Changing Reborn Baby Birthday Boy Into New Outfit!

So today is June this and it is chums birthday happy birthday to Chun do I was right there oh my gosh we were looking for the hell um this outfit you guys might remember we got it for Kayden and Kennedy on matching sets but it didn’t really fit them because they’re like this small so we were just like.

You know it’s a really cute set watch a little cute for his birthday night for his birthday he’s a little cute so we had the matching blanket matching hat matching socks bed and.

Yes Kennedys was all in pink same thing Oh pink butterflies right pink butterflies yeah oh they were still caterpillars I think the same thing but pink but well you know oh.

And Kumiko’s wearing the pink one so Oh is she okay if I wasn’t sitting down I’d go show you so cute I love I love to match everything else well I tell you that’s why I can’t play sims 3 because when I play sims 3 with that decorating tool that whatever they call it oh my god I.

Have everything furniture matches everything is matching I just.

Love matching I love the sims love the thing I’m actually gonna wear I have a t-shirt that yeah one of.

The gifts you guys gave me for Christmas there’s a sorry I can’t but my sim family needs me so cute anyway you know any not for nothing but it just amazes me that you have all those babies really and yet you remember whose birthday is what you called me the other day and said.

Me ma no were you here or you called that’s right the.

Other night me month do you know whose birthday is today thinking quickly no it’s Mario yeah yeah I did say Kayden okay but I like I said no Mario and then today it’s like oh do Young’s birthday like oh.

My gosh yeah because I remember it was Mario’s birthday is June 3rd ok for and Chung’s is the day after there only one day.

Apart after the ponies are one year younger than Mario oh yeah ok ok so he is obviously younger and that’s just how I remember it because there’s like so close right I don’t know I’m gonna say this I don’t remember every single ones but they I remember a larger Britney’s yeah like I don’t knees jump June January 10th I know tre is February 10th I know naoki is your birthday says yeah no naoki’s the 26 of April okay a couple days.

After Skylar’s but I I know of you a good portion yeah yep yep yep yep oh and game is March 10th I have a lot of babies yeah seems like a lot in March and April – just so.

Happens that way do you have like three 2015 all the same day just a year Karl Oh Christmas Day Christmas babies come in time Lily oh my that’s right you did get my for Christmas one year I mean I.

Of their box openings except for like the first six we didn’t have a Lily box opening yeah we didn’t have yeah we didn’t have like Lily was.

The first one tall dreams ensemble from paradise galleries who is the first box opening video that we did I wonder do you remember but it was the one after Mario’s oh gosh I you’re asking me MA oh we did a reveal of my because I got.

Her on Christmas right so we.

Did a reveal yes you are right actually and I remember you were sitting in that crib with the side god yeah yep.

And you had her covered in the blanket oh and you had your other babies.

Lined up there was what like four or five of.

Oh you were so yep yep yep oh gosh I remember that like it was yesterday so he’s right he’s such a cute.

Baby and he is to chunk it right yeah he’s at chunk it yeah yeah he’s got a little issue there instead he likes it he likes to be decapitated yeah he likes that little bit of freedom yeah yep yep your buddy is precious oh he a.

Hat baby oh stop it oh stop it like a.

Big Sheila says I’m shook I’m a shook oh these are really tiny but we’re just gonna try.

To fit him honest yeah well he’s got a little teeny tiny no he oh oh look at him you know we see him was he a popular kid because you know you really don’t really see a lot of Chung’s do you really in lame I do remember like a while before we got him I love her but he meant all of this stuff in its summer but never.

But before remember that one baby girl that I was obsessed with she was she was the chun-kit remember she was like that asian baby that was like obsessed with you know honey I kind of vaguely knew you had a pink outfit on and her hair was kind of like sticking up like Sofia oh yes yes yes yes okay got your tongue kid but I didn’t know that until we got it Oh son of a gun son of a gun it’s gonna be very well we have the.

Have him oh oh oh is he just so sweet Oh Chong look at you bitch Wow look at you oh he’s just got the cutest face he’s actually won me my favorite he just there’s something special about him I love his hands I don’t know he does and he is you’re right look at those little fingers he is quite chunky isn’t he he is look at this yeah he is yeah well you could see his little fingers on that hand look how.

He’s a yeah he’s a big boy he’s a chunky soup and we’re.

Gonna pick that fits him perfectly absolutely I remember the night that um when you got him like you like paid for him and I was like watching like I’m.

Going stalking his eBay listing I was like no one’s thinking this it’s either I have it or no nobody’s gonna happen but did you did you know I was buying him or you okay tell the story so okay so I was on my computer and then I went back on this listing I’m like cuz I was showing him to I was like he sold someone guys like me Trey yeah [Laughter] and then I was just curious I was like me ma I want.

To see Mario’s listening cuz his listing was so so you have to go on like like recently purchase we should burn I shall.

Had to go you tricked me you tricked me you tricked me that’s exactly how I would I do with Alex but not really because I already knew that you got him because you were so.

Obvious about it Blake yeah but I was good with Skyler oh heck yeah oh I was good with Skyy absolutely positively you had no idea no idea well you know what it is because I get so excited to it’s like I get so excited like I want.

It I want to tell you I did ruin that one because I had to scream out loud when I got her email I screamed out loud literally and you were down the.

Hallway so you heard me scream and there was no way of covering it up that’s how excited I was but yeah that would have been an unbelievable birthday surprise yeah unbelievable but there was a really good yeah if you anybody gets a chance to go watch.

Oh yeah I cried everybody was crying yeah and what you don’t see off-camera is Kaylee you don’t see Alexis like obviously you don’t see me mom behind the camera but we were all there like watching a big audience watching you openness this but how old because Oh God Mario well you got.

Lily you had just turned nine Oh or were you eight oh my.

Goodness well you got Lily for Christmas so I’m thinking you were turned nine I just turned nine because when I got Naoki cuz at that time I only had five when I first started my first vid was posted and I only have five babies right when the video was yeah but I’m talking about.

When you actually started when I started collecting when you got Lily when I got Lily I was eight but then I turned nine when I started gotcha Naoki was born in April so we kind of have to close same birthday doctor so Mario was just a few months after that so I was nine and right now I’m 13 yeah thirteen thirteen twelve four years four years yeah if you turn nine that April 4 years 4 years.

4 Oh gotcha oh is 4 4 wow honey that is I tell you I don’t know wherever the years gone like I really feel like we’re heavy years gone it’s scary it just goes flies by thank you bye there’s one she’s bigger yeah there’s the shop there’s all the babies well some are in carriages summer but there most of. Chung have a happy birthday buddy everyone wishing a happy happy birthday and third third birthday all righty okay make sure you I hope you enjoyed this video make sure you like comment and subscribe click that notification button cuz we’re going to Rome’s ball show and you need to watch those videos because I’m.

Really good yeah yeah thank you all sorts of you she local.