Top 10 Best Make-up Guru's On Youtube

Hello your most beautiful and most amazing top tenors how are you doing today I’m Rebecca fell gay and recently I’ve been getting really really really into watching Beauty vloggers I used to just watch zoella but I’ve been experimenting with some Beauty toptenz I’ve come across some awesome makeup gurus so I really wanted to share a list of awesome.

Are genuine wizards when it comes to makeup.

So that’s exactly what I’m gonna do here for you it’s the top ten makeup gurus get ready in at number.

10 we have Tanya burr so fellow Brit Tanya burr has been so successful as a beauty blogger that she now even has her own range of cosmetics beginning her YouTube channel in 2009 tanya trained.

With professional makeup artists and even worked with Beauty giants Clinique tanya has over 3.

5 million YouTube subscribers and covers makeup beauty fashion and baking all my.

Favorite things she’s well known for creating celebrity makeup looks and I love her.

Recent smokey eye khloe kardashian tutorial her.

Most popular makeup video is her Lana Del Rey.

Modern 1960s makeup tutorial which has had 1.6 million views now this is followed.

By her lovely autumn makeup tutorial which has had 1.3 million views tanya is a great friend and collaborator with one or two other people on this list so stay tuned for that next up we have Alexandra’s girly talk alexandra beth is a 21 year old beauty blogger who posts how-to.

Videos as well as promoting vegan and ethical products alexandra started her.

Youtube channel in 2013 and my favorite videos of.

Hers are her eye makeup tutorials she’s like a genuine wizard at contouring and her most popular makeup upload is a video on how to make any lipstick matte which is genius now that video.

Has had over 16 million views and her second most popular video is one of her contouring guides now that has had over 7 million views so he recently did a video on the hottest makeup transformations in which we highlighted one of Alexandra’s videos and she even responded.

I just wanted to give her a shout out and say thanks for responding and we love you she’s also just shared the news that she’s expecting.

Her first baby so Alexander if you’re watching once.

Again a huge congratulations and best of luck next up a controversial figure but.

An undeniable makeup guru we have Jeffrey star now jack star is a male beauty blogger who can do some truly incredible things with makeup so much so that it starts looking very much like art now Geoffrey first uploaded in 2009 but it wasn’t until a couple of years later that he started to focus on beauty.

Tutorials he now has over two million subscribers now my favorite of his videos that the more radical looks such as the Joker makeup.

Tutorial but he also creates more accessible looks such as the summer popsicle look now Jeffrey’s most popular makeup videos so far is this full face using only highlighter which has had almost 5 million views I for one really enjoyed that video and he’s told me all about wetting the brush before applying eyeshadow which is revolutionary Jeffrey also has his own makeup range and.

I have to say I’m absolutely loving his summer lipstick shades okay so speaking of extreme makeup artist this next lady is a.

Step further and is truly incredible at.

We have euphoric creations aka Emma pickles Emma started uploading in 2011 and wants to demonstrate how makeup.

Can be used as a tool for art as well as beauty and she actually covers both beauty and art on her channel going fast with over 600,000 subscribers Emma creates prom looks everyday looks celebrity.

Looks such as Kristen Stewart red-carpet.

Makeup however she also does some truly.

Extreme makeovers for example she has a really good Edward Scissorhands makeup look and mystique.

From x-men her most popular uploads with over 4 million views is her pop.

Art cartoon look tutorial which if you watch you will agree is pretty epic in our.

Number 6 we have the ever beautiful Patricia bright using the youtube name bright pop princess Patricia bright is currently very near to hitting a million subscribers the British Beauty posted her first video in 2010 following a trip to New York but it took her a year.

To start coming up with makeup tips Patricia posts many tips on how to work with dark skin as well as general skin advice on how to deal with pores so I.

Would call Patricia more of an all around beauty blogger rather than just a makeup guru but that also goes.

For many people on this list to her most popular makeup video is called everyday makeup for darker skin and it has over 300 and views many also.

