Pork Adobo – Traditional Filipino Food

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htm salt black pepper and water now let’s start cooking combine all the ingredients first put the pork in the pot then add the vinegar the black pepper the salt the bay leaves the sugar the soy sauce the water and regardless except oil mix it well we marinate for at.

Least 30 minutes after 30 minutes.

Drain me I reserved the Monet using the pot saute.

The pork meat until the juice evaporates and the oil is coming out of the me after a few minutes you can begin to see but the meat is starting to dry up as the.

Oil comes out now that the meat has dried up you can now add the reserved marinade salt and bring to.

Boil then lower the heat slow cook and very low heat for 1 hour or until the meat is tender add more water if it’s necessary after an hour or when the meat is tender it is now ready to serve that’s it now you know how to cook a dog for more recipes visit w-w-w.