I Wore Jeffree Star's Clothes For A Week!

Hey guys I am so excited because not only is today’s video one of my favorites on this channel but I also finally get to tell you that my birch store is officially live and I’m so excited because I genuinely love these shirts I wear them literally every day I’ve had so much fun creating these designs and I hope.

That you guys enjoy them they are available at amazon.

com slash Ryland Adams but I really do hope you guys like them like.

I said I wear them everyday they are very comfortable and I just.

I hope you do too but before I talk for too long I just want to get into today’s video because it is one of the bhujiya stun by Channel Jeffrey star was kind enough to let me wear.

His fantastic clothes for an entire.

Week and we also did a video on his channel Shane and I his channels in the description section below right next to my merch wigs and I.

Believe that this is my favorite video on my channel so I hope you enjoy it here it is okay so we’re filming a video for Jeffrey’s channel but I.

Am literally in his room and.

I’m gagging I’m living I’m dying never said so many gay words in your life I don’t know what’s happening to you but we need to stop this okay Jeff is coming in you’re gonna be getting some outfits to wear for the week for the week the pads are trained at least first of all hi is that what that is a baby blue actually I’m lying don’t read me dead Oh periwinkles the color I thought that was a.

Design around what’s going on this lost your place somehow convinced Jeffrey to let.

Me wear some of his clothes because I dabble in Gucci like I like the idea of Gucci but honestly I just can’t afford to like wear the actual clothing I get like the accessories you know I’ve changed every card is this the cheapest backpack you can get hold on.

Hold on hold mine is that one of-a-kind oh wow how much was that this is my a 3000 even though the color was custom mini like George wore.

I was thinking like maybe I could borrow like three outfits to wear throughout the week I could go like.

Live my life in them because here’s my.

Thing do you think that you get looked at because of some of like because I don’t ever in my life see people like rocking full-blown Gucci so easier I mean you.

Know it’s crazy is the store like they sell a lot I know it’s a lot of like rappers and that whole thing but like I don’t ever see anyone wearing emphasize like gracious yeah I mean like gun thug and never I’m like Beyonce just wore these crazy gucci boots which we may have you wear but sometimes you like just wearing this – like okay let’s say no one like recognizes.

Me or they’re not staring at my tattoos like these outfits like oh yeah yeah.

I’ve never been to a coffee bean or something and seeing somebody wearing cool blonde pooches so you’re gonna need protection as.

Well because you’re going to get beat up I’m just being honest yes keeping it.

Real I have two bodyguards so what’s the three looks are we talking like eleganza and then extravaganza.

Casual moment actually I would like to see what casual is for you so casual and night out on the town and then like just a surprise okay should.

Be surprised like should you put them in like boxes or bags and then we won’t even know what they are until the day of when you pull it out do you know what I mean like a surprise moment whoa I am living for that I have finale look already like in my brain so Shane I’m gonna make you proud girl yes please okay and I’m gonna force Shane to go on a date night in one of the outfits like.

We’re gonna go to dinner with me looking like a moment and he already hates being in public so it’s gonna be crazy okay I love that okay so we need to pick out the clothes but you can’t see them what’s going on.

Okay so I was looking for some clothes and I’m like okay does shoes like first of all I’ve ever.

Worn women’s shoes I’ve like dabble I’ve like tried them on and walked.

Around for a minute okay so I asked him off-camera what size shoe you and he said ain’t have 9 I’m a nine so this is like could not.

Be more you guys have very similar bodies shoes and everything we do it’s just water I keep water it’s literally just water um wait so shoes like woman shoes or boy shoes or what kind of literally the shoes under your shoes look at those the white ones hey how are you yeah they’re really dirty they’re from the mud I went horseback riding in Hawaii you don’t want these wait oh god wait okay all right I’m squirrel wait please don’t die please don’t die I don’t want.

To be alone maybe I should start wearing Hilo’s I need boss people around because I’m taller than them it’s.

A little moment like he’s throwing your credit card and your gym you know that’s it beautiful all right Jeffrey.

Suitcase wait for a little extra so you have the four outfits there’s one thing that didn’t fit in here please.

Be a yacht since you’re gonna be wearing my clothes I’m very known for my iconic first collection so I’m gonna we’re gonna do the only we and a few people have this whoa this.

Is the way to our bag made out of mirrors so I can check to see how shiny I am in the middle of Maui Bay and then there’s no and then there’s.

An accessory I forgot to put in there but just don’t look until now they do all right Airport I’ll never be.

