Vegan Food Vs Non Vegan Food!

this is actually the vegan bacon Oh gross what is up YouTube today I’m going to be doing an episode where I try vegan food and the corresponding non vegan food so yeah each round I will try different foods from the vegan perspective and I want to see if it tastes different from non vegan food as always I don’t.

Know what is under here so I will be as shocked as you will be and if you’re.

Not a subscriber please hit that subscribe button I post every single day so please do it you got it ugh in five seconds alright cool I’ll be doing a giveaway too with some vegan food all right here we go round one we got we got bacon is this regular bacon or vegan.

Bacon what do you guys think okay and we’re about to find out here is the other bacon okay that is definitely vegan bacon what is in here Oh soy so this is just a bacon built with tofu and this is bacon filled with bacon let’s try this on person.

This is actually the vegan bacon now I’m just gay this is regular bacon tastes like pork Bacon’s always good dude bacon and rice if you never have bacon or if you allergic to bacon or.

You just don’t like it at all yeah that’s pretty good a little bit fatty probably not healthy for you but it’s pretty tasty in the taste buds I got that let’s see what the vegan bacon tastes like here we go one appetito oh boy here okay I am shocked right now I am so shook the taste of the vegan bacon compared to the regular bacon is so close it’s very identical and.

If this is made of like tofu and soy beans and stuff I might go vegan that’s also.

Pretty good we sure this is a lot healthier than this thing though this thing will give you migraine alright I’m very surprised all right I’m gonna have.

To give Brown one two does vegan food the vegan bacon is pretty try Smith stupid Brown that kind of looks like some kind of jerky so is that beef jerky haha I am correct we got some beef jerky up in this Hisle.

Yeah I love dad jerky this is the regular jerky I assume and this is let me just read the ingredients like I don’t know how.

Textured soy protein salt that’s it alright cool haha let’s see the ingredients on this side beef and pork and sugar salt contains 2% of less sodium powder sauce with soy bean flavored waters pork stock beef stock hydrolyzed corn protein.

That’s a lot more ingredients in here one serving is 70 calories one serving is 90 calories oh it’s not too bad of a difference here I guessing this is the same thing basically the spicier version of the vegan Podrick so ah let’s try this out real quick this is a beef and pork jerky here we go mmm Wow just like Filipino food for something that tastes like a noble and City guy and you mix.

It together just like that Wow that’s not bad a little bit of salty though and the reason why I don’t really eat jerky is because it gets too salty high blood pressure so I can’t do that.

Let’s do the vegan jerky let’s see how much different it.

Is does it taste the same probably does for vegan food they want to make it taste delicious at the same time who knows I might go vegan after oh my gosh it looks like poo looks like little squirrel poops that’s kind of weird you did remember this is just soybeans and stuff it’s surprisingly really good Wow what is happening oh my god they honestly taste the same but one is.

More healthier than the other healthier I don’t even know if it’s a purely healthier than the other so good okay yeah all right round two goes to the vegan jerky before I move on I want.

To just fry this one look at this one this one looks like a chocolate bar looks like a straight-up chocolate bar that is crazy but it’s a jerky here we go that’s delicious Wow.

Vegan food is blowing my mind now goes there delicious I feel like you can do anything with soy and tofu flavor it’s your own way and I’ll taste delicious Wow I am very surprised round 3 all right guys round 3 here we go ah we have here some chicken nuggets oh my gosh this.

Is the Dino chicken nuggets you guys remember this one it says chicken nuggets.

Shaped like dinosaurs all right so I’m guessing this is the regular non vegan one and the vegan one is I guess this is a tofu with some all right oh yeah here we go this is the Dino nuggets right here and this is the chicken nuggets meatless and soy free whoa it’s sweet free what is in here all right let’s see if there’s no soy no tofu I.

What is in here flour oil egg whites what starch potatoes salt okay so there’s no soy here at all so I guess egg whites it’s the sauce of the.

Egg so it’s not bad it’s meatless so it’s no meat in there here we go let’s do regular one.

Hmm I missed that this reminds me of my childhood sad there’s like chicken nuggets chicken nuggets McDonald’s chicken nuggets everywhere let’s see what kind of difference this thing makes my mouth can go does it taste the same I’m gonna have to give the winner to the regular one let me just grab for you or I’m tasting it.

Tastes like a potato with salt.

We continue like a french fry so I’m just eating french fries right.

This should just rename it french fried nuggets or something round four oh it’s a patty of some sort beef patty I’m assuming.

Human who knows and that looks like a vegan patty here see I’ve had vegan burgers before and surprisingly they taste just as good as the regular burger I’m guessing they’re soy in there and other things so here we go this is the beef patty hmm what taste oh good just like I’m up.

Donald’s burger burger I feel like this is a lot healthier than a McDonald’s burger burger all right let’s try the vegan patty if you combine the two this one’s a lot more I guess Queen visually more appealing than this one this one.

Just feels like there’s like bad things in here vegan patty wow this is really good yeah it feels really healthy but it feels really good I’m gonna have to give the winner – the vegan patty round fly alright y’all here we go next round what we got oh we.