Paw Patrol Baby Skye Learns To Eat Spaghetti Head

Oh he’s guy I’m back sky what did you do hey guys this is hygiene here and today is time for sky to eat you gotta come down here you gotta sit to eat ok sky so like I was saying I know you like pasta but you have to eat a little bit of every food group let’s take you.

To sky oh my goodness sky you gotta sit down I know you’re learning to fly but you have to sit down to eat.

Sky rise to fly I know you love to fly sky but it’s dinner time.

Oh my gosh sky alrighty seat belts better go on now you can’t fly away when you’re eating sky gotta have table manners so like I was saying you need to eat something from every food group including milk and your fruits vegetables and protein young means you need this looks delicious I know it does doesn’t it so here’s your milk yummy you wanna drink some.

Right now we have some foods and vegetables.

And protein and I know you like your breads and pasta so here’s a little bit of bread pasta I know you like pasta sky and.

I made you some spaghetti maybe just a little bit okay just this time though oh I promise I promise so let’s eat your fruits and vegetables in protein first okay okay here’s some broccoli good job sky and here’s some fruit strawberry and here’s some egg for protein and here’s some chicken then this chicken is spoil whoo let’s get rid of this chicken how about I get you some sausage okay sky let me clear this and I get you some pasta here you go sky I made you a happy face.

Meatball pasta hold on really quick let me get you a fork here’s a fork Skyy oh wait I gotta get that call hang on one second oh my goodness guy I really don’t know how much eating you really got in your mouth because there’s so much meatballs and noodles on your head I guess you think that’s funny Skyy well let me get all of this noodles and spaghetti and meatballs and everything off of you and you know what we should go and get you all cleaned up oh my gosh what a mess ah.

Let’s go sky this time you really can fly okay let’s put in some sky soap already sky your bath is ready alrighty sky now you’re all clean and we just.

Need to dry you off did you have fun in the bubble bath you want to go eat some more sky tire you’re tired you want to.

Go to sleep mm-hmm okay let’s go here we go.

To go to sleep use your little bling tonight sky sweet dreams you hey guys this is hygiene here and today we’re going to be coloring and painting on all of these awesome paw patrol pups and then we’re going to open up a bunch of surprises so let’s start with sky and let’s paint her blue let’s.

Helmet blue super fun we can paint her ears to blue like sky and then let’s rinse this off and maybe we can put some purple on her these are best time crayons body crayons look.

At this maybe we can color her mouth purple her name is purple give her some purple fur – let’s do suma next and let’s see maybe we can give him some green what do you guys think about that put some green on his helmet now he’s got a green helmet and then we can put some blue on him to put some blue bath Han on his nose this is a very pretty blue this one’s really smooth the crayon so I’m hoping that it washes off really well I think.

It will we can line his paws a little bit and then we can draw his tail color his tail blue zoom it’s gonna have a blue tail super fun let’s see writer next let’s give him some orange colored hair this orange is almost.

Peach can’t really tell okay so how about we give him a little bit of pink hair oh there we go you’re looking very cool right here and then let’s give him how about we give him some purple purple ears put the nose and some pink cheeks make his cheeks a.

Little bit Pinker and maybe a blue shirt what do you guys think make his shirt all blue that looks pretty good yeah but do you guys think of his outfit change rubble is next and I think I want to put some red on rubble turn his construction hat into a red hat so maybe he can be like a fireman oh I think this is looking very good right.

Yeah and he’s already yellow let’s try to give him a blue mouth what do you guys think blue mouth Bluebeard rebels got a blue beard and some purple paws color this in this is his back paws color in the sides and the front and this back one – how does he look it looks like he’s got a beard everest.

Can go let’s see let’s make Everest red – you will make her hat – red looking very good everest make her ears red to you and then let’s color in her cheese give her some pink cheeks and put on some lipstick right and let’s not forget some eye shadow how’s that.

Hmm Everest is ready for a party and now it is Marshall’s turn let’s color in Marshall – let’s try blue on Marshall ooh that looks good Marshall.

Can become a police dog like chase just for today just for a little bit and then we can use the awesome yellow on hand here he has a yellow collar maybe we can turn his ears yellow to match his collar there we go and then we can color his cheeks yellow his.

Mouth yellow and his nose yellow turn Marshall into a lab color one pop you’ll have one yellow pop like a spot let’s get chase next and he wants to become a fire pup for the day – here comes fire pup cheese he’s got a red hat SuperDuper cool plus he’s going to have some blue ears these crayons are really cool they color really really well and then we’ll give.

Him a spot around eye how’s that like a panda there we go he’s got a purple two purple eyes yeah we’ll give him a pink nose pink nose and where can we put some yellow he’s already yellow so I don’t think this yellow will stay much boo we can color.

His back yellow he’ll have yellow spots yellow spots super cool here comes Ricky and let’s use this orange color on rocky again let’s see if they’ll work it didn’t come out too well I’m writer it’s kind of.

Light huh that’s okay don’t lose it reuse it so we’ll reuse it on rocky and then we should mix in maybe a little bit of blue dab some blue dab a little bit here down a little bit.

There and then that’s you some yellow on his fur some yellow here and on his ears around.

His mouth and in his ears there we go and finally let’s get tracker super awesome let’s use red on.

Tracker since there’s so much red paint here look at that well do some blue to mix it all together trackers gonna have a colorful hat and then let’s color.

His cheeks blue lots of blue.

