Sprout Organic Baby Food Haul !

Hey so this review is gonna be on my sprout organic baby pouches haul I always get five at a time like I mentioned in my plumber organics video so here’s a little bit about the pouches that I get him from sprout so these ones are awesome they come in a bunch of different varieties and flavors as well as.

The the plum ones from the video that I did I’ll put that link down below and the great thing.

About these pouches is it they’re absolutely organic and they have super simple ingredients the organic apricots peaches Organic pumpkins.

Pears organic apples and cinnamon and the great thing is is that they are pure and they are GMO free and they are definitely natural healthy low sugar which is great carrot apple and mango this one’s also cool as well because.

You get some fruits and veggies in there if you’re on.

The go and your son or daughter has not had their veggies or fruits yet this is actually a great alternative.

For a serving in my opinion look at those ingredients organic carrots apples and mangoes that’s it low sugar and again GMO free real honest and pure is their slogan I definitely love this one because this is an organic toddler puree this one has strawberry pear and butternut squash with amaranth I believe as an organic ancient grain and I’m always interested in all these interesting organic greens for kids like something different than wheat or rice or something so again ingredients organic.

Strawberries pears butternut squash bananas cooked organic amaranth water are the ingredients again no GMOs.

A little bit higher sugar but if you’re keeping your son or daughter on a low sugar diet I definitely think that this would be a good alternative to get that little.

Sugar boost been in your diets you need just a small amount of sugar because if you go over a serving sighs then that’s you know bad but as long as you stay within the healthy range of sugars and everything will be great and this one’s awesome because like I mentioned.

Before it does have the organic grain in it as well this one I really like I really love when they have sweet potato in baby food pouches it’s definitely.

Different it gives it a great.

Flavor and this one has sweet potato apple grape and spinach I’m always looking for either an ancient.

Grain like mentioned before or a dark green like kale or spinach in my son’s pouches just because they give a great vitamin A content as well as folate it’s not listed here but.

I do know that dark leafy greens like this definitely have some good Foley in them so I definitely like this one’s got a good variety of flavors again organic sweet potatoes organic apples water organic Grace and organic spinach low sugar you’re good to go the last one I’m gonna share with you is differently a cool mixture for sure it’s.

Plum banana and blueberry with quinoa this one’s cool it’s got it definitely that really interesting variety of flavors and it has an ancient grain in there quinoa love it again with the ingredients organic plums organic bananas organic blueberries cooked brown rice quinoa as well look at that 45% vitamin C got six percent magnesium they’re GMO free as.

Usual and an awesome variety of flavors there are more flavors than these.

On the shelf but I just get Christian five different ones of the time of a different organic brand other than plum or sometimes I get love child etc but these are some of the ones that I would highly recommend so go ahead.

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