Back you guys good morning so I am in my first look of the week it is my Jeffrey star Versace robe I’m honestly living and dying for this look we should get a start on our day okay all jokes aside I am living for this and it even smells expensive whatever cologne this is I need to get for myself and I honestly like.

Don’t know like if I were shopping if I’d be like this is the look.

But now that I’m wearing it I want one for myself a Jeffrey did tell me like that this is a robe that Drake wears as well so I just did some googling and I think this look.

Is just under $600 for like a.

Morning moment I will say it’s better than any hotel robe fit I’ve ever put on even as the bougie as hotels that I’ve stayed at I just kind of love it I’m not gonna lie no.

You’re going to drag me for that but I think waking up every morning like this could be nice okay family what do you think of the new me maybe what it is like a cologne mixed with.

Weight how much does that cost $600 for a robe that’s crazy it is something for like laying on the couch all weekend cuz all we do is like sit here when we’re not working anyways I should probably invest in one right well okay everything is about to get ready your bank account doesn’t match that her i’ll wear every day that I can okay so it’s Saturday night and Jade.

And I are going to have a date night last minute we decided that we’re gonna go stay a fancy hotel in honor of Geoffrey but it’s time for me to finally see the outfit that he picked out for my date night I can’t even imagine I low-key living I’m going to have to just like be confident because this outfit.

Is stunning it’s beautiful it’s gorgeous but it’s going to take a lot of confidence on my end but not only that I feel like.

Already does not like attention in public and this is just going to draw eyes to us so he’s going to hate being with me in this outfit but I’m going to have so much fun.

Okay so let me show you it’s this beautiful gold sequin moment it’s an.

Entire jumpsuit and not only that but we’re rocking these brand-new never worn before studded rainbow Christian Louboutins.

This is insane [Applause] these are so new that I went to put them on just.

Now and they still have the packaging inside he gave me never worn before shoes I’ve never not worn any of my cheap shoes let alone bought an expensive hair just to be sitting on a shelf that I would let another youtuber or friend or person just.

Casually borrow I will say that I feel extra fabulous the only.

Problem I run into so far is that I cannot find pockets anywhere so I guess oh well he gave me a handbag so I guess I could use this I was gonna maybe save this moment for another look but I guess since there’s no pockets I’m going to have to carry my bag okay so I’ve got to show Shane what is date for the night looks like good luck cover your eyes three.

Two one hi welcome to the party where are you taking your boyfriend for dinner yeah we’re burning food in like a fun night in hello with nobody just us you can’t deny that I look stunning you look like an old lady who has a day left to live and she’s like you know what I’m finally gonna wear this piece.

I do feel like this is a little bit of a red carpet moment or a statement piece but I’m genuinely going to rock it I’m gonna get on a rocket and leave Earth Oh Morgan’s here you like Jojo wait but look it she gave me brand-new Christian Louboutins I’m gonna break down stop it this is full-on custom Gucci I.

Don’t know if it’s custom like he wears this I don’t even think twice but that’s because he has like tattoos and weird hair and he’s just like a eccentric person you just look like Jojo with a penis yes I’m wearing his clothes for a week Morgan oh yeah we’re going to a hotel room service you’re gonna blind traffic it’s a shave sequence so I haven’t caught any of them on camera but there.

Have been so many people laughing pointing staring screaming just really gay bashing you like wave and I’m like yeah it’s not that crazy first of all all they can see is the jacket they can’t even see the fucking pants well wires is everybody so shook over a fucking sparkly jacket their contrast of my black g-wagen and me.

And gold sequins is kind of iconic oh yeah crazy okay.

We’re pulling up to valet is the hotel okay can I get out first.

And then run away record we’re checking I wanna let you know that they thought you were a crazy person and I think we’re gonna call security until they found out you’re with me have another use already okay where that went down there I’m gonna walk a hundred feet I don’t work.

Out here we drink it’s date night after we go down oh my god this is crazy can we invite Kelly Clarkson what this is the life that I was literally made for oh my god I call welcome to my life oh that prison been yours yeah it is weird that this big of a room only has one bed considering how big the actual patio is welcome to my Manor whoa yeah we’re sleeping in the tub wait.

Is this wait you should sleep in the pond it’s always been a dream that might have felt the table with blankets just like on her house was a larger tip up milk okay we’re out in public we’re going to dinner we’re going trips in Beverly Hills that is the size of the donor oh my god hello you guys good morning it is the next day edy oh.

To go to coffee and it’s time for me to figure out what Geoffrey star wears every day I am dying this is the typical Jeffrey like a full-blown Gucci jumpsuit moment I’m living it’s a little more bold than what I would typically wear but I’m actually excited to go out in the.

