10 Feminine Hygiene Tips You Need To Know

Hey guys it’s all set here I first want to say that I finally just got my iPhone 10 and I love it I’m in love in today’s video we are going to be diving deep into the topic of female hygiene being a girl is really hard we got a lot of stuff to go through we got a lot.

Of stuff to worry about and I’m here to help you give you guys some tips 10 tips on female hygiene that you need to know just so that I can make your life a.

Little bit easier so that you can know this information and so we can all be smelling fresh I’m just gonna say this now before I even start this video as a female you’re gonna have a.

Smell everybody has a natural smell that’s just the way it is you cannot make your cookies smell like flowers it’s just not gonna happen like you can’t just make it smell like flowers if you can’t make it smell like fruits it’s just.

Not gonna happen like everybody has a natural smell so when you start.

Smelling like a little funky and things are just added the norm that’s when there’s a problem but if you’re just concerned because you have maybe like a slight smell to you that’s something that’s totally normal my first tip has to deal with in groans and this is something that I went through and something that I learned from and trust me it’s not pretty and it’s so annoying every single time I shaved I would get Ingram’s every single time I figured.

Out what the problem is I don’t get any more engrams anymore but it was just something that I struggled with and I had no idea what was causing it back in the day every single day I used to just wear skinny jeans like very very tight skinny jeans so like the ones that kind of just suck you in so I’m wearing these super super tight skinny jeans and basically you shave and the hair is like trying to grow out but there’s so much pressure from the jeans.

From the underwear so if you’re noticing that you’re getting a lot of ingrowns I would definitely recommend to maybe.

Switch up your jeans if you were like me used to be with skinny jeans super super tight clothes super tight underwear then you might want to either get some looser jeans don’t get them super tight or just don’t wear them so often you want to keep the downstairs.

Area dry so what I mean by that is like if you go to the gym or if you’re a swimmer you don’t want to keep those items of clothing on like the wet underwear from the sweat from sweating at the gym or staying in your bikini when you leave it wet like that for an extended.

Period of time it just makes you prone to infections and it’s just not good so it’s just a really good idea to just keep it dry change the underwear quick take a shower you know get out of the bathing suit as soon as possible don’t just sit in it and wait in it you just don’t want to stay in wet clothes so speaking of underwear this is really important cotton underwear is your best friend so this is a.

Pair of underwear that I just bought and it’s a thong but I didn’t realize that it’s the silky material basically this silk just doesn’t allow you to breathe so for example like in comparison this pair.

It’s lace it has like these holes you know like so air can get in it also has this cotton piece inside you want to avoid underwear like this where it’s silky and it’s kind of like you know if it gets wet it won’t dry I want to get underwear that’s more like this the.

Cotton type the more breathable that your underwear is the better it’s better with smell and it’s easier to keep it dry it’s just better for everything just trust me cotton underwear is the way to go and don’t get me wrong like I’ll probably still wear these.

But I won’t wear this type of underwear every single day like this will be something that’s like once a week you know if that I mentioned this one and my other.

Beauty tips but this one’s really important your body needs to breathe the cookies gotta breathe at night try sleeping with no underwear a lot of you guys in my last video when I said this was like well it’s sleeping with no underwear like oh my gosh.

Like I could never do that it’s really good for your confidence and boosts up your confidence it really does and it just makes its breathe it makes it you know gets some air to it it’s like if you’re constantly just wrapping something up and you’re constantly just keeping it away there’s no air there’s no freshness there’s no.

Breeze there’s no nothing’s there’s been Studies on this and.

Everything try it go to sleep with no underwear you don’t have to just.

Go to sleep completely naked if you don’t feel comfortable you couldn’t wear like an oversized.

T-shirt you can wear some cute little shorts to go to sleep and just don’t wear any underwear but I’m telling you is something that definitely helps in order to help with smell to help avoid yeast infections avoid any sort of other infection it’s really good for you to take a daily probiotic you can get probiotics and food I’m not really the best person asked about this because I’m not a nutritionist but I know that you can get probiotics from certain foods but you can also take.

A probiotic supplement each day I’ve had a doctor.

Tell me that I think it was the more billion good bacteria in the probiotic the better this product is kind of like vitamins like they don’t claim to cure anything treat anything but it.