Love her 0 to 100 makeup transformation which I to think is great next up have you ever wanted to get makeup advice from a real life professional model well look no further in at number 5 we have a model recommends so Ruth Crilley started modeling in 2001 and set up a YouTube channel and blog of the same name a model recommends in 2010 so I really love a lot of Ruth’s looks such as her no foundation makeup tutorial which is perfect for the summer.

If you don’t want to be wearing too much cakey makeup on your skin now Ruth’s most popular video is her model makeup tutorial with over 300,000 views which is.

A video on how to create a natural look for castings other popular videos include skincare routines her favorite concealers and how to get a natural bronzed look now what I love about Ruth is that.

Unlike a lot of other makeup gurus who prefer heavy and more dramatic looks Ruth helps to create a more natural appearance.

In a number 4 we have from head to toe so Jen.

Chieh known as from head to toe is a beauty blogger and recent mother who started her YouTube channel from head to toe in 2009 now she’s grown this to an audience of over a million subscribers Jen posts an array of beauty and fashion videos her most popular being how to curl your hair with a flat iron which was actually the video that taught me how to do it it.

Was genuinely revolutionary so this has had almost 4 million views and has followed up in popularity by her brow tutorials I also love her Asian Bridal video just cuz you know out of curiosity Jen also post a lot of Korean inspired makeup looks which is awesome and she’s also really really good at smokey eyes and princess looks in our number three.

We have Wayne Goss so Wayne Goss is a hugely successful makeup guru and beauty youtuber with over 2.5 million subscribers Wayne said that he began experimenting with makeup as a result of acne and I’m so glad that you did as he’s one of my favorite male Beauty youtubers Wayne then trained as a professional makeup artist in London so I like Wayne because I think he’s really real and presents quite a masculine quality.

To makeup that’s quite rare to see on YouTube Wayne makes videos answering questions such as why is my foundation melting off during the day Wayne also does an excellent guyliner tutorial which we talked about in our hottest cup transformations his most.

Popular makeup video is how to contour like Kim Kardashian which he does on a.

Female model now this video has had over 10 million.

Views I personally love his step-by-step eyes shadow tutorial which has had.

Over 6 million views honestly it’s really useful and I also like it does some makeup on himself and some on models I receive Ingo Wayne sounds like such a nice guy from his videos and I really want him to be my friends so Wayne if you’re watching that time in our number two we have rclbeauty101 ICL Beauty a que Rachel Levine is a beauty blogger from Pennsylvania Rachel uploaded her first video how to conceal under eye dark circles on.

December the 15th 2010 she reached half a million subscribers in 2014 and these days has over 8 million subs now Rachel posts makeup how to’s tutorials and comedy skits and is one of the biggest beauty bloggers in the.

World I love her videos like DIY weird beauty products you need to try and head DIY bubblegum lipstick which has had over 21 million views as well as posting useful makeup tips like how to do a full face of waterproof makeup one of her most popular videos has been her DIY snapchat filter for Halloween which was amazing and has had over 24 million.

Views okay guys so we have reached that all important moment in our most amazing top 10 makeup.

Gurus but I’m gonna reveal our number one pick at number one always there my favourite vlogger out there in the world a girl I watch almost every single day we have zoella zoella real name zoe sugg is Best Friends of Tanya burr and.

Many other youtubers she started uploading in December 2009 and over the past almost seven years has become an absolute internet sensation with almost 11 million subscribers and this makes her the most popular British female on YouTube says the one it is known for her get ready with me videos and her how to hair and makeup looks as well as their various blogs and tag style videos.

So Anna’s most popular makeup videos her my everyday makeup routine video which has.

Had almost 10 million views my favorite video of hers are her Christmas look videos where she does like really vibrant red lips and bronze eyes and I also love her recent summer bronzer look honestly though I love her advice but really I would.

Just love her face she is so beautiful and what she does with makeup is incredible hey guys.

So that was the top 10 makeup gurus did I leave anyone out let me know in the comment section down below also have I given you anyone new to look at hope so because I want you to learn and we can share also guys we’re experimenting with these makeup types videos do you like them shall we continue let me know in the comment section down below I’m.

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