How To Dye Fabric The Easy Way!

Hey guys it’s Dana from made everyday calm today I’m going to show you how to easily dye fabric from a white color to a really fun color at your house in a bowl without a lot of fuss guy in fabrics is really fun and I think sometimes there’s a misconception that it is super messy and complicated and it.

Ruins your washing machine I don’t even do to my washing machine I love to do it in a bowl in my.

Kitchen it’s really easy and it’s kind of an adventure every single time it turns out slightly different and I love doing them on these little baby onesies because it doesn’t take much fabric they’re super fun cute great to give.

Gift and sometimes for girls and for boys it’s hard to find that perfect shade you want I mean this cool teal or a fun gray color you have lots of choices you can also dyed fabric you could dye elastic all sorts of things that might need just a.

Little bit of sprucing up with a fun shade so here’s what you need some white fabric or a garment fabric dyes a bit of salt a mixing bowl and spoon and some gloves stopper guy.

Comes in a lot of different shades and then a few different types I purchase these at my local jo-ann fabric and craft store and I love the variety that they have there I’m using the RIT die.

Today that is in liquid form which makes it really easy to just mix.

With your water and this is best used on.

Cotton type fabrics now Joanna also carries this other kind made.

It’s meant for synthetic fabrics that’s something that you want to be aware.

If you’re dying say some elastic that has some polyester in it or something like that which I have died elastic before it’s super fun if you’re making a cute circle skirt and you want an orange last book or some other color now you can also buy dye.

In the powder form I prefer to liquid a little bit better just because it mixes really well but if you want to use the powder that is fine I would recommend mixing the powder in a small amount of water first before you put it in your large die back that you’re doing okay so let’s get to it now typically I would dye fabric in my kitchen in a bowl in the sink but for now in my studio I have a plastic.

Bag protecting my table and going to put on some gloves here to protect my hands which is really important because you don’t want to end up with crazy-looking fingers later there we go now.

You want to get some really hot water pour it into your bowl and if you’re just doing one one.

Onesie or a piece of fabric you don’t need a lot of liquids so that picture was just enough then going.

To take your garment and these onesies I also got it Johanna I love that they carry that there they also carry t-shirts which makes it easy to just pick up everything at once now you want to get your fabric wet first I’m just going to put it right here in the.

Water and that’s important so that when you put the dye in it absorbs everything evenly and then you also want to end button this so that everything can just flow through both parts of the onesies or your fabric or whatever you’re doing okay it looks like it’s saturated an F and wring this out take it back out next thing you want to do is add some salt now you want.

To read the instructions on your dye packet and it will tell you some of these details how much salt – add per pound of fabric etc etc I don’t know how much this weighs I’m just doing one thing so like I said this is an adventure every.

Time that I do it but I think that’s kind of fun so I’m just adding some amount of salt and to be honest I don’t always know how much good this does but hey salts cheap if it says to add it I’m going to ask okay that looks good mix that up okay that’s pretty good.

And then comes the fun part adding ends die I’m going to do yellow because yellow of my favorite color oh I forgot I need to shake it first okay now we can pour them here we go for low roof your bowl doesn’t splash up on you and.

That’s pretty good the amount that you put in again will vary how dark you want it how light you want.

It but I think it’s better to err on the side of adding more dye limited idiom it’s better to buy a lighter fabric dye and leave your garment in for longer than to buy a dark fabric dye and leave them for shorter if that makes sense because they will evenly distribute better the longer that you leave.

Really well and then kind of magic okay we’re ready to put our little piece of fabric in here here goes all the way down in okay there you go oh okay.

But that’s not going to be long enough you want to leave it in here and now I’m.

Taking my hands and I’m just.

Kind of rubbing it all around and pushing it all around and kind of fun it’s kind of like massaging a little piece of fabric swirl it around the instructions on your container will tell you to stir it constantly.

For a certain amount of time I don’t always do that again I’m a.

Little experimental with this stuff I like to just mix it.

Around for a while and then sometimes I’ll walk away and you know go load the dishwasher we’ll put kids to bed.

Whatever are the bazillion things that you’re doing at home with your kids as a mom then I come back and I stir it again and then I walk away.

While and I come back sometimes I do these for about 15 minutes you can do them for longer you can do them for less but like I said it’s better if it’s in four I know probably at least five to ten minutes than just one.

Minute and I think it will do all sorts of fun stuff like you can get an hombre effect if you put it let’s see yes put it all the way in and then put in a little bit more and then put it it kind of takes a while but it’s kind of cool also okay so we’re going to let this sit for a little bit and I’ll stir it off and on okay this has been sitting for about 15 minutes and I think it.

Looks like a great shade something else that is kind of fun with these is that like I said this is for.

Cotton fabric this type of diet and sometimes the thread is a more of a synthetic fabric so it doesn’t die and stays white or the little tag I think it’s kind of cute fun element okay now keep in mind that whatever shade.

You see here it’s going to be slightly darker than it will look after rinsing it and after washing it so if you start rinsing and you feel like it looks too light well just stick it back in and then do it for a little bit longer that is the fun thing about dyeing fabric and since I only have a little bit I could still use this a bunch more.

Time okay I’m rinsing this out into my bowl now I’m going to take it to the sink and rinse it with some water I’m just prints.

In here with some hot water and you just want to do this for I don’t know a few minutes you just keep filling it with water wringing it out you just want to do it until you see that there is no more dye coming out into your sink I.

Up make sure it’s going through the inside times you can hold on to the bottom or it’s also nice if you have one of these kind of things to bring it down just kind of really get the water in there this yellow is a really pretty color and I love how it works great for boys or girls okay so when you ring it out and.

The water is clear which it looks like it is now then you’re done now I’m just going to lay.

This here for a second while I go make sure my washing machine is ready for watching okay our fabric is ready to be washed and I like to just throw it in the washing machine with other things that are similar colors that need to be washed I always make sure I put I want to do the color catcher sheets and if you were giving this to someone as a.

Gift you might include a couple sheets and just mention to them this is in hand dyed and they might want to use those the first few times okay let’s stick it in and then we’ll see how it looks and here we go there’s the finished product washed and dried and that is such a beautiful shade I love this I don’t think you could find a premade one be like this in the store that is the fun thing about Dyne your own fabric you can decide what you want okay now if you were given.

This as a baby gift I would recommend adding some other items to it like a.

Baby circle skirt in confetti fabric yeah maybe a bib to go with that most certainly or if you have a little boy it’s beautiful minty turquoisey onesies with some little baby leggings and a little pom-pom hat wrap it on up and your gifts are ready to go so go grab a bottle of fabric dye and have fun on your adventure is to die for too much too.

Much for more ideas and tutorials visit my website made every day calm and for all of your fabric dye craft and fabric needs head to your local jo-ann store or visit jo-ann calm I’ll see you next time bye.