Sml Movie: Bowser Junior's Homework

Oh charlie that’s not how you brush your deep boy Oh Charlie you killing me Oscar Oscar oh who is calling me what’s Harleys on huh better be important hmm hello yes is this the bother bells about our jr. yes I am and who is this and why are you interrupting my shows I’m sorry for interrupting a show sir.

But I had to call you to notify you about your son failing all of his class what.

He’s failing yes he’s failing pretty but early and he has a final exam this.

Friday and if he fells that exam I hello what I will fail him I will kick him out of the school do you got that so I would recommend that you encourage him to study oh I’ll make sure he studies and passes it good Helen I stay all right bye Oh can’t believe he doesn’t want to study I’ll show him study I’ll teach him how to study come on oh-oh-oh-oh you ever see a one over your belly you ever done in here your work is really on vacation but.

Then it’s really hard you know what could come in the kitchen I’m gonna be in front of shut beep now come on come on Bowser. is going to be home from school at any moment now and he wants me to fix his stupid lecture book god what am i doing with my life wait wait what’s the noise no don’t be Michelle I’m not gonna beat you but the Lord Sharon should be be honest and be quiet don’t move baby yes Lord Bowser kiss with my little retard dear I don’t know um I’m not gonna guessing he’s telling all these glasses whoa oh man that sounds.

Like it sucks I know right oh not now I have a question if this.

Was your son what would you do to her hmm if that was my son I would probably whip him yeah yeah I would be tell me let me have a chance no yeah because I do but you know so you say your new tutor yes are you tutor are you tutor.

I wonder who I’m going to get to tutor here but Bowser I.

Don’t wanna do to your son did I give you a choice no I didn’t think so now you’re gonna tutor my son and you’re gonna make sure he gets all the knowledge that he needs to pass his final exam for.

Tomorrow you got that that means every single subject you want to get his little bitty itty bitty stupid retarded head of is okay you wanna make sure you know some material on my beat.

Both of you with a gets physical while you’re naked no not an extension cord yes I would do it I promise I will do it now you make sure that he knows all the material you make sure you learn our material okay you.

Got that yes Oh hurry up and get it all done I’m gonna be back in here so chef peepee we learn right now we gotta learn what is this material you have to learn you stupid boy okay I’ll go get it God okay chef Phoebe this is what.

I got to learn for my test tomorrow okay let.

Me see what you got here okay calculus Wow oh is this Chinese ja japanese symbols in spelling well what grade are you in boy a kindergarten kindergarten and you have calculus uh yeah my teacher said if I don’t know this by tomorrow then I’m stupid and dumb see you let’s eat only thing you’re supposed to be doing in kindergarten is that spelling okay well I don’t understand.

I don’t know how to do calculus or know how to read this Chinese Japanese crap well then who are we gonna get to teach me there because I didn’t know this by tomorrow Wow well well sounds like you guys need.

Us good what hell no please don’t just leave your nose tackle help around here okay.

The brush fep he might be able to help us no I’m telling you he does more harm than good he stabbed me once he did yes in my eye baby you’re.

So silly I just thought that you guys might need help with your homework I’m kind of a genius so Kay yeah yeah yes I need help with my homework I didn’t know with.

Don’t don’t don’t see that you only knew help I get you no no.

I wanna help I want to help me okay I love you betta I can predict athough Oh God okay no got about a beat Mitchell wet okay well you know you gotta get an a you gotta study he’s teaching on.

You gotta eat in it just listen to me you’ll be okay before you do your work you better sing and none of us okay spelling is way too easy let’s go stop watching cha-ching look at me grab a ruler and measure my pain I don’t have a nose but I’m bad my sneeze I just all hot girls Japanese what did you.

Wash Washington cut down a tree what afraid is lazing discover to see Oh shiny there’s the study of plants flowers bugs and ants you must own a pincushion show square root of that is green a blue little start and learn boy look at you what calculus wait wait wait what where’s this no no I’m sorry I can’t do this I’m a believer by.

Guys like I don’t know any calculus a mother’s more yeah.

Was so cool chef peepee what that was cool yeah did you ever learn anything from that uh no but it sounded awesome okay you can’t do it again no he cannot do it again it was a waste of time from the beginning but but I would have been doing no we need to hurry Ben get down with your work I don’t really.

How to do none of this this hard stuff right here no.

None of this Chinese jibber jabber but I can kind of spell so let’s let’s do this okay um.

What’s never won I’d rather spend ever won hmm it has a tail and it has spots so I’m thinking it’s a girl it’s a dog it kills it is does it look like it has horns man this is three letters bro dog.

The second one the second was your mother I don’t.

Get it you’re gonna kill myself I don’t get it chef peepee my mother turtle like me just move on okay.

So what’s the third one chef peepee okay it has wheels in it arrives with the car it’s a truck no I say car well how do you spell car this what we’re learning the dual you use learn how to spell card now in a smell car I’ll help you it starts with AC AR n’est pas car.

Oh I don’t know your baby this is hard I.

Just gave you the damn answers but it Q swear to God I will stab you right now well let’s just give to the fourth one oh um well the fourth one it looks like it that sticks in I don’t know what it guesses cereal maybe a cereal bowl bowl it might be bored what did you call Julia Oh.

Julia why did you go get my key um excuse me what the hell are you doing.

Um riding my horse II know you’re supposed to be.

Doing your homework do you not remember well you were doing so good on the homework get I decided to take a break and ride my horsey no don’t write my horsey I won’t write my orthey look boy you’re nothing but the rider horsey okay we have homework to finish did you forget about.

That but I don’t wanted you all work or Chuck stupid and dumb I don’t want to do your homework neither okay but it has to be done cuz I’m not getting beat with.

Cord shit oh oh chef baby this is useless all you know how to do is spell and we still got your calculus and and Chinese Russian stuff see you I need someone that knows everything so what do you want me to do about it find me a tutor that knows everything be someone they needed to know everything.

Yes yes I didn’t know everything did you see what the hell you just done.

It’s a talking cucumber it’s cool well good thing I know everything did you know that cheese.

Is grown on trees and eat I didn’t know that chef baby this is so cool kill me hey hey you want to help me with my chest tomorrow sure I know maybe you should get the little stupid cucumber.

To help you on your test is he knows everything maybe could help.

You cheat who that it can’t meet you hey you said you know everything right oh.

So you want to hide my papi tomorrow and help me cheer my guests sure I love pockets did you mother covered in lint huh oh it’s so cool I don’t need your help anymore say PP even go do whatever you want to do I were talking cucumber now thank God you idiots belong.

Together dude hey hey tell me another fact did you know the perfect way to study is the perfect way to did you know.

Horses Steinbach again I’m calling to notify you.

That I caught your son cheating on my test on the final exam with a cucumber so I’m going to have to.

Fail him good day sir Oh chef Evie you’re next well you know you gotta get an A you gotta study he’s teaches of life well you know you gotta eatin it just listen to me you’ll be okay before you.

Do you’re working better happier chances one force in another.