How To Make Shave Butter | Diy Tutorial | Luxurious Organic Whipped Shaving Butter Cream

hi everyone its Marissa with bumblebee apothecary welcome back to my channel this is Lily she wanted to join me today for this video can you say hi on my channel I like to show how to make organic handcrafted skincare and baby products and I also like to share natural lifestyle tips in today’s video I’m going to be showing.

How to make shave butter now this is a really.

Nice thing to use when shaving obviously it’s made with coconut oil cocoa butter.

Some olive oil and then some castile soap and a tiny bit of essential oils it’s really super nice for shaving because it helps moisturize your skin at the same time it helps you get a really close shave so that it lasts longer and prevents getting cut and things like that men and women can both use it and it’s super nice so let’s get started making it so I’m going to start with some.

Olive oil in my bowl here and to that I’m going to add some melted coconut.

Oil and some melted cocoa butter I’m going to have the exact measurements for the recipe in the description below so that you can.

Follow that if you want I’m going to put that into the refrigerator to start to solidify after I mix it up a bit you want it partly solidified you don’t want it completely solid.