World and interact and live in these clothes because who knows maybe it’s the new me I also want to show you the shoes for the day they are also Christian Louboutins they.

Are studded they are red all the way through and through oh my god alright everyone open your eyes what you’re just saying Oh rhinestones shoes aren’t.

A lot but it’s not that bad considering last night gay pride float alright before we officially leave here is my full-on OOTD yes hi Nate Wow I’m actually kind.

Of living for the overall look here oh okay so some nice gentleman over there actually gifted me the cake pop that we were talking about because you said it matched my entire look and look it even looking in there oh my god it’s exactly okay so I’m currently dying because I packed the final outfit or when we were out today cuz we had to do some things but now that it’s acceptable for.

Me to change into my last Jeffery outfit the time has arrived are you excited to see what this is yes I am actually shoot on every single level.

I’ve seen my girl no because of this outfit Morgan this is absolutely stunning it’s insane there’s a headpiece the diamonds well I.

Think that that’s what this like nude little underwear moment is for but this is crazy the hangers actually say well one says Balmain.

One says Gucci but I’m pretty.

Sure it’s a full-blown Gucci diamond outfit you and I saw who was it like Frank Ocean wear this on his birthday or something you know what we have to do in this right have a photo.

Shoot well that but we’re also going to Wendy’s for sure legs like a circus clown oh my god the way this sparkles and the Sun is insane honestly I’m live I’m gonna go blind you people are gonna kill we’re gonna the 30 people in the air how many people are actually.

Disrupting people’s family you just ruined Christmas for at.

Least 12 families someone is literally gonna call the police on you for.

Public indecency we ordered the entire menu essentially and it.

Was only $17 the entire menu you got one cheeseburger and we both got chicken nuggets yeah and a lot of Frosty’s from.

White sugar cookies it’s a lot of food for $17 yeah that’s when I told everyone you shaved a nice restaurant but it’s a scam is my new favorite restaurant okay yes I am so excited and oh my gosh probably for years this is the best day ever is this what it’s like to be Trisha.

And Jason I’m Jason [Applause] okay so if we’re actually picking up shame from a podcast right now and he.

Hasn’t seen any of all this so to get its reaction I think you should be here any second you have a new girlfriend it’s weird because I know you’re expecting me to give a big reaction scream it might be shook but I think this one is the best out of all the ones you’ve worn this is what.

I’m gonna be most sad to return I probably wouldn’t drop a headband every day okay look like a lizard I do think like for every and any special occasion I would wear this like maybe if we ever.

Get married I can say for you I think we can’t do anything.

Too crazy because if I rip any of this stuff I can’t afford to replace it I missed my bag so much I.

Wore matching shoes just to greet it that’s not weird first of all this oh my god oh my god welcome first of all come in says she’s so graciously let me borrow so it’s so high we love a.

Alive jeffree star move this is how I envisioned your Friday night I made friends I do.

Enjoy some icing how did your week go by the way so here’s my conclusion after wearing her clothes I honestly have never felt more loved in a weird way we were at Starbucks and bought me a cake pop people were looking at me waiting at me.

In the car I had never gotten so much attention in my life the law you have to leave for that moment I wasn’t.

Some moments but then others I was like I can’t wait to eat because none of they’re not that comfortable of clothing when you sit it down in the end the gems date to your legs love that a Renzi all the pain and all the struggle it took to get those clothes honest we had to enjoyed wearing that the most though just because it was such a head hurt and it’s so sparkly this was that whinnies oh what did you.

Wear under your pants so he di wide shade and I had as a joke and then over it I wrapped one of those like arm new bandages over it wasn’t the head thing iconic oh yeah look at Patras ghost is like retiring you turn your head and it just something works in the right way wait this is my drink oh thank you but I think my conclusion just all in all.

I would like to incorporate some pieces like this in my life and then every like big event I’d like to make a moment making a statement so favorite piece was the red moment honestly the diamond okay cool I loved every second.

I was inside of that thank you so much for letting me borrow your clothes I was very careful to return them in the condition they were sending out all right you guys that is all I have for this week’s video if you’re enjoyed your time here make sure you hit that like button subscribe because I make new videos every single week and again my merch is officially live if you want.

To support me or if you just like the merch you can get your own at amazon.com slash Riley Adams and huge thank you to Jeffrey again for letting me wear his fabulous fantastic Gucci outfits all right you guys if you wanna hang out with me a between uploads I’ve installed my social media accounts just right over there thank you guys so much for watching and supporting my channel I love you very much good.