8 Diy Edible Stress Relievers / Diy Edible Slime Candy

There are two things that can calm us down stress balls and food we want to combine the two tic-tac-toe out of Candy’s edible jigsaw puzzles sweet slime watch these and other stress relieving Foods in our new video regular breadsticks are boring and flavorless but there is no such product I won’t be able to improve let’s add glaze and.

Sugar no it’s way too colorless we’d rather add colored sugar put sugar into a couple.

Of zip locks add a few drops of liquid food coloring into each bag close the bag and press it.

In your hands to mix the sugar with the coloring put the colored sugar onto a tray forming stripes align the edges using a brush dip a breadstick into a glaze made from egg white and powdered sugar take off the excess glaze and cover the bread stick with the colored sugar by rolling it on to the sweet strips sweet color therapy is a double stress reliever firstly shaping the sugar into bright.

Strips and secondly decorating bread sticks with the colorful yummy my friend storming into the room she’s completely stressed out she’s had a hard time taking her tests again calm down don’t ruin my sugar rainbow but Belle doesn’t notice anything she still sees the test before her eyes it’s high time to offer her my stress relieving colourful sticks she should make one.

Colored sugar and my friend gets happy and cheerful again studying can wait you can make a report about the sugar wars my friend has a real sweet tooth she has a whole collection of candies but she doesn’t share.

Her sweets with anyone when she’s out of candies she’s out of happiness – what is the purpose of life if there are no yummies but I know how to bring sweet optimism back to my friend I’ve got a big and delicious gummy bear put gummy bears into two separate containers let there be a bit more in one.

Container than in the other cover a bear shaped silicone mold with vegetable oil so that you can easily take out gummy bears when they are ready put the bowl with the bigger amount of bears into a microwave melt.

The candies pour the liquid jelly into the mold up to the halfway point now he’s the gummy bears from.

The second bowl put them on top of the liquid jelly and covered them with one more layer of melted jelly mass fill the mold up to the top remove the Bears from the molds when they harden you cannot just smell and chew on this bear you can also stretch it in all directions Belle loves my sweet squishy bear right away of course she begs me to share it with her but I am not giving it away.

That easy nevertheless I finally share the squishy bear with my friend she is going to eat it immediately don’t hurry up take the time to enjoy stretching it my favorite pastime is to color stress-relieving patterns from a coloring book and relax and my friend is obviously stressed out her.

Phone talk must have been far from successful I suggest starting art therapy with me but this pattern is too small for two painters my friend takes away one sheet of my designs she works so hard as though she paints the Sistine Chapel at last she’s gotten tired of art and feels like getting a snack.

It’s great that my coloring sheet is edible put a piece of rice paper onto a colouring sheet trace the pattern with a black food marker shade the entire picture with colored food markers I take a bite of my masterpiece and.

My friend tries to take a bite of her regular paper it’s not a good idea my picture has more edible elements the coloring pattern plus food is a double stress reliever though has a whole arsenal of stress relievers but nothing makes her happy anymore besides her friend thinks she can amaze her with regular slime it can stretch out so what.

It is slime it surely can it’s so boring but all of a sudden my friend puts the stress ball into.

Our mouth now it’s getting interesting put chewy candies into a bowl and melt them in a microwave add powdered sugar and mix it thoroughly add sprinkles to the slime you’ve got and meet it this slime is not only edible it.

Is also delicious we had fun and a snack we will definitely need weight-reducing food after this stress-relieving food my friend keeps checking her phone all the.

Time emojis are more important for her than my heart-wrenching stories that’s enough I announce a healthy minute I take her phone away and offer rice cakes.

Instead she is definitely not excited my friend’s face looks like the saddest emoji in the world but I know what to do I will combine her phone addiction and a healthy snack I’ll make cakes that look like Smiley’s take rice cakes separate egg whites from the yolks whip the white to make foam and add powdered sugar mix it to get a milkshake consistency and add gel food coloring pour the glaze into a ziplock snip off a.

Corner and make smiley faces on the cakes using the icing of different colors by adding various food colorings into the glaze cover the cakes with yellow food coloring you get really Mochis my friend feels happier when she sees her favorite emojis it’s just impossible.

To be sad looking at these funny yellow faces they can cheer you up instantly and everyone around understands it once the message of your food moreover the rice cakes crunch so funny in your mouth intelligent games require a constant brain recharge so we’ve eaten all the cookies while solving a jigsaw puzzle at last the picture is complete but we are also out of cookies at the same time what should we do let’s see the jigsaw pieces cover the working surface.

With powdered sugar roll out sugar paste print out a jigsaw picture.

On sugar paper put it onto the sugar paste cut out the outline and cut out the pieces of jigsaw carefully let them Harden solving a jigsaw puzzle is a thing of the past a new entertainment is eating a jigsaw puzzle it’s a no losing game because there are never any extra pieces left championship.

On Tic Tac Toe Belle loses round after round she gets very.

Disappointed because tic-tac-toe is the simplest game in the world what’s wrong we need a tic tac we will need.

Two pieces of colored cardboard a light and a dark one cut two rectangles the dark one should be a bit bigger than the light one hot glue them to each other draw a grid this is a field for playing tic tac Oh decorate the field with a pattern of X’s and O’s on top and bottom and add the name of the game tic-tac-toe define the.

Drawings with markers of matching colors make the X’s and O’s in different colors hot glue a box of double color tic-tac mints to the field I.

Take out an improved version of the game for my friend just don’t put the mints right into your mouth this tic-tac is for playing tic-tac-toe choose the color you’re playing with and try to win Bell wins the first round at once maybe it’s.

Because she loves Tic Tacs a lot or because she has had a snack by eating game chips chess is a noble and ancient game the rules are unalterable the knight moves to shape the letter.

L the Queen moves wherever she wants and my friend weeps that she loses Bell is so desperate that she is ready to scatter all the pieces Keep Calm I’ve got chess pieces that will be to my friends liking certainly since they are made of chocolate we.

Will need white and dark confectionery.

Chocolate melt both of them in separate containers using a double boiler fill a chess mold with the liquid chocolate take off the excess smooth out the surface put it into a freezer to let the chocolate harden take the pieces out of the.

Mold break off the excess dip a knife with a broad blade into hot water run it along the surface in order to melt the chocolate a little attach the corresponding halves clean the seam we’re playing the Sicilian defense don’t you know what move is next put a sweet pond into your mouth and chocolate will help your brain work better did you.

Like our edible stress balls then write in your comments how you.

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