Can eat in certain things there’s good bacteria and there’s bad bacteria so this gives you the good bacteria and it helps to just balance everything out I’ve had people tell me that taking a probiotic has helped them with their smell it’s helped them with discharge and it’s helped them to not really get infections so this is something that I’ve recently been getting into.

And this is just the one that I use but.

There’s different other brands they’re really teeny tiny capsules but really really small so you.

Just take one a day it comes with 30 and yeah you can use feminine wipes but you don’t want to use anything inside so you can use things on the outside but you don’t want to use something on the inside which can give you an infection because a lot of these feminine wipes if they’re like not unscented or if they’re.

Not sensitive they have perfumes in it and that can give you an infection a good alternative is good all baby wipes these are pampers and I keep these in my bathroom always I always have baby wipes just because you just want to stay clean and fresh and sometimes toilet paper just doesn’t cut it it just doesn’t cut it and you need the heavy-duty pampers but I also really like just.

Small feminine wipes that you can bring in your purse because sometimes during the day you just need like a little quick one two three just.

To give yourself a little pick-me-up but definitely not anything inside like especially with soaps too you don’t.

Want to put anything inside so the saying goes you are what you eat but I’m gonna tweak it to you smell witchy so basically they say that eating sweet fruits like pineapples and things like that can help.

Make your odor smell better or make things just more appealing if you’re gonna get with someone then you should be eating pineapple like a few hours before so I mean I.

Personally haven’t tested that theory out but I mean it’s worth a shot what you’re putting in your body is being reflected in everything else when you drink water or personally for me when I drink water and I drink nothing but water all day I just feel like my body is just much.

Cleaner skin nails hair looks better pee doesn’t stink like everything is just.

So much better when you drink water so naturally things like your vagina will also be affected by what you’re eating what you’re putting in your body whether that’s soda coffee water all.

Of it has an effect on your entire body you go about.

Your day you’re touching your phone you’re touching all these things you’re touching you know door handles and then you use the bathroom right it’s a good idea to use some hand sanitizer really quick wash your hands really quick before you use the bathroom and then after because you have.

All this bacteria on your hands that isn’t clean potentially putting that into.

Your body putting that like near that area is just not a good idea especially if you’re a girl that’s prone to infections you might have to take that extra step wash.

Your hands really quick get some hand sanitizer just put it in your hands really fast then use the restroom so that you’re able to make sure that.

You’re being clean birth control can be really beneficial for a bunch of reasons my birth control also can have negative effects and it can also.

Make downstairs very very dry it’s really important to talk to your doctor and get on the right pill because certain pills can make you super.

Dry your body has a natural level of estrogen so when you get on the pills you’re giving it.

To yourself every day so your body isn’t really producing estrogen and it’s relying on the pill it can make you dry it can make you prone to infections it can make these irritated uncomfortable and that’s just not good so it’s really good for you to get to talk to your doctor see what pills right for you and last but not least speaking of dry.

Cookies there is actually vaginal moisturizers that you can buy so it’s literally something that you would insert like a gel and it moisturizes everything keeps it moisturize this is for people that have like chronically dry or maybe you have like discomfort during sex you can use this moisturizer to help just lubricate everything so that you don’t feel like uncomfortable and things are itchy and so that it’s.

Just overall healthy so you just use this to moisturize everything and make sure that everything is balanced you have to make sure that this is like a.

Normal brand and not a brand that has like perfume in it or anything because if you’re putting perfume up there Gus just gonna be the worst thing like you’re gonna be at the doctor’s because that’s how you get an infection I also just want to end this video by letting you know that if there is a distinct smell if your discharge ever starts changing colors if things ever get clumpy if things ever get.

Really weird if things are bleeding when they’re not supposed to be that’s when you need to go to the doctor that’s when you need.

To get checked and also when you’re 21 that’s when.

You get your first pap smear so you get a pap smear and you get it.

Every three years so it’s not like every year they check you for cervical cancer and things like that so it’s really important to make sure that you get that done of course if you like this video then please make sure to give me a thumbs also make sure to click the bell to be notified when I post new videos and subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already I’ll see you guys next time.