Front paws purple what do you guys think I think that’s looking pretty good for tracker very cool and now it’s that time we’re going to start by easing some of this paw patrol possum very scented body wash and open it up and give it a smell smells like berries now pour some in here oh and.

It’s red and then we have this wash mitten of Marshall and it’s so cute it looks like.

A car buffer so you can stick your hand inside and buff out the pups so let’s start with Marshall and he’s gonna get.

A bad time let’s give him a good washing look the crayons come right off that is super awesome because sometimes the crayons actually stay on that worked out really well.

You gotta clean him really well gotta clean his ears oh the nook and cranny’s he’s going to give us a squirt out he goes next.

Comes Skye oh we have to use Skye’s mitten her wash mean this.

Actually looks like a oven glove or oven mitt it’s pink on this side and it has Skye on this side and you can also put your hand inside here and let’s give her a washing with a little oven mitt hey this actually works really well so let’s clean.

Out the nook and cranny’s of her goggles and clean out her mouth yeah she’s going to squirt squirt squirt and al-sheikh is so back to Marshall Thank You su mcleaney oh my goodness Summa is a mess clean his.

Tail he cleans up so nicely oh nice and clean let’s go back to Skye and maybe we can wash.

Up Everest look at that oh you don’t want to take off your makeup huh she was looking very good.

I think with all of her eye shadow her look her cheeks got stained I didn’t think that it would stain but it looks like it did by the peak that’s okay that means she has permanently pretty cheeks let’s.

Get writer next we got to clean out the inside of his ears.

Because we got a lot of that paint all over his ears Ryder’s got pink cheeks too now he’s embarrassed so he has pink cheeks next comes rubble oh my goodness rubble looks super cool with his beard and all his.

Paws I like this mitt it seems to clean everything off very very well and very easily cheeks that looks like it can get every surface really well doing well rubble oh he goes next comes cheese oh my goodness what were we doing with cheese.

His eyes are all messed up let’s get make sure we wash off his hat really well because he’s a police dog and he needs to look very very cool and professional so let’s give him a skirt there he goes and we’ll save Rocky.

For last we’ll do tracker next tracker got a lot of people over his hat and his front paws the ponds wash off really easily with this look at how long this I don’t know what these are called ropes and he goes finally let’s get Rocky I know you’re afraid of water so I’ll make this quick get your ears really fast the rest.

Of your face superfast superfast superfast superfast yeah out you go super duper exciting and now we get to open up some surprises here is a very first prize and this is called a dr. Steve hunter dig the Jurassic eggs and discover the Dino skeletons it’s a Jurassic egg excavation kit this sounds pretty exciting so let’s open this vest and see how this works we have a little.

Dinosaur egg and we can open this up it also comes with a excavation tool so let’s dig away I wonder what dinosaur will get it chips away in tiny little pieces oh my goodness look we actually have a dinosaur oh my gosh SuperDuper awesome oh my gosh this took over 20 minutes to dig.

Out but this feels so good yeah I think this is a Tyrannosaurus Rex let me see if it had any paperwork let’s see yes it’s a Tyrannosaurus Rex super super awesome and these are really really dangerous dinosaurs and here is a collector’s guide that shows you all the different dinosaurs that you.

Can collect super awesome wow this is really small though oh my goodness so in case you’re a little bit curious about this material it feels like chalk you can see all the chalk that it leaves on your hands.

Next let’s take a look at this toy story Minnie and she comes with big hat super awesome I wasn’t expecting them to.

Come with more than one piece that is pretty cool here is a Hershey’s Kisses lip balm and it’s candy cane flavored so let’s open this up and ooh super awesome it’s red and pink Oh smells minty just like a candy cane and it does leave some color super cool.

Close this up and it looks just like a candy cane let’s.

He’s in his Mario Cart and this is a hanger you can hang this on your backpack your lunch bag or wherever you would like your keychain and let’s see if it’s a.

Pullback it’s not a pullback but the.

Wheels to move so you can race it around let’s get this trolls hangers next and we have Cooper supercool Cooper is also a hanger and you can clip this like so super fun and here is a paw patrol here you got rubble these are super fun to collect.

And hang onto your backpack and you can change these out and have a different one for every day of the week lots of fun it’s like giving your backpack and accessory right then here is a paw patrol lip balm projector so here is a lip balm projector and inside we have a paw patrol mixed berry lip balm you can spin this off and use this for your lips and your smell Wow.

This one actually smells a lot like berries but it’s white so it has no color and then when you’re done you can turn it back on and then the on/off.

Switch is right here you can see the light and you get two discs so that you can slide it right in here wait for it to snap and then let’s turn off the light and try it out so here we are we have cheese rocky writer another.

Chase this one has chased Marshall and rubble and then we have another cheese.

Eerie rubble and cheese Marshall and let’s change this out we can use it as a flashlight you see.

Matt a fan and a projector so here is the other slide and I’m gonna change it out and let’s see who we get oh we have chase so when you pull this further the image gets bigger and when you put it closer the image is smaller so there’s chase here is Marshall can you see this clearly there we go Marshall there’s sky and then there’s rocky you’re Zuma and Ryder and rebel and paw Patrol and here is chase.

Again super fun well guys that’s it for this video so let me know in the comments section which one of these characters is your fav and also which one of these three hangers which you hang on your backpack see you guys in the comment section bye bye for now thank you for watching a toy teeny channel if you like this video be sure to give it a thumbs up that lets me know to make more videos just like this for you click or tap on this.

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