How To Cook Fall Off The Bone Baby Back Ribs, With The Power Pressure Cooker Xl

Hey all gene Snitsky here back in the day is a well-known wrestler for the WWE I was more interested in cracking ribs than making it well now that’s all changed today I’m making a classic favor baby back ribs this used to take hours to make but now with the power pressure Excel takes no time at all to whip.

Up awesome eats and minutes you’re going to take a cup of water and put it into.

The power pressure then season two racks of ribs with a few of your favorite spices I’m going to use garlic powder onion powder cumin and coriander which I’ve already mixed in this bowl right here we.

Want to evenly season the ribs that’s pretty easy once season put the ribs into the power pressure cooking but not least.

Next I’ll add some diced onions on top of the ribs and then finally I’ll evenly spread my favorite barbecue sauce over the ribs I’ll let this set for.

30 minutes now we just press the.

Button and that’s it bam bam and that’s it I think they’re ready Wow look at that they’re literally falling off the bone this is insane these are got to be the most tender ribs I’ve ever seen in my life look at that thick.

Juicy you know what I’m just going to take a bite cuz they look too good to resist.

This is unbelievable let me be using a fork homeboy I’m gene Snitsky for power pressure XL to learn.

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