thinner ones and ever more square pick those up more for the boys so.

That because they’re a little thinner and I think they’ll like those better than a huge granola bars that I got for Kyle and I just picked up these whole fruit frozen pop pops and we all love those I picked up these dental choose for Kenzie and.

Watermelon I also got all this stuff from Costco as well so I just got some chicken breasts it’s.

The premium chunk chicken roast in a can I read the ingredients there okay I’d rather get it an organic one but they didn’t have.

It and I really want to make chicken salad so I just got it anyways and then I just got.

Two things of sauce chicken three pack of chicken this is way cheaper at Costco and then I got this organic ground beef three pack of those got this basil roasted garlic meatballs which we love.

Yummy then I picked up this all-natural fully cooked sausage and this has no no nitrates or anything in this as well it’s raiseth no added hormones no MSG no preservatives all that good stuff I got two things of this shutter cheese I got this organic pizza cake because we like making pizzas it’s really fun for our family and it’s quick and easy and then I just got some peaches there and I got this chocolate cake and this is very special to.

Me because yeah so today’s my dad’s birthday he actually passed away.

And he loves this chocolate cake from Costco so we’re gonna celebrate his birthday by eating this chocolate cake today so that is everything I picked up from DJ’s and Costco I hope you guys enjoyed this haul it was fairly large I know it’s a lot of stuff but I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did please give this video a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and I will talk to you guys in my next video bye guys.