How To: Api Freshwater Master Test Kit

Alright what’s up YouTube Forestier cichlid man o9 what we’re going to do today is we’re going to test some water for you guys I got my API freshwater master test kit in the mail today UPS was on time they delivered it what this test is pH high range pH ammonia nitrite and nitrate says over 800 tests so you.

Know bang for your buck this is probably the best way to go.

As far as test kits I ordered this off of ebay I believe it was twenty dollars.

Including shipping amazon also has it around that same price you know when it comes to buying stuff guys I know we love to support our LFS and you know.

Make sure they’re doing great but to be honest if I were to buy this at either of my two local fish stores it cost me probably around $40 after-tax which was a bit expensive and then I.

Checked online and it was much cheaper you know 50% cheaper which is a big deal and so you know supporting our LFS is great but sometimes guys you got.

To check online and make sure we’re not just you know blowing our money so like I said about 20 bucks on eBay pick them up it’s fantastic for those of you already have it you already know for those of you who don’t go ahead and pick one up I’m going to be honest and say before today my water in my fish.

Room has only been tested once and I merely tested it to prove the concept of the fact that what I was doing was correct which is a bit big-headed in on my part anything can happen guys we need to be able to keep track of our.

Water I figure at the level I’m at now and I’m sharing information with you guys I better be straightforward and you know make sure my waters perfect so what we’re going to do for you is I’m going to set the camera down.

And we’re basically just going to walk through the test or sit through the test first.

Things first we’re going to start with nitrates we’ve got two different bottles here bottle one bottle to bottle two requires to be shaken up a little bit but bottle.

One we’re going to start on our right side here ten drops five six seven eight all right cap that put it back in our spot.

So after bottle number one we’re just going to mix this up a little bit make sure that’s thoroughly mixed they from.

Right the same thing with bottle number.

Two is ten drops and with this one that says the shape vigorously for a mint so I’m not going to do that on camera but we’re just sitting here in testing your water guys is extremely important I’m not sure I don’t remember if I mentioned it but I tested all my water and every single tank including my bean I tank which is not even on my drip.

System tested out exactly the same basically you know minor differences here and there but extremely minor differences and they all tested out just fine so you know very excited about that you know water quality is.

One of those things you don’t know till you test it and I haven’t tested mine for easily over a year so you know I was.

A little bit on the on the weary side as far as you know what it could be by the way all the fish are doing great I talked about my passing on this yesterday about me having a pair and you know I’m pretty certain that we got a pair.

Going I I don’t think I have any doubts as far as it’s the two paired up they spend off all day together alright so there’s that that’s our nitrate next we’re going to do nitrite is our bottle five drops for this remember what it says so we’re going to check our look right here this one says shake -.

For five seconds some of them say.

Shake some over say vigorously shake some of them say just turn over and so.

We’re going to shake this three or is our night right next up we’re going to do a Rohingya this one also has two bottles same.

Of bottle number one and check this again one more time I.

Believe we just go straight in the bottle to always read the directions guys make sure you guys know what you’re doing I’ve already done this about three times I’m still reading through the directions make sure I’m getting it correct let’s.

I’ve got to add eight drops of bottle to and then instead of just regular shake we’re going to shake vigorously eat almost lost count there for a second cap that vigorously shaking these things aren’t sealed by the way Kinney last but not me we’re going.

They have two different ones regular goes from 6.8 I’ve found mine to be just right about in the middle of those two so this one’s five drops I believe this one is just turn over a few times all.

Right so grab the camera here this is what we’re looking at we’re going to let this sit for a second like I.

Said guys is the API freshwater master.

Test kit this is our little whatever the hell it is key some something like that on these over here doing great I’m absolutely loving this infrared thermometer very accurate check that out seventy nine point five I can just go around seventy nine point five and I’ve actually been able to adjust my temperatures seventy eight point five this one’s a seventy.

Five point five seventy seven five 80.5 on that one don’t know if you guys would see as a matter of fact my two acrylic tanks right here my digital stick on thermometers were off by about two degrees they were reading about 80 81 really it was temping 82 583 so I was able to adjust that and everything is a hunky-dory now so now that we’re back to what we got going on we’re going to check our numbers here start with our knight.

Trait arguably probably the most important the most harmful so what we’re going to do is we’re just going to hold this up right there got a note figure out how to do this with one hand sorry so you guys can see that lighting is terrible we’re right around five I don’t know why the lighting so dark I’m telling you through my eye that’s not that’s about half as dark is that so it probably looks a lot darker than it is.

And then there’s our card the weird thing is is 10 and 20 will zoom in on that for a second 10 and 20.

Like basically look the same which is a little off to me you can see it right there I mean like I said through my eye we’re dealing with a little bit different color but you.

Know right around five and that’s you know even if it is 10 that’s as high as it’s going to get so nitrite that’s easy that one’s the zero good ammonia right there easy zero you know that’s yellow it may come off as a little green but through here that’s that’s yellow there it is and then pH as that one falls over th right about 7.

With the low range it was about 7.6 so I’m going to probably split the.

Difference in say my pH is 7 5 which is great too good that’s a good spot for the fish I keep so like I said I know this looks a lot darker and you can see it right there before the camera darkens up but that’s the actual color and it does get darker but you know this is my wastewater and this is this is what every test looked like for every single one of my tanks very proud of that including.

My especially my bean i tank that tanks not on the drip system so you know i’m still got my nitrate in there about.

Per million so yeah we’re going to call this good thanks for watching guys pick up this uh api freshwater master test kit like i said i ordered mine on eBay you guys can pick them up with your LFS amazon.

Has them it’s a great thing to have in the fish room or you know if you don’t have a fish room over 800 tests so bang for your buck you’re not going to.

Beat it so yeah we’re going to call this good as always guys rate comment subscribe let me know what you’re.

Thinking it’s amazing how different that is when it comes through the camera alright peace out YouTube.