Packing For Vacation!!!!

Can you do it here c’mere show them what you were doing come here isn’t he the most beautiful baby my gosh oh my gosh that is my love muffin right there such a cute little baby this was my first ever animal ever that was just mine I sold my 3ds hi tweet I saw my 3ds and my iPod.

To get him yeah I did he was he was quite a handful of money right there he was three months old I got this one.

Hold on how long has a band few years huh see the plan was when I.

First got Twinkie it was actually destiny who wanted Twinkie I didn’t even want a dog I was like we can’t have a dog like we ain’t got time for dog cuz we both worked full.

Time but it was weird Twinkie and I grew so close and I wouldn’t change it for the.

World I would not change it for the world cuz this is my baby destiny whoo huh destiny whoo oh yeah we grew attached to each other oh she’s such a baby I swear so I’m just getting done with my food.

We have an Eric right there [Laughter] [Laughter] wait what is that vlog going up so I got to see that wait did you leave it in thank you quietly Oh buddy oh boy I just want to show cuter one look good twink everyone loves Twain yeah.

She’s lose weight though look at how fat she looks that’s so cute I.

Can’t [Laughter] okay so right now Becky and I have to go.

To Walmart I’m trying to find a duffel bag because the one I have for our trip tomorrow is just not big enough cuz we’re gonna be gone for quite a few nights so I need like to bring quite a few outfits so not only that but I need some like deodorants deodorants different and just you know simple things like that so we’re gonna go and I still have to pack my god last thing I want to do this would be.

A perfect perfect duffel bag for going to pride but it’s just like not my style like at all I don’t know I mean it’s cute and all but.

I just can’t see myself using that I was gonna get this one but it’s like super small that one seems like it’s.

The biggest but that’s also not my style this is such a cute purse this reminds me of like going to the beach and staying at a resort I don’t know that’s like so cute to me but again like I can’t imagine myself carrying something like that okay so as you can tell we definitely needed a bunch of random hygiene stuff and yeah oh.

And look at this oh I didn’t even show Becky this yet but this is a hand soap.

Isn’t that the cutest thing ever those few oh my gosh and had like oranges and stuff but I like that one the best so Becky wanted a bunch of these little things for when we go away and I told her that hotels supply this stuff but it’s okay they supply most of it Ben I don’t trust it I mean that’s cool to bring.

Your own stuff so and then she wanted us to have like little individual toothbrushes it’s so cute sunscreen because I’m extra light you have two kinds of Indian in me and some Spanish but you.

Can’t tell because my European side oh wow babe look at you it’s the Irish in the English in the bunch yeah exactly because I’m Portuguese book for my dad side I have a little bit Irish in me so I look like a complete.

White chick and then we needed a filter for the house so we are buying that I ended up just getting this duffel bag even though you know it’s alright Becky likes it a lot so yeah I think it’s.

Cute I would actually carry it myself Oh would you you know what is cute what it is telling us she’s into it y’all like.

Literally I’m writing a scooter still something’s wrong with me no actually I was running this today I’m sorry barking junk off you your junk off what is that him something me Eric used to say.

Back in the day oh I had no idea what you’re talking about I was like is that from Sponge.

Bob all right so everything is in bags 105 dollars down the drain I don’t know how you spend money so easily it just I don’t get it we come here for like two things and leave with like the whole store okay so I’m about to pack all this madness right here I also got these really cute.

Earrings that I could wear to pride and maybe one of these necklaces so I’m gonna pack all this stuff and I will see you guys when I’m completed I also have.

My jewelry picked out I need these because I’m thinking about wearing braids.

For one of the days I’m gone y’all I’m.

So freaking oh I look crazy I.

When I’m packing I have a list of everything I’m gonna be bringing why I.

Need it like all the days lined out what I’m gonna be wearing like how my hair is gonna be in case I need my straightener or hair ties oh.

The lighting in here is making me look yellow I swear on my yellow I also like have all.

My jewelry planned out like it is crazy some I finally got everything like in one area now I just gotta actually put it in my.

Duffle bags I have two duffle bags I’m gonna be using my cart so just really simple gray pillow like it’s like a light gray I’m watching learning to be fearless I actually just sat down to watch her and you guys I’m pretty much.

Done with packing pretty much just done for the night time to chill out I’m trying to decide if I want to shower tonight.

Or shower when I wake up the look at Twinkie oh my.

God I’m gonna be so much anyways because I know that if I have to shower in the morning I am gonna have to wake up earlier and cycles I don’t want to but I’m super excited I’m here to end this vlog um I’m not sure what kind of vlogging I’m gonna be doing for you guys while we’re.

You know just having a little vacay but I’m.

Sure I’m gonna get some stuff and anyhow I’ll I do wanna apologize because I have been getting some tweets from people.

Like you know your videos or boring do that and I’m just like I’ve never been like this spectacular vlogger my life’s always been pretty bland um that’s just.

How it is I’ve been on YouTube for almost five years and this is just how my life’s always been so I don’t know like I don’t know like this isn’t something new like my life is just boring um I don’t live around a place where there’s like tons of things to do I don’t know anyways I just hope you guys enjoyed this video and I’ll see you.