Beauty Tips: Men's Fragrances

Hi so today is a bit of lovely one for me in that term I’m talking about men’s fragrances I actually started out in journalism as a male grooming editor so it’s a treat for me to come back to it and also a real treat for me to be talking about perfume because perfume is my favorite thing I love.

It more than makeup skincare anything it’s something I’m really obsessed with so it was an absolute treat for me to.

Spend many hours wandering around liberty and Selfridges and various perfumers playing with stuff and trying to choose my top six.

And the things that are important for me about fragrance some of them will be unpopular and some of them may be things you haven’t heard before but I really really really hate cheap perfume I think it’s horrible and nasty and cheap perfume smells cheap there is.

Just no two ways about it and that’s not my opinion that’s just a fact to make proper perfume you need good quality raw ingredients raw materials and if you.

Don’t have those things you make synthetics so perfumers cut corners by making synthetic versions of pure flower oils spices and herbs and so.

On they use made-up ones that are made in the laboratory much like the scent in your toilet cleaner is made and that’s how they cut corners and the result is that lots of perfume smells like toilet cleaner or air freshener really really fake and synthetic good-quality.

Expensive perfume made from good-quality expensive raw ingredients just smells better in my opinion and in practically any perfumers opinion so I think you need to spend some money whether you’re a man or a woman and but that doesn’t mean to say you need to spend hundreds and hundreds pounds at all.

But you just need to be a bit more carry.

About how you spend your money when you go to a Sayre department store and buy the latest designer fragrance it can cost you a fortune can cost like 40 quid or something and most of that money has gone on things like bottles glossy.

Advertising campaigns department store placements and so on if we spend.

In a decent perfumers the chances are that.

More money has gone on the raw ingredients because although I’m saying cheap smell perfume smells nasty expensive perfume can also smell cheap because.

They spend the money on everything but the perfume so as a general rule of thumb if you go to perfumers likes.

A dip teak roger dive hot perfumery at Harrods which is an amazing place Liberty they they will tend to sell perfumes that have much better war ingredients where the money is actually in what’s called the juice inside the bottle the juice being the actual perfume not all the.

Guff that goes with it and I often think with this apartment.

Store and designer perfumes the last thing they think about is the perfume it’s all about the image and that really frustrates me because the.

Perfume inside should be the most important thing the other thing about those sorts of fragrances is that they are so popular that everyone smells the same and any woman will be able to name five men probably in her life who’ve worn Issey Miyake Oh dizzy for example for about 15 years.

It’s all anybody war and so much nicer to go for something more individual and a bit more unique because perfume should.

Be personal to you it should remind people of you not of 15 other men that doesn’t mean say you have to go for.

Really rare and obscure brands for example Tom Ford makes amazing.

Perfume and like everything Tom Ford does he’s really obsessive and nerdy and a bit OCD about everything so the resulting perfume is always really good quality this one grey vetiver is one.

Of my absolute favorites it just suits everyone it’s really elegant it’s great for men perhaps who are a bit scared of wearing perfume or of being put off by it in the past because it’s just kind of very appropriate and.

Suits everyone go it works really well for.

Day or for night all his fragrances are brilliant Creed is another fragrance house that I love Creed it’s very very very old fragrance house and it’s only available in certain department stores and boutiques and this one green Irish tweed oh it’s just bliss it’s um it was worn by John F Kennedy and Robert Redford it’s such a classic again very very appropriate on everyone but even in department stores if you go to someone like a Chanel counter or Dior they are still very very good quality.

Fragrance houses who take their perfume very seriously and a Chanel fragrance is likely to be of a very good quality as is the Christian Dior fragrance or a Galen fragrance for example and those are available in your local boots and so I’m not saying you have to hunt high and low it’s just about being a bit more discerning now when it comes to buying fragrance there were a few and things that will make the process easier for you.

Because I know it can be very daunting as I say go to a very good quality and perfumer and get a load of strips these from the column actually.

