Baking Peanut Butter Blossom Christmas Cookies With Reborn Baby Paisley!!

So I have miss Paisley here to help me with the next cookies and we are making peanut butter blossoms so there’s the recipe if you want to pause it I’ll show to get it later on and I’m instead of kisses I like to use the chocolate stars they’re not as big and I don’t have to unwrap them I.

Also use the same recipe to make my peanut butter cup ones I think they’re called peanut butter delights maybe so we’re gonna start with our shortening which is again one cup.

Of shortening for this recipe what do you think Paisley you like Christmas she’s wearing her um this little mini onesie she got last year we got last year I think we got it from UM hello Melissa sue last year it’s a little mini and she has a Santa hat on and she has some red leggings on but her toes these were so cute.

I didn’t want to change and what about socks on her it’s all kind of scrunched up cuz she’s sitting up here on the countertop she delivered a bow on and then a Santa pacifier and of course her kitty she loves her kitty from auntie know this so one cup of shortening will give.

You your kitty back okay you can help mommy pour the sugar in oh don’t fall over okay let me help you tripod is kind of in the way and back it up a little bit and we also put in one cup of butter.

Right maybe not butter one cup of shortening oh no butter this one cuz we do peanut butter and these are the chocolate stars no chocolate stars so mystic.

Goes in the fridge and it’s hot in here with all the baking going on so one cup of shortening one cup of brown sugar and one cup.

Of sugar so this is a third of a couple use this free because so let me see how I.

You guys can see Paisley there we go let’s try that I did buy more sugar so that alright princess you got puncher gone down if you want to put the sugar in you want to put the sugar in yeah there you go oh there we go how’s that huh we got to put three of those in all.

Right you ready this is one cup.

And mom has a third of a cup oh good job mom’s gonna get the last one not very much in that shit’s hard to.

Do and then we need one cup of brown sugar so do two of these or three of these also this is 1/3 yep.

One more I almost had a brown sugar too good thing mommy bought some more because we probably will do two batches of these since we’re using it both for the peanut butter cup on the peanut butter blossom.

To do this one mmm mmm you ready there you go there good job good job okay back up for a little bit there you go princess all right no no I need to get what’s next so the peanut butter so then we can cream all that stuff together peanut butter so we need a cup of peanut butter see when I’m not switching matters frequently.

I’m gonna pause you for a minute and we’ll come back after we cream this alright next step is we are.

Going to add four tablespoons of milk Paisley can you help me out four tablespoons of milk you gotta hold it over there your feet get it away huh huh your feet seize all right hold that there okay let’s see hopefully you guys don’t.

Spill it on yourself okay let’s see if mom can do this too I’ll help you three over 4 tablespoons of milk and we need to put some vanilla in.

There I think we need 2 teaspoons I’ve been there but you ready all right dulu teaspoons of vanilla and vanilla sound smells so strong I don’t know why – okay I got vanilla and we got milk and now we need 2 eggs we got some farm-fresh eggs here you ready to crack them hmm you can help mama.

Crack eggs here I put them in the cup she says okay.

Mom you ready here you go oh fail mom fail pretty Oh are you watching that huh look in there got some eggs okay we need one more egg so we’re staying at her friend’s house.

On the farm home we got fresh eggs lots of kitties and puppies and some cows there you go we got our two eggs okay mom has to rinse your hands off.

In okay you ready can you help me pour it in she’s like I don’t know about this mama there you go good job my big helper all right we got our eggs then we got our milk and when we got our vanilla so I think we can cream it up you ready to watch.

It cream here it goes oh we got to raise it up huh all right back the camera up you a little bit there we go so I can get in here here goes ready Paisley these.

Stuff a little faster and it cleans up good peanut butter all right how much flour three and a half cups of flour all right let’s try to get.

Flour on those okay I always stop the beater right in front of you okay can you do this one all right mom’s gonna do the flour.

Cuz I don’t worry about flour all over you so put two cups of flour and start with like I said in my previous video I don’t do my dry ingredients right two teaspoons of baking soda so we put so usually put like.

Half my dry ingredients in excited up and one teaspoon of salt all that salt so I’m just gonna mix that up in the flour there it’ll be fine all right sir soda peanut butter cookies cookies in the oven okay okay so let’s get this started again because of the flour we don’t want that everywhere what do you think to give you your.

Own spatula look at that all right we are gonna finish mixing these up and I’ll show you the next step in a few minutes looks like somebody stole them the spatula with cookie dough on it and it’s testing it out silly girl did you get the cookie don’t wanna you got cookie dough on.

Your face yeah you got tucked in the cookie batter so our batter looks yum yum yum so there is our yummy peanut butter butter mmm so for.

Peanut butter blossoms we have to roll them in sugar I don’t do sprinkles options just plain sugar no cinnamon Paisley what are you doing this one is not a sticky the last perfect perfect look at this.

Beater Paisley you want to lick it you want to look the beater did you take lessons from Molly was that sure it looks like something Molly would do not in love with reborns 2011 is jino alright you’re gonna make some room here and get some things rearrange and we’ll be back so we are rolling our dough into balls Paisley that’s one over there and then you have to roll it in the sugar and then we put them in the oven so here.

Is our first one going in the oven are you gonna hold that one Paisley alright we’ll put that in the next.

Batch so we bake these and then we put the chocolate stars on them yay so we’re gonna work on rolling some more balls here and we’ll show you what they look.

Like when they’re done so here we have these are ready to go in the oven for the peanut butter cup ones these are just took out of the oven so you just do until they’re golden brown and cracki and when they come.

Out you put a chocolate star on top and let it cool for a.

Minute and then I’ll take move them to the cooling rack so Paisley got bored with rolling cookies so mommy.

Got left to do it and she’s watching Beauty and the Beast enchanted Christmas over there on the countertop so back talked about these ones is I have to open up all the peanut butter cups for them so that’s the next job before I roll some more dough because these ones take a little longer.

To cool in there before I can’t change them so those look perfect and I’m to get the peanut butter cups open Oh.

Did you say Rudolph – so peanut butter cups miniatures we’ll open those up to put in there so here you go so these are the peanut butter delights in there in.

The mini muffin tins and then you take the peanut butter cups so the problem with these ones is they’re sometimes a pain to get out of here – cool so you kind of have to let them.

Cool in here and then pop them out to these guys and have another batch of the peanut butter blossoms in the oven so I hope.

You enjoyed this little video I.

The recipe again so if you do want to pause it it works both great for both peanut butter cookies and these are probably the my friends.

Most favorite are these two types of peanut butter peanut butter blossoms.

And the peanut butter delights and because I like my recipe so good I use this instead of the one on the back of I you see is two different peanut butter recipes but it’s like that silly and so I went to this one proof this is an old recipe from my aunt that I have used for years and years and years and years so there’s the recipe again these are baked at 350 for 10.

Minutes so if you want you can pause it so that you can write it down and I hope that you enjoyed seeing miss Paisley and Frankie in this video Frankie’s over here chillin he doesn’t sit up as well.

So he’s a little bit younger he’s hanging in the car seat so everybody have a wonderful holiday season we’ll be back with some more video soon thanks for watching.