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Hello everyone welcome back to my channel another week another video and in this video I am not doing something different as my coach co-host MOOCs live karaoke but sadly it is another makeup tutorial so if you don’t like those then sorry I hope you enjoy anyway are to a makeup is much Carnevale hobo hair ache no brand to.

Choke America Bell it is the model name here this brand is called if you would minerals this is a Scandinavian brand.

If you don’t know what Scandinavia was well which countries had to Scandinavia kaput and Jesse Sweden Norway and Finland but some people also might include Denmark and Iceland in that as well a geography lesson was brought to you by Anna shake out that you know what Scandinavia is.

Here Brian Scandinavian country he heads we didn’t he brand here his.

Brand is known to be like very good for your skin hunting natural she’s also organic judo so you make.

Up an hour I think I’m gonna make a plate Navarro me see here so it’s better to spend on makeup that is good.

For your skin boys look messages can be both thank you done any coloring hair foundation with a iocai sadhana go cuz I’m kinda the best thing is to use foundations and other makeup it is good for your skin Agora aromatic where’s the makeup is thermal condition.

Toxins Bavaro what they are from Kathy she’s so thin yeah but that really destroys your skin and when I was younger I used to buy this kind of makeup as well just a Coulomb a common rocket ah coffee would make up Monroe’s her and I it really took a toll on my skin especially.

Foundation and concealers I think Hospital.

Up for a pestle hunch going to research going up the skin kibarim it accompanies skin coverage career or makeup occur in packaging of this brand is absolutely beautiful and love the packaging the hot teen cut and very cute packaging just how I like it so I am now going to get on with the makeup so let’s go so starting T look.

I am obviously using the primer and the foundation now the primer is by art deco and I think my nothing last video may I mentioned so if you want to find out what it is go watch my last video.

Foundation that I’m using is the EU minerals Foundation and honest to god this foundation is amazing now I’m mixing this foundation with the body shops drops of youth emulsion which has SPF though year up key skin co 30 both sun damage to protect Karthik you kiss my SPF f but let’s talk about the foundation for a little bit a girl up a full coverage foundation person car thing and then go for the full coverage one mugger is foundation cut into star version here which is a natural finish.

So that has a lighter coverage so it depends what kind of skin you have a garage key skin to acne hands on a and scarring a then go for the full coverage one because it covers a lot and.

If you don’t have that many issues then go for the lighter coverage one they are both amazing very light on the skin so now it’s time for under-eye concealer and the under-eye concealer that I am using is by ado minerals as well the packaging of this concealer is so good it’s like.

A click concealer to upload a clip cut this go picture set up here it gives product out and I really like those kind of concealers because I don’t have to get my hands dirty to.

Use them and that’s the favorite sort of concealer out there plus the coverage is very good agar appreciates a mismatch with aura to up pluck at the hair what.

Do you call these lightening and darkening drops less active or available okay now I’m just blotting my face with the 18 minerals powder.

The packaging group which is so adorable I absolutely love it I really like a dewy finish makoto-kun a person so I guess that’s a difference in opinion now I am just gonna contour my face.

And the kidron I’m using is the sleek contour kit and I bought the skipped kid Chapman apni beauty blog Shu rukia’s also back in like 2013 okay even before that nor a 2030 yeah so now it’s time for the blush I am using the dune minerals bruh blush is Konami Johanna description and they don’t give this blush is so pretty.

It has like a little bit of Sheen to it so I put him as.

A key like pinky sheen de taco and I absolutely love that okay so this is the eyeshadow palette again we’ll be listing the names of everything down below and I’m just putting this in the crease of my eye usually I.

Don’t wear this kind of dark makeup but a girl up to see party majora and Yap here if you prefer wearing makeup I mean it’s not bad to wear this kind of makeup I would totally wear it if.

I could if I think if I could pull it off every day I would totally wear it and I’m just using the lighter colors as transition colors or perros women Holika Holika darker shade.

You have built kinda like you because I think the lighter you start from and as you build up you have more control over the colors that you want to.

Put two up quick crease technolog tear just cigar foreign exams and dark colors pajota though it can like ruin your eye makeup at least that does for me I like to trace with lighter colors and then put in and add more darker colors I think a Joe.

Pallet hair is called – who had what you call a quality pigmentation it’s very very very good I would say some of the darker colors.

Are extremely pigmented capital as alcohol talkin about the space so that up avocado color Naja and it could get messy but they’re easy to blend they’re very nice and I really like the quality of it now I’m just cleaning the part where.

I think I have made a little bit of mess fallout I wouldn’t say bahaha in shadows Kyle’s had other brands in the fallout portal that so fallout wise these eyeshadows are pretty pretty.

Good so I even got a blue eyeliner or Mucha blue eyeliner Kasbah x which I’ll have but I would prefer a liquid blue eyeliner rather than a a pencil one however speaking of this liner is key to taper it’s very very creamy and you have a lot of control over it plus.

Up is cool again and it has a smudgy end so you can totally like smudge out the color so I really like that a crop smokey eye cannot Charles my papa boludo lunch area I think this is a really good product for that now moving on to mascara this is a waterproof mascara again from Eden minerals and this mascara is so so so.

So so so so good honestly if I could choose a mascara this would be my favorite one for the rest of my life next up I am gonna line my lips with this lip liner and the name of the planner will obviously be mentioned in the description box so if you are interested you can check it out but it’s very creamy I would describe it similar.

To Rimmel lip liners mcgerr difference in heck is key to neighborly to teeny or American adjectives and usually they break and this again has.

Like a smudgy bit at the end so you can make your lip liner look as natural as possible like.

If you probably get a new one it’s gonna look really really natural I’m gonna top off the lip liner with a lip gloss and look at the packaging guy is like how can you not.

Fall in love with the packaging I really love it it was so hard for me to throw away packaging not going to lie anyway so lip gloss our color again will dimensional description box this lip gloss is I would rate this as an 8.5 out of 10 stickiness jitney lip.

Is my nanny hair this is a lot less sticky and that is the best thing about it okay now I never really do this but I’m using false lashes and these are the Zoosh makeup lashes or mail-in lashes go up like I’m sticking this with these douche lash glue but I would like create this lash glue very highly I think is submit their logical available here so I would.

Definitely recommend kayoppe coy Boucherie is the mall curse at dinner all right so this was the finished look I think I personally look very weird in fake lashes that’s why I don’t really use them so much sorry Logan.

Image it was Vicky t-k up coach Archie lashes but I – I think smoosh makeup teacher – is neither quite good quality the box will cover that.

Up to 25 times I’ve had these lashes for a while minibus is Jesse routing or lashes beard and I have used them like a number of times like I don’t love wearing fake lashes but I have used them and I think of the quality coffee Archy hair if you want to buy them you can buy them from beauty hooked beauty hook it website head you have the most elite.

On plates at the end usually they have a lot of local Pakistani brands I also have a discount code for beauty hook so if you want to check that out you can coming to the makeup.

I think you do minerals quality-wise bohot achieve brown hair it’s I think a mid-range brand I do have however a discount code for the items quality wise this brand is amazing I think the foundation is very good it’s very breathable on to agar up keys or the third acne issue hair scarring issue hair then I think mental.

Makeup is the way to go because who are kissing could damage the retina optic law Agni cut the skin.

Co or her acne and then you want something like that who can buy this at 25 dot PK and I have a discount code 2518.

Pokhara cause holiness articles websites it and you can definitely use my code and.

Get a discount and I’m sure it would help you out and that I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure to give it.

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