They’re all Liberty strips as you can see I’ve written fragrance names on them because if you don’t keep tabs of what fragrances.

Are called they’ll all just.

Blend into one you will no longer or not recognize what’s what and you just won’t remember so take a pencil with you and write down the perfume as you’re testing them down the side then.

Just take your fragrance you’re testing and you spray it on these strips now any good department store will have these strips by the way and they’re just like.

A thick absorbent card a bit like blotting paper and they just absorb the fragrance very well after you sprayed it.

Onto the strip just give it a few seconds to dry down the reason you need to do this is when you first spray perfume you get a hit of alcohol and that alcohol evaporates and it’s only when the.

Alcohol evaporates that you’ll really get the smell of the perfume that alcohol the preservative in it is the first smell you’ll get so just leave it to dry down for a second drying down its what they.

Call it in the perfumery industry then you’ll get your first smell when that alcohol is evaporated but then what will happen over the next hour or so is the fragrance will really develop and what will generally happiness will become more soft and.

More powdery and smelling so it’s really important not to make a snap decision and to just sit with it awhile put it in your pocket put it in a paper bag to protect it come back to it in an hour.

And see how you feel if you still love it put it on your skin and you can repeat this process for five times and then maybe just choose the favorite one to put on your skin maybe ask for a sample people like Dipti can Joe Malone and listen to often have samples that you can take away and just live with for a while when you’re shopping for.

Fragrances and you’re testing tons and tons and tons of them what happens is your nose just becomes a bit disorientated and you stop being able to tell the difference and everything.

Same in those cases a good perfumer will very often have a little bowl of coffee beans and coffee beans walked and the perfumery industry has long since used to sort of cleanse the olfactory palate so in between sniffs of perfume if you sniff and coffee beans.

That should get things back to normal so you can smell the new fragrance and a fresh what you can do and what I’ve certainly done in the past is get a little ziploc sandwich bag and just put in some fresh coffee yourself only a tiny little bag shove it in your pocket shove it in your bag and that will just stop you from becoming confused and being able to choose your fragrance when you’ve got all your.

Strips you’ve narrowed it down to one or two you’ve worn them on your skin at that point just go for it and buy the fragrance.

Just a quick note on what fragrances.

Are generally perfumes come in pure perfume Eau de Parfum which is a little bit weaker an Eau de Toilette which is weaker.

Again it is a very common misconception that.

Perfume is strong an Eau de Toilette is light is not the case at all perfume is more concentrated and.

More potent but actually it generally smells softer than an Eau de Toilette an Eau de Toilette will smell more alcoholic more and acidic whereas a perfume will be soft and powdery and rely more on its ingredients to give it a hit so please don’t be fooled into thinking that perfumes.

Heady an Eau de Toilette lovely and fresh in light it’s just completely not true the advantage of the peel fume does.

Offer is that it lasts much longer and it tends.

Rich smell and it lasts a lot longer so just a squirt in the morning should see you through to evening and maybe a top-up if you’re going to a party or something most it is very expensive though pure.

Perfume so most people agree that probably the best compromise.

Is an Eau de Parfum this is an Eau de Parfum by burrito and burritos an amazing brand sold in Liberty’s an Eau de Parfum is just something in the middle of an Eau de Toilette and a pure perfume so.

Lovely it just smells really good quality and expensive.

Doesn’t smell of any one person it’s something that would adapt to the wearer beautifully rather than I hate that thing of like walking down the street and going oh he’s wearing the latest Calvin Klein he’s wearing the latest Burberry he’s wearing the latest Issey Miyake I hate that you know your perfume is not meant to.

Wear you you’re meant to wear your perfume and adapt it to yourself and the best way of doing that is getting a good quality perfume going to a really good quality perfumer and help or letting them.

Help guide you through the process because I know it can be a daunting business anyway my all-time six favorite men’s fragrances are in the column it was a very lovely job to do but I look forward to hearing what your favorites are thanks very much bye.