How To Speak In Public To Make People Listen To You

How to speak in public better than Steve Jobs you know how people like Steve Jobs capture your attention completely and you can’t stop listening to them that’s good communication skills for you and everybody can develop them do you want to know more then sit back and listen up as we’re about to tell you a couple of secrets that’ll.

Turn you into a master public speaker but before we start don’t forget.

To subscribe to our Channel and turn on notifications now you won’t miss any of our new videos number 10 understand what communication is the essence of.

Public speaking is communication without a clear understanding of what that is you can’t be a good speaker so here’s.

A tiny bit of theory for you to put it briefly communication is sending and receiving.

Information through verbal or nonverbal cues like speech writing signs.

And behavior we’re going to focus on speech of course through speaking people can share facts opinions beliefs emotions and so on moreover well-developed communication skills also help you meet new people make friends and find love not bad right now that we understand the basic meaning of communication let’s explore the rest number 9 be brave enough to say what you think the ability to control your emotions is an important step.

Towards successful public speaking your self-consciousness shouldn’t stand in your way when you’re trying to express your point of view and make it clear.

To everyone don’t hesitate to speak up even if you feel like your ideas aren’t that interesting even mediocre suggestions can transform into something incredible instead you should focus on telling your truth and overcoming your fears the reality is that some people will value your words and others won’t but there.

Are more than 7 billion people out there so do you think it’s even possible to be liked by every single one of them forget all preconceptions and just be yourself your view of the world is unique don’t change it to be more appealing to others number 8 make eye contact eye contact is often underestimated when it comes to speaking people usually gets so nervous that they.

Just look at the wall right in front of them trying not to get distracted don’t repeat this mistake ever again my contact makes a conversation come to life and everyone in the audience will feel like you’re talking to them personally this wins your audience’s.

Attention and makes your performance more successful remember that public speaking isn’t about you it’s about the information you’re trying to pass on and only that personal connection with your audience can make it happen still don’t go.

Overboard with it you should break eye contact briefly every 5 to 15 seconds or it will start to look.

A bit creepy number 7 listen how many people do you know that can listen to you without interrupting not that many right that’s why we appreciate good listeners so much and the earlier you develop this helpful skill the better listening to people lets you see the world through their eyes.

And look at their struggles from their perspective in this way you start to understand people more which is crucial for a public speaker let the.

People around you express their feelings and thoughts and forget about your personal opinion for a moment this is a powerful tool.

Communication skills so don’t miss the opportunity number 6 control the pace of your voice moderation is the key here so try.

Not to go to any extremes Sims Wyeth is the president of Sims wife and company an executive coach business writer author and speaker he reveals that people interpret talking quickly as a sign of nervousness and lack of confidence speaking quickly can even hurt your performance technically as a lack of pauses will make your breath stream weak and decrease the volume of your.

Voice however talking slowly isn’t the answer either your audience will get bored choose a casual talking tempo imagine you’re having a conversation with your family or friends slow the pace down a bit though whenever you raise a special point or are the pace of your voice encourages your audience just as.

Much as making eye contact use this trick wisely to bring more life into your performance number 5 control the volume of your voice the pace of your voice isn’t the only thing that should be perfected setting the volume of your voice at an appropriate level can win you even more awesome speaker points sure it’s not always that easy especially when you’re scared and.

Forget anything important at the same time your performance strongly depends on your ability to control your voice leave soft speech to private talks and hanging out with your BFFs you.

Should be a powerful force on the stage so speak loudly and project your voice when you are speaking in front of big groups or across larger spaces once again be loud but not too loud or you’ll scare your audience away number four work on your articulation can you imagine a good public.

Speaker who constantly mumbles.

Not really right that’s why you shouldn’t be lazy and should spend more time working on your articulation even if it’s alright there are many tongue twisters online that can help you improve.

With daily practice you’ll quickly boost your articulation skills if this is a real issue for you try to use simpler sentences when you speak in public and slow down your speaking tempo to properly enunciate all your points and remember that practice makes perfect number three improve your pronunciation make it a habit to go through your text one more time before your speech if there are any unknown words there look them up or replace them with.

Something easier your vocabulary also makes a difference learn one to five words daily and try to use them in your everyday life to memorize them better knowing the words you use will make you confident and assertive which makes people trust you more otherwise prepare to have your competency judged the most effective way to broaden your vocabulary is reading if you don’t have enough time for it you can always listen to ebooks instead number two gesture your body language and the way you gesticulate.

With your hands can also make or break your performance it’s better to control your gestures until you find your style of speaking and learn how to support your ideas through appropriate hand gesturing just to prove how relevant hand gestures are here’s a small fact Ted research showed that the least popular TED Talks used an average of 272 hand gestures during the 18 minute talk and the most popular TED Talks used an average of.

465 hand gestures which is almost double open gestures like indicating numbers or showing something small medium or large are always a good choice if you’re.

Speaking to a foreign audience find out which gestures are considered to be offensive in their culture and never use them during your speech your gesturing should be natural slow and empathic number 1 reply immediately there are some changes you can make in your daily.

Example when it comes to texting a reply try to do it as soon as you can fun fact on average we spend 23 hours a week texting and when you text someone you expect a quick response.

Most of the time delaying may lead to missing opportunities just think about it you text your friend let’s get pizza and when you finally get an answer after a whole hour of waiting you don’t really want.

Pizza anymore if you don’t respond immediately upon reading a message the people you’re conversing with may think you’re not interested the best advice here is to apologize for your tardiness and try to always stay in touch if you want to be a successful public speaker or just have enough communication skills to carry an interesting conversation you should constantly work on yourself people who continue to broaden their outlook will always be fascinating and captivating to everyone around them no matter what.

It is you think you’re lacking work on it and practice practice practice after some time you’ll see how much people enjoy your company or your informative and.

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