How To Use Potato For Skin Whitening? – Beauty Tips With Potato – Tamil Beauty Tips

How To Use Potato For Skin Whitening? – Beauty Tips with Potato – Tamil Beauty Tips Potato is an important thing used for cooking and it gives us numerous benefits.

It is a good medicine for our hair and skin.

In this video how potato is helpful to protect our beauty. We can use potato to cure dark circles.

Potato into pieces and put it in bowl of cold water for one hour.

Keep the slices on your eyes and wash after 1/2 an hour and it keeps your eyes fresh and remove dark circles. To remove dullness due to sun exposure, dip a cotton in potato juice and apply all over your face.

Minutes and by doing this your face will be bright. If you have dry skin don’t worry. Grind a potato and add Aloe vera gel with it. If you apply this mixture on your face and wash after 40 minutes with cold water you can prevent. To keep our face shining mix 1 tbsp of curd and ground potato. apply it on your face and massage. Wash your face after 20 minutes and your face will be shining as potato has a bleaching agent. Some people will have swollen eyes and there may be many reasons. To cure this 5 spoons of potato paste, 3 spoon.

And 2 spoon of olive oil and mix them. Apply it on your eyes and wash your eyes with cold water. You can reduce the swelling slowly by doing this. Potato helps to remove the black marks in the skin. Mix potato juice and 2 tbsp lemon juice and apply. Wash your face with cold water to remove black marks. We can use potato for skin allergy and irritation. Mix potato juice and egg white and apply it on your face and massage.

Problem wash your face after 30 minutes once it is dry. People with oily skin mix 5-6 spoon of lemon juice with potato juice. Dip a cotton and apply it on your face.

Face after 10 minutes you can control unwanted oil secretion.