Large Base Hair Topper! Uniwigs Melanie | Allison's Journey

Hey everybody welcome back to my youtube channel it has been a while since I’ve done a review for a hair piece this actually just arrived in the mail yesterday so I have not washed it or styled it or really done anything to it I just stuck it on my head and absolutely fell in love so this piece here.

Is the Melanie virgin remy human hair topper it is from you know wigs you guys know how I feel about you know wigs I will link them down below I.

Have a coupon code don’t forget to use it save yourself some money but she is so beautiful this is the shade almond frost it’s the shade that I get the majority of my products from you know wigs in I just feel like it’s a really good match as you can see I have pulled my own bio hair up here over the top and just trying to pinned it to the.

Top because I’ve been really loving that look especially here in this summer but I will.

Show you out this little bump as well before I do that.

Let me just tell you some info here from the website you can also click the link below and open it up to see for yourself but this is a larger base I’m going to take it off and show you it is 8.5 by 9 inches so it has a lot of coverage it’s definitely a larger base I believe the length of.

This one you see how long it is you guys know I love long hair is 20 inches that’s.

The longest length that it comes in and the density default is a hundred and thirty.

Percent I believe this is the density and it definitely doesn’t feel overly dense but I really like that it lays nice and flat as I’ll show you once I take my hair out the cap is a mono top.

Hair texture is straight this is how it came right out of the box it’s virgin remy human hair and it’s a mono base like I said so because this is virgin.

It feels amazing hence why I just keep touching it it means that you can heat style it so I’m thinking about I’m actually going away to LA next week so that’s why I’m filming.

It usually like to wear hair pieces a little bit longer than this but I wanted to get this in right away I already know I love it let’s be honest so the bottom here I’m thinking of like curling the bottoms.

For the convention I’m going to you next week in LA I think that will look really really cute so I’m excited about that let’s see if there’s any other information.

Some reviews here and then is showing you different colors it comes.

In so yes I think that’s all I wanted to say about that but she’s just so.

Beautiful okay let’s take the clips out of the top here so you can see what it looks like out that what I.

Would do is just line up the part with the actual part of the hair topper and then bring the hair topper a little bit more forward because I had it set back a little bit I’m gonna grab my mirror to do this actually before I do that I can kind of show you here some people have you know thicker hair at the front here so they actually can place their hair topper this.

Far back obviously I’d line up the part like so but I don’t have.

Very dense hair in the front here hence why I usually wear hair toppers really really close to the front of my hair this guy has a lot of clips so I had a lot of things to end you so hopefully we can just pick it up and move it forward and I can show you what that looks like okay so I have moved it forward I’m just.

Of the clips cuz like I said this one.

Has more clips than most because it’s such a large base let me move them here for.

You but here you go here’s the front hairline I.

Of course leave out some of my bio here get hair here and I would just kind of comb.

It and make it all blend in the front here this is what the part looks like as you can see it has some subtle routing and I really really appreciate that I will spin around and show you the back alright to be able to see all of it because it’s quite quite long but I wanted to show you the back what it looks like my head you obviously don’t have to get this long of a length it comes in 12 inches well.

16 inch which is usually the length that a lot of my toppers come in but I have to say I really really.

Enjoy the long plus I can cut it and layer it now because there’s so much more to work with so yes that is what she looks like I think she looks fantastic I like that it lays really really flat to.

My head so it’s not like a big you know kind of pouf thing happening here it’s just it’s nice and sleek so let’s take it off so I can show you the inside as you can see there are a lot of clips and you really have to make sure you get them all because you don’t want to pull out your.

Own natural bio hair all right she is off okay let’s show you the inside here so this is 8.

9 inches if you compare in size relation to my head it is quite a large base but this is great specifically well if you want lots of hair for one but for two if you have a lot of.

Hair laughs hair loss in the crown area or down the sides it’s going to provide a.

Really really good coverage the inside of it here it has seven.

Clips okay these are pressure sensitive clips you just scoop up your hair and snap it closed the cap itself doesn’t really have any stretch it has a little bit of give but not a ton of stretch I didn’t find that an issue putting it on for sure what I really like here is that sometimes this rim here on hair Stoppers can come right to the edge.

And then if you wear it right up front like I do you can tend to see it but what’s nice about this piece again I’m filming on my phone so I apologize for this but there’s a little bit of lace sticking out beyond the actual rim you can kind of see it right there so when you flip it around you’re not seeing the rim of the base you’re just seeing the natural.

Lace so it can fit right on my forehead.

There and just blend in a little bit nicer the part itself.

Looks like this so I might actually pluck it a little.

Bit and that’s where the density comes into play as you can see it’s quite quite dense in the part there even though it lays flat on my head sometimes I just kind of pluck the part line a little bit so that you can see more of my natural part coming through and then.

You can also just paint on some concealer to make it match the shade of my head specifically because my head shade right now is super pale in comparison to.

The rest of my body so that’s kind of the way that it should look just to make it look a little bit natural but this is her here straight out of the box.

Haven’t done anything to it not shedding at all just like all the you know wigs products I can run.

My fingers through it it’s super super soft it came with this.

Nice like natural shine but not like a really fake shine because it is you know natural real human hair I’m excited to curl it heat stylet through all the things to it I just think it’s a really beautiful piece I love how the roots blend in as well so what I recommend this hair topper absolutely absolutely you know wigs has so many different.

As far as hair texture hair length cap size base this is definitely one you were going to want to get if you have more significant hair loss or you just like that coverage all the way down.

Because like I said this here I’ll show you I already put it on the cap comes down maybe an inch above each ear when it’s on so it has a really really great coverage I’ve been super happy with you know wigs products and so check it out if you have any questions about this absolutely let me know don’t forget I have.

A hair Instagram that you can follow as well if you want to see different styles that I’m trying out.

I hope you guys are having a fabulous summer you haven’t seen a lot of videos from me super busy in the summertime as I’m sure most of you are as well but I’m around so feel free to leave comments and I will respond to you to the best of my ability and I think that’s about it thank you so much for watching bye.