Baby Food Challenge!!!

Today we’re doing that baby food challenge baby food challenge so do you tell we’re babies today yeah so we selected 14 different baby foods that we are going to test and try to guess which one they are so this is a competition between you and I – see – anyway I don’t care but actually – three turkey gravy.

I think I think it’s Turkey and gravy I think you was it beef and gravy the youth that did not taste like beef.

Round – okay open wide cause the.

Train okay I’m gonna read any weight wasn’t as bad after the second rounds 1 2 3 4 5 apples and bananas no it’s banana and in fly it was banana plum great oh yeah I can see the crepe in there I got this one yeah whatever fine Brown 3e why did.

You think Jerry forcing me at the same time pick it up I want it make it baby yep why nothing why man 2 3 5 8 8 8 Oh I got like a full point out sweet potatoes baby wait I didn’t quite sit why see you in so sweet.

A song close that cherry cherry apple cherry I.

Know it’s a long wait 1 2 3 -.

Banana as I’m guessing 6 14 rounds 5 good boy you never open your mouth all the way oh my god right 1 2 3.

Behind Apple correct that is not peach there’s pineapple peaches that’s just straight teachers yeah dude that thing had a weird path to Round seven it was really easy it’s gonna be interesting one open up not yet liar five to drink applesauce alone yeah nothing else correct round eight – no it’s tears alone – you say one two three zucchini and corn.

No I think I think it’s okay hey I’m with gravy I crazy that doesn’t happen okay I was nasty I want a straight taste like dog food oh I’m not feeling round 1 2 3 car and.

Zucchini corn and zucchini yeah no beats that’s that’s gotta be beets and peach Jarrett was the closest apple peach squash I know it is what’s up freak is that two three pairs an apple that pears in pineapple pear zucchini and corner those pears you’re kidding who are that did that taste more fruity than the other.

Yeah round 12 hey pear and pineapple pineapple I’ve been saying pineapple this whole freakin game I get it okay round 13 sounds interesting that one is you’re still tasting.

It you’re moving us walks here hunter me you just gusty let’s see that one is what – no it’s Apple and it’s you say it three times first I know it’s.

Apple you’re trying to remember the name and then I’m gonna dabble banana apple apple strawberry strawberry banana you got final lightning round sudden death since we ended being tied we’re gonna do a lightning round sudden and.

Decade where I’m gonna have a different kind and she’s gonna have a different kind of ready to guess which one so just this last round to see who takes all the marbles which you know it’s gonna be a boy I’m gonna be me it’s gonna be a boy Jared oh no teacher I exert my way yeah so just one I’m getting.

It details how many are mixed in mine is called bananas in strawberry you gave her a good one okay what’s your yes bullcrap you’re a good one mine is so.

I’m gonna go with zucchini corn and squash maybe I’ll get some points.

Of it zucchini corn and squash is my last finally what so we’ll start with the navier cuz she seemed pretty sure what was your guess nadia betting that upward stroke memory.

It was pear zucchini and corn yes so do you what the kidneys you guys squashing good always the king corns wrong then so I got to be honest no you say that but your whole thing was zucchini I know that saying no zucchini important no I’m saying the zucchini in corn is wrong because that was what yours was yeah.

Baking on that mine had squash of it okay yours was Apple and why didn’t taste that in there peach pizza did not his squash again have to be it’